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Where the Sea meets the Forest


The main objective of BKN is to provide an opportunity to, within the stay, focus on, the aristic practice and experience life in the Northern Archipelago of Stockholm - where the sea meets the forest, fields, and lakes - a peaceful rural milieu. Proposed project should relate to site-sensitve exploration. Can entalil working with strands of various communities.


  • Our mission is to provide affordable project studios and at the same time create a vivid community on the island and amongst our visitors and artists. We are even exlploring the format of Fair Studios (at all times thing what could be made better for our artists).
  • BKN was established as a not-for- profit in 2020.


  • The residency is predominantly self directed with in the focus of the open call. We honor a helpful and socially inclusive policy. Our house policy is "Thinking together, learning together". BKN aims at being able in the future to provide a directed residency. AiR BKN directed calls have included "Out of Rock" and in 2022 "Nature Nurture"
  • Artists participate in maintaining a well functioning workpace.
  • Often artists meet up for meals prepaired jointly or separately. As artists arrive or leave there can also be occations due to transit where you are alone for a day or two.
  • In total there are in total 7 studios (12-76 sqm) 3-4 of them are residency studios, the in addition to a crafts studio/wood workshop, basic pod/vlog/video/photography also used as co-workingspace/conference room.  Artists use the same kitchen and showers and is assigned a semi private toilet.
  • Accomodation artist rent cabin on the island or basic in studio arrangement.


  • The small island, Björkö, is situated in the north part of Stockholm archipelago, in the municipallity of Norrtälje, Sweden. In the area there are several natural nature trails, national parks, lakes and the Åland Sea   >>>
  • Björkö together with Arholma has less than 400 people living year around. July is the peak summer holliday season with lots of art and craft events as well as fleamarkets.
  • You reach BKN by the larger Stockholm public transportation system. In the summer its also possible to get here by boat  from Stockholm and then a buss on the island.
  • Address: BJÖRKÖ KONSTNOD, Simpnäsvägen 739, SE-764 53 Björkö SWEDEN
  • The island has primeval forests with freshwater lakes, secluded beaches and a quarry
    for granit (was in use 1907-1923/24)

  • Development fee of 400 sek and artists need to be a member of the not for profit the 100 sek/calender year.  >>>
  • BKN is happy to provide document for grant application or travel support, please consider to do so in a timely manner.
  • The low rate is made possible with support from Leader Stockholmsbygd and The European fund for countryside development in close collaboration with the municipallity of Norrtälje.


Main building:
  • Studio 11, 25 sqm
  • Studio 1,  2 rooms  20 sqm (can be joint to studio 1 or 3 if needed)
  • Studio 3, 67 sqm
  • Studio 35, 76 sqm
  • Studio 5,  12 sqm (storage in the studio)
  • Studio 15, 12 sqm 
  • Workshop, wood/crafts
  • Loom
  • Darkroom
  • Kitchen, shower, toilets and laundry room, wifi


  • Studio 22, 40 sqm
  • Studio 28, 63 sqm, presentations, workshops, digitalstudio & co-working space , Table tennis (pop up)

They yard:
  • Soccer field (small) can be converted into field for volleyball or badminton
  • Basket ball court (junior, asphalt)
  • Bikes
  • One shed (not heated workspace)
  • Flagpole
  • Lawn, cusping bedrock and forest
  • Parking lot (gravel)
  • Pre-school with separate yard ( @ 3-5 kids)
  • Wifi
  • Temporary sulpture park
  • Summer gallery (July only)

Exhibitions & Performances:
The exhibition program at BKN goes by the name HYBRID. It is a transformative, dynamic space for art that engages with life and nature; a space for developing concepts of community and poetic investigations. HYBRID seeks to explore and interpret possibilities beyond the violence of algorithms, egoism, deforestation, narrowmindedness and repression. From its core HYBRID extends to sites indoors and outdoors on or off the island.

Close by:
Other community organizations. Visiting artists have used them for recording, performances etc. See "other useful info".

Above pdf of floor plans of , names are not matching the listing above as they go under  old names. Sqm and other meassures are acurate. All studios not marked.

Artist: Aurike Quintelier Title: Friendly Parasite  Material: Pir based mediaplayer, chicken wire, clay, wool, hemp string

We are part of Kvadrennalen! A national initiative that aims to show the role of art in a free society, and the necessity of a free cultural life. The initiative includes all art forms and all parts of the art field. The goal of Kvadrennalen is to elevate art, and give its representatives a voice in the debate about the role of culture in our society.
Art is life!

Video on bilyana furnadzhieva work produced at AiR BKN. Music: Viktor Benev

AiR BKN studio 1-2 months (directed or self-directed)
PROD BKN studio over 2 months, in-house artist rental.

Artists 2022 >>>
Artists 2021 >>>

Artists 2020   >>>



  • Wood/crafts workshop (limited tools)
  • Darkroom
  • Loom
  • Digital studio/Co Working Space (also bookable for conference/office meetings)
    • Ultra portable video kit (4k) (mini camera, lights, tripod)
    • Studiolights, backdrops (green, grey)
    • Pod-mic + mini transmitter/reciever (Rode)
    • pappercutter (large) and cuttingcarpet
    • A3 scanner, color printer, laminator
    • A4 printer (duplex)
    • Wifi/ethernet ports (fiber based broadband)
  • Shared kitchen (2 stoves with ovens, 2 refrigerators/freezers, toaster, drinking glasses,  mugs, pots and pans, plates, coffe maker, utencils, blender etc)
  • BKN works closely with the local community (people and gathering spaces)


  • Cost of living presented in an index for students, with specification of various foods and activeties >>>
  • Airports >>>
  • Airport buss to Central Stockholm >>>
  • Public transportation Bus ( ) >>>
    From Central Station Stockholm to buss stop "Björkö-Arholma Skola"
    Make sure to write as above (you will transfere buss in Norrtälje same station, from 676 to 636) Best is to download SL app (black layout).
  • Learn some Swedish >>>
  • Nature trails (year around), in costal and forest areas, all over the island
  • Fishing, swiming (lake/ocean), all over the island (summer and winter)
  • Public Sauna on island Arholma next to Björkö.
  • Local grocery store, 7 km or order food for delivery over internet
  • Museum of seafarers (community), 3 km
  • Kunsthalle (Norrtälje konsthall), 47 km
  • For supplies (arts, crafts, constrction) one need to pre-order via internet)
  • Boardmembers and the community are often at hand hence it is a self directed residency
  • At times we have curated calls but in general it is self directed
  • BKN curator Anna Viola Hallberg has her art studio at the premesis and Jesper Nyrén BKN boardmember has his studio in the area. Rolling schedule Stockholm based artists (PROD BKN)
  • Link list, organisations/museums on Björkö (swe & en links) >>>
  • Link list of art supply stores >>>


  • Enable sustainability by providing tools for professional development
  • Respect the regional, cultural and structural diversity of the arts residency field through adherence to our core values
  • Actively engage with and be responsive to needs and changes
  • Ensure transparency through clear communication, the cultural sector and wider public
  • Connect and promote

  • Professionalism
    BKN is committed to continuous professional development and enhancement of knowledge and skills. We listen to each other and are responsive to artists’ needs and changes in the field.
  • Diversity
    BKN actively work towards a diverse definition of the arts and welcome artists complying with a safe and inclusive work atmosphere.
  • Transparency
    We believe in the value of clear, accurate and proactive communication
  • Sustainability
    We strive to improve the resources available and to map out a ways of limiting or ecological foot print.

Become an annual member of the not for profit organisation BKN  >>>

Up on arrival each artist will have a walk through of safty and security procedures.

In light of the global COVID-19 developments, we are monitoring the situation and adapting our practices accordingly. We are dedicated to prioritizing the health and safety of our artists, visitor and staff. Short deadline might appear due to Covid travel restrictions/bans.

Swedish Governmental emergency info:/alerts >>>
Covid news flashes and other resoruces >>>

Prior to applying please update yourself on Swedish national Covid policies, and how they relate to policies of the country you are in. For more info contact your embassy in Stockholm.

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BKN/Björkö Konstnod including artists and all visitors respects all national, regional or municipal Covid regulations.
The organization is not in a possition to refund membership/development fee nor to help the artist financially due to canceled flights, hotel etc or other incidents.

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Visiting/delivery: Simpnäsvägen 739 SE-764 53 Björkö SWEDEN
curator @