Artists come from a number of areas including, photography, drawing, painting,  performance, walking practices,  critical ecology  and socially engaged approaches. >





Jolene Mok was born and raised in Hong Kong. An experimental artist, she takes video, film and photography as her major creative platforms. Mok earned her M.F.A. in Experimental & Documentary Arts at Duke University in 2013. She has been exposed to an interdisciplinary learning and working environment since her undergraduate education in the School of Creative Media through her major in the Critical Inter-Media Laboratory (2003-2007). Mok takes both practical and theoretical components as interconnected aspects throughout her creative process. She is open and always ready to play with and incorporate emerging situations in her artistic pursuits for the generation of unexpected, meaningful outcomes. Since 2011, Jolene has been on itinerant taking part in artist-in-residency programs, she is happy to go to wherever the world welcomes her to go.

At Björkö Konstnod, Jolene would be conducting a research and process based project experimenting with ecological film-development method by formulating 'Plant-based developer' for black & white (b/w) film stocks utilising native flora & seaweed found just at the doorstep of BKN. ’Foraging for Images Making’ would be the applied theme for her to open up the ground for engaging and evolving her images making practice with natural landscape.

Studio: 28 
Date: April . May

I earned a BA in music from Cleveland Institute of Music/ CWRU and an MFA in visual art from CAL-ARTS. My musical training is the foundation for my painting practice. I explore using musical structures to create a poetry of light and space. I am inspired by the tremendous emotional specificity that was achieved in western music 1750-1950, from Bach to Schoenberg. I believe abstract painting is on a similar developmental trajectory, that it is just beginning to embody its potential.

At Björkö Konstnod I will observe and document the unique Swedish light , moonlight, sunlight, twilight. I seek to transform that experience into paint, acknowledging how deeply emotional the Swedish connection is to light and darkness. I take inspiration from the Swedish tradition of ecstatic art (https://www.nationalmuseum.se/en/swedish-ecstasy), where the sublime is experienced in light, sky, water, as well as in geometry and color. Ancient depictions of the sun, moon and myths exist on runestones from Gotland and Uppland (400-1000 CE); I draw from these images as well. In my paintings a line can become a horizon or a line of music in a score. A circle can be a planet or a moment of rhythmic punctuation. I seek to create a new abstract/metaphoric and emotionally specific painterly language, a sublime expression for the 21st century.  
Studio: tbd (1 or 5)

Dates: April 6-30



My name is Malin Lidén and I live in Gothenburg on the west-coast of Sweden where I also was brought up. Year 2023 I graduated from the bachelor´s program in ceramic-art at HDK-Valand in Gothenburg. After this summer I will end my second year at the master-program.  

In my artistic practice I let feelings find their way through my body, out in my hands and then transformed into the clay where personal stories are told. The stories are often seen as tracks of my body and sometimes also figurative images appear. I work with finding a play between the raw and naive expression.

The clay gives me the support I need to express strong feelings and it is an intimate communication where I often let the language of the clay appear through unexpected forms and cracks. My stories are told in a close meeting with the agency of the clay.

As an inspiration I use the elements earth, fire, water and air which have a strong symbolic meaning in many of our religions around the word. The elements are all connected and depended on each other to keep the balance in nature and in the human being.

During my time at Björkö I will explore the elements through somatic movement practice. Somatic is based on the knowledge of the inner movement in our body (Soma) which is deeply connected to the movement patterns in nature. In this practice you reconnect body and nature that has been separated for a long time in our western culture. By connecting body and nature we heal not only ourselves but also the nature we are living in. When we are not separated anymore my experience is that we act with more care and sensitivity to our living environment.

In my studio at Björkö I will transform my experience of body-movement- nature into the clay.

Studio 15



Janice Jensen (*1994) is a visual artist from Germany. She studied drawing, graphic design and media and experiment between 2015 and 2022 at the university of applied sciences in Bielefeld, Germany and painting at Vilnius Art Academy in Lithuania in 2020. Her work alternates between drawing, painting, animation and video to document and depict her perception of landscape and surroundings.

After finishing her M.A she has been working as an illustrator, graphic designer, art teacher and coordinator for a student camp at the contemporary art festival Supergau in Austria. Also, she is part of the feminist magazine and collective Naturtrüb that is regularly publishing the work of its 30 artists and researchers as well as functioning as a feminist network creating a space for its members to exchange and support each other.

Since 2020, walking has become an important part of her practice and is used in combination with a self made drawing machine to document surroundings with drawing while simultaneously moving through them. The method concentrates on the subjective perception of space which then developed into translating the resulting drawing traces into 3D with VR painting and combining them in a VR landscape. In September 2023 she participated in the program Walking As Practice at Björkö Konstnod and was impressed by the beautiful forest and the Malaise cup of Björkö island. During this time she used her drawing machine to trace parts of the Malaise cup, which she translated into VR but also experimented with filming and creating mythical creatures that could be inhabitants of the island. For her second residency at BKN she is planning to delve deeper into searching for additional storylines she can add to her narration of space, which could be mythical figures but also sound and further video footage and photography.

Dates: March 15-29Studio:

Guido Nosari De Danieli is a pictorial and textile artist based in Milan. MA in Brera Art Academy. Winner of several awards, he participated in international artist residencies; among his most significant exhibitions by him: the installation at the Museum of Jewish Culture in Berlin, the ten-year prize of the Modena Photography Foundation, the solo exhibition at the Shang Yuan Modern Art Museum in Beijing.
In his pictorial research he portrays accumulated clothes, hanging in the wardrobe, forgotten or a source of memories. What does the sight of an empty dress trigger in us? With textile installations, however, he portrays the human body as a mechanism of symbols, colors, materials and memories. This inhuman appearance is more identifying than the common plausible portrait. Are we more similar to our gaze or to how others see us? Through this double research, the dress becomes the body and the body becomes the dress, in a continuous mutual pursuit.
During the residency at BKN he will research for  a new series of textile installations. A lot of time will be dedicated to painting where, since the natural element is predominant, he will unite surfaces of nature with surfaces of human dress, mixing the elements, making them dialogue and exchanging their roles.  

Studio: tbd (1 or 5)
Dates: April


I am a visual artist currently living and working out of Vienna Austria.

Being born into a family who escaped the hustle and capitalistic aspects of the cities, I was brought up in a very natural and escapist environment.

Seeking for hope and trying to escape the pressure of living up to expectations I never fulfilled, I often found comfort in the woods.

For that reason, I often depict Nature as the neutral and innocent part in my works.

From very early on I tried to channel the complexities of society, politics and economics through my art and knew that this way of expressing myself would be my future profession.

I constantly try to point out the suppressive structures our society is made of and the destructive force it has upon our peace of mind.

The destructive role men play in this world are undeniable.

For that the reinterpretation of the male body and its gender-based constraints are my most current focus.

As a counterpart to love and dreams, trauma, depression and the blue depths of the human soul are the things we all can experience no matter where, who and what we are.

So, in capturing these matters I hope to give the world a second of empathy and questioning of one's own privilege and temporality.

Studio: 1

Date: May

Became part of WAP24.



ALL WAP24 artists >>>



Lead Walker/Co-curator,  May- June

John Schuerman is an environmental artist and independent curator. His artwork reflects his deep interest in nature both human and nonhuman. His aesthetic style and social consciousness formed as he grew up on a dairy farm in southern Wisconsin. His primary art practices are Walking and Drawing, which he uses to examine his community’s physical and psychic landscapes. As a curator he’s produced over 30 exhibitions across the Midwest on topics that address current concerns in our collective psyche.

Studio: tba
Dates: Mid May through June

Img below are from some of Schuermans walking projects

Purchases from every food store on E. Lake St. 

I Walked There and Back 

Drawing of me and my friend Sandy Spieler who did the E Lake St food walk with me

Rickshaw walk in Milwaukee Lois Bielefeld pulling, me riding 

Walk plan for walks around the lowest and highest income neighborhoods in Minneapolis, MN.


Lead Walker/Co-curator, August - September

Antonia Aitken based in lutruwita /Tasmania, Australia  since 2014.  Through a combination of field research and studio based practice my work is investigating social and environmental questions about how we engage with and interpret our relationships with place in a contemporary Australian context. How do we explore the complex and entangled imprint of settler colonialism and attempt to build ethical dialogue with the land and its communities.


Megan Hayes is an artist, researcher, and PhD candidate in the Environmental Sciences, Studies, and Policy program at the University of Oregon. She is currently researching oysters and the ways their relationships shape concepts of love and attachment. Her research, writing, and creative practice draw from material feminisms, the blue humanities, and artistic research methodologies, and are informed by undergraduate studies in Photography and Situated Media at the University of Technology, Sydney, and a Research Master's in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam. Her recent artistic work plays with art as a medium for togetherness through workshops, cyberfeminist experiments, and the cultivation of collective practices. With space and time to linger in her artistic research, Megan will use her residency at BKN to try out the aesthetic and performative forms that more-than-human love might assume in the Northern Stockholm Archipelago.

Dates:  Aug 15 - Aug 28



Moving Observations on Surviving Soft Skills - MOSSS - is a nomad cross disciplinar research project aiming at creating space of encounters and co-learning with humxns and more-than-humxns. We serve the purpose of facilitating performative workshops that act as plateforms for generating new tools and scores for survival and the survival of endangered species or ecosystems. Transdisciplinarity is a language we thrive through, we consider its approach as a practice to understanding the milieu in its complex web of interconnections and variety of languages and a pathway to convey and foster new possible narratives by creating spaces of dialogue.

Through explorative walks and deep listening, we share tools and methodology for co-creation with the humxns and more-than-humxns through transdisciplinary approaches (fiction, somatic, design, scientific). We propose scores for witnessing, deep and radical listening to meet one another and disrupt our common ways of interacting. Storytelling and futurology are keys for our practice to encounter the living and transcend these encounters for an audience and foster new ways of relating. Driven by the need to respond to the current crises and answer the question: how can we co-create and experiment with new ways of doing and being in the world?, the questions we want to raise is: how to build up a relationship with someone, something, a place?

We develop hybrid forms of workshops where the boundaries between shared experience, scientific knowledge and fiction become intertwined. We want to offer experiences that shift, inspire and question what's there, creating a direct exchange between the space and whoever encounters and inhabits it.

We are currently focused on a hybrid piece in co-creation process with mosses, living ancestral organisms that can teach us ways to adapt, to care and collaborate, through radical explorations and collaboration in Belgium and France. Within BKN Radical Softness residency we will emphasize these weeks of research on embodied somatic practices inspired by our sensory encounters with mosses and the ecosystems we’re gravitating in. We will propose a try out of these researches as a form of collective vermicomposting.
MOSSS is composed by Mélanie Ganino, transdisciplinar architect and designer, and Sarah Drapeau, systemic artist-ingeneer and facilitator. They met through the Common Dreams School eco-pedagogical project led by Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and started their collaboration and what became life exploration through the creation of the Radical Survival Toolkit in 2021.
Studio 3 + 5
Dates Feb 4-29


Monika Tobel is a London based Hungarian artist interested in interspecies communication and nature-culture dichotomy. Her work consists of performance, video, and sound alongside installations.   The main focus of her practice is to investigate the possibilities of non-lingual communication between different entities, and the potentials of information exchange via scents, sounds, touch, and movement alongside deep listening practices. She is currently studying for a doctorate at the University of East London.

In a world guided and guarded by rules of phallocentric capitalism softness is radical, caring, listening, giving, and sharing is radical. Despite and because of the teachings of individualism we must form communities, communities built on mutual care for, all be it human or more-than-human. We need to embrace our bodies as multispecies ecosystems and rejoice in the porous nature of the world that allows nutrients, information, and emotions to flow in between diverse life forms.

I feel the way froward is to learn how to interact with all that is around us and within us: using communication methods that supersede language, finding communicative tools in the quiet places of listening, and exchanging information via all the senses. Let’s engage through tactile means, be it by intercepting olfactory messages, listening to the rustles of movement, or touching and allowing to be touched; being open to the messages offered to us by our co-habitants in order to find possibilities of a continuing coexistence through “giving and receiving patterns, dropping threads and failing but sometimes finding something that works, something consequential and maybe even beautiful that wasn’t there before.” (Haraway, 2016)

Through listening, through being attentive it is possible to recognise that we are part of nature and not outside of it, lifting the heavy veil of the dichotomies embedded in modern existence. The lines dividing nature/culture, human/animal, male/female fade away and a deep acknowledgement of belonging arises. With belonging comes responsibility, a necessity for mutual care, which transforms the personal to the political and vice versa.    

 Listening is acknowledging agency and giving power. Listening is opening-up and letting-in, listening is becoming with; listening is mutual transformation. By recognizing agency in all intra-action, power relations shift, kinships arise and communities form. Communities where care and belonging give rise to positive action. Listening is radical softnes

Studio: 1 
Dates: Jan 14-Feb 29, 2024


I am delighted to be invited back to BKN for the 2024 artist residency ‘Radical Softness’, joined by my appointed London based multidisciplinary artist researcher from Hungary, Monika Tobel. I am a London based woman artist curator, born 1958, working with my ageing, neurodivergent body.

September 2023, I completed a two-weeks funded artist residency with BKN, Sweden, ‘Walking as Practice’. August 2023 group show ‘Mother’s Ruin’ at 35Blumen gallery in Krefeld Germany. August 2023 I was an exhibiting artist in the ‘Artist Support Pledge 3’ exhibition, Huddersfield Art Gallery. March 2023 solo exhibition ‘Discharging Materials’ at ‘The Surgery Gallery’, London.

In March 2023, I led public Walking & Drawing wellbeing workshops, as part of Women’s History month, at The Feminist Library. I have been leading ‘Art for Wellbeing’ a walking and drawing initiative, in partnership with Stephens House & Gardens, since 2018.

I was a funded by The Arts Council England 2020, as Artist Curator of The Sculpture Trail ‘Briefly IN-TRANSIT’; and previously in 2006, Artist Collaboration for the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture.

MA Fine Art 2000, Middlesex University

BA Fine Art painting 1998, Hertfordshire University

I am interested in how the art making process becomes therapeutic, without being or becoming therapy. My creative practice revolves around the activity of walking, which may or may not produce an artwork. It is the live and virtual spaces of the studio; gallery; theatre; classroom, that become the locations where artists and audiences connect to celebrate the live experience of creative practice, as they touch through eyes; hands; breath; cheeks, and ears.

In one of my favourite essays, an interview with philosopher psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva, by critic and translator Charles Penwarden, written for the Tate exhibition catalogue ‘rites of passage: Art for the end of the Century’ (1995) Kristeva refutes a historical quote by the philosopher, Heideggar, that only religion can save us, with her own understanding: that “only an experience can save us”.

I have been working with the hand process of unpicking a man’s suit, as a way of thinking about questions on gender, capitalism, and climate change. I feel completely powerless...I am burdened by a desire to save the world, to protect everyone! In the name of social prescribing, I prescribe art... remembering the violence that is dragging us all to extinction...what can we do...play?

Studio: 15

Dates: Jan 14-Feb 29, 2024


Hanna Grandert moves between different media telling the most absurd stories from a generous vantage point. Central is often the very essence vulnerability but also care. She dedicates substantial time towards being an art educator for children in schools and art art institutions, formerly also drama teacher. In her artistic practice she  moves between sculpture, found objects and drawing and in her photographic essayistic work she has covered stories in Sweden but also portraits and sites in Roslagen, Chernobyl and Gambia. She is a graduate visual arts teacher (2007) from University of Arts and Crafts, Stockholm, Sweden.

Studio: 3 or Björkö
Dates: a set of shorter sessions during the winter of 2024. 

ZOEY HART, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Will host remote (video) presentations/workshops on softness. Hart is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and collaborator living with chronic illness, mostly based in Brooklyn, NY. Driven by the frictions between invisible disability and modern medicine, visual/performative practice re-centers the notion of what constitutes well-being in changing social and environmental contexts. 

Hart has been at AiR BKN two times during the second she was in an process based exhibition curated by Anna Viola Hallberg, "The Sea That Surrounds Us"

"My life and work continue to be co-informed by the process of navigating disability through inaccessible terrain." ZH

Studio: non (remote participation)


BKN RESPONSE took on the first dissident artist in March 2021 a response to artists freedom of expression. BKN has approached Norrtälje Municipality with a proposal of turning studio 22 and 28 into ICORN/assylum studios.

2024 Host for artist duo.

2024 BKN host for one curator

2022-23 BKN hosted 3 artists via SWAN ER

2022 BKN hosted 1 artists via IASPIS

2022-24 BKN self hosted 6 artists

On a grant from SWAN/Artist at Risk the duration for each artist is 5 months (3+2)

The Swedish National Artist Residency Network (SWAN) condemns Russia's war in Ukraine and expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Culture is an important part of the "democratic reflex" and is central to the freedom of expression and democratization, especially in times of polarization, such as war. Independent artists and cultural workers are vital interpreters and bearers of the freedom of speech. They need to be supported and protected to continue to play a role where democracy is under threat. 

Therefore, the members of SWAN are welcoming artists and colleagues who are at war or under threat from an authoritarian regime. Those residencies that can do so, are now adapting to offer so-called "emergency residencies”. This includes support, not only with accommodation and enabling artists to continue their work, but also contacts with the Swedish authorities, crisis support and connecting with local cultural life and fellow artists. SWAN is working to providing resources to offer artists and cultural workers both humanitarian and artistic support based on the needs that they have. >>>


The exhibition, "Map of Fog", will open
at Photo North Gallery in Oulu, Finland on 15 June 2024, it is his largest solo exhibition to date. Photo North is the leading photography gallery in Northern Finland. The NAN/BKN residency is focusen on printing the works for the exhibition.

Heinimäki use both analogue and digital methods. The main materials used  are gelatin silver prints, c-type prints and nkjet prints on copy paper. I work in a collage-like manner, constantly photographing new material and using both my own existing image archive and freely available found archives. He processes images in various ways  – making prints in  traditional and experimental techniques, scanning, re-printing etc.” TH

” I’m a visual artist specializing in photography & small publishing. My work is inspired by people’s relationship with both other people and the environment. I recycle images, themes and emotional states from one project to another and back again. I’m the founder Utu Press small publishing house that specializing in experimental photography. I’m a member of the Union of Photographic Artists in Finland. I have had 6 solo exhibitions in Finland and I have participated in several group exhibitions abroad.” TH
More on BKN/NAN page >>>

Dates: March 11-31
Studio: 3

Portrait of TH in gallery below by:  Aleina Grom 



IntraGalactic arts collective, Stockholm

IntraGalactic arts collective is an artist run initiative amaffiliated with Sveriges konstföreningar. The collective started in 2014 and operates within the visual arts working from satellites in Stockholm, Vingåker and Östersund. IntraGalactic arts collective are interested in art production and works with a focus on meetings and dialogue. We organise residencies, exhibitions, workshops, a performance lab, seminars and symposia, talks and reading circles. Within these fora, we create space for peer-to-peer exchange focusing on processes and the ‘unfinished’. To meet and exchange with an audience is important, and our various programmes usually have a closing event open to the public.

On this occasion, the IntraGalactic arts collective is represented by the artists: Maria Högbacke, Malin Ståhl, Hiroko Tsuchimoto and Anita Wernström.

Maria Högbacke (b. 1982) is a visual artist who works with painting, installation and performative workshops as well as with the body through treatments and sessions. Högbacke’s painting is a process and exploration of the visual, and to some extent of the subconscious and the collective subconscious. Similar in process are her installations with objects that can be loaded with, for example, emotions or memories, often of common human experiences. Högbacke is educated at the Royal Academy Schools and the Slade School of Fine Art in London, the Art Academy in Düsseldorf and ENSBA in Paris.

Malin Ståhl (b. 1972) is a visual artist who works with the relationship to nature and landscape, both the personal relationship and the ideological historiography around a place. The bodily experience and the performative are starting points for artistic research that often spans several years. Ståhl is interested in the ordering and sorting of Western culture as a foundation for knowledge in relation to nature’s own organization. The material is embodied in watercolour, text, video, performance and in collaborations and exchanges. Ståhl lives and works on Frösön in Jämtland and is educated at the Iceland Academy of the Arts (BA) in Reykjavik, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Slade School of Fine Art (MFA) in London.

Hiroko Tsuchimoto (b. 1984 in Hokkaido) is a visual artist who creates contexts for participation in different types of rooms through her own observations and interpretations of traces and repetitions in everyday life in the form of audio-visual material, dialogue, drawing, performance, tactile installations, walks or gardening. Addressing colonial notions of the nature and construction of otherness, Tsushimoto’s projects oppose imperialist motifs and the inherent dichotomous perspectives inherited from Western culture. With the help of co-workers, both human and more than human, she weaves together stories about past, present and future. Tsuchimoto is educated at the Musashino Art University (BA) in Tokyo, Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design (MFA) in Stockholm and the Sint Lucas School of Arts (MA) in Antwerp.

Anita Wernström’s (b. 1980) artistic practice is rooted in the body, learning and the collective. In a continuous exploration of materiality and the intuitive, the creative work is constantly ongoing. Wernström creates space for an investigation in which performance, video, drawings and carefully selected images and objects can come together and find new expressions and conversations. Wernström is educated at the Slade School of Fine Art (BA Hons) in London, she lives and works in Stockholm, including as Curator of Learning at Moderna Museet.

Studio 3
October 18-21

Photo: Ricard Estay


I am a choreographer and performer in the field of contemporary dance, visual arts and contemporary theatre and educated at Codarts, Rotterdam. I work with the layering of physical practices to do with synchronicity, mirror-neurons and proximity. After moving to Stockholm 1995 I started initiating international projects in Eastern European countries and founded Lava-Dansproduktion together with Benno Voorham in 1997. My work has been presented ao in Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary and Belarus. As a performer I collaborated and worked with/for Yvonne Rainer, Aitana Cordero Vico, Anna Koch, Marie Fahlin, Alva Willemark, Peter Stamer, Erik Berg and Pontus Pettersson.

Over some years I have been reading Jean-Luc Nancy’s '58 Indices on the Body'. Fiftyeight short texts that present different views and reflections on the body. During my residency at Björkö I want to work with this text physically. It will be read; it will write itself into my body; activate muscles, nerves and organs. Versions will be Read and written in movement and instigate different ways of creating and experience a body.


Studio Björkö


Lives and works in Stockholm

I am a visual artist working with painting and drawing as my medium. Representational art was my language for many years.
But then seven years ago my expression changed and I started to work with symmetry and geometry in my painting.Alongside my art, yoga and meditation have been an important part of my life for seventeen years.
I am educated at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and during my professional life teaching has also been a big part. Above all, the knowledge of the depiction of reality has been my main theme in teaching. 

Vi människor besitter förmågan att besjäla världen. I mitt arbete/ måleri söker jag vägar att uttrycka den transcendenta delen av tillvaron.

Under min tid på BKN kommer jag att söka stillhet, kontakt med naturen och att via måleriet uttrycka kontakten med det som är större än oss själv.


Studio 1


BERG, Stockholm/Gothenburg
The Swedish artists Ami Skånberg & Anna Viola Hallberg have collaborated since 2022. They have made workshops, interventions, collective performances and turned them into video projects. They are sharing studio at BKN. 

BERG DUO is the instigators or WAP/Walking As Practice program. .>>>

Studio 35
Fellowship studio 2024

(b. 1975, Stockholm)

MFA Newcastle University,UK 2008

BFA Carlisle Institute of the Arts, UK 2006.

My practice explores ideas of play and improvisation and covers a variety of techniques and processes with projects ranging from drawing, sculpture, and interactive marionettes to outdoor interventions and theatrical site-specific work as well as curatorial and collaborational projects. With a multidirectional and experimental approach I create my own worlds; starting threads for possible imaginary journeys and constructing spaces for potential interaction and engagement. More specifically, I deal with the improvisational in everyday life, allowing for an exploration of the spectacular in the overlooked and cultivating a curiosity in the unknown.

At Björkö Konstnod I intend to work with patterns and traces of peoples movements and activities. A drawing project where the task is to follow/trace and embellish the cracks and marks mapping and drawing the story of the activities and movements in and around the house.

Studio: Björkö

Dates: March 11-24,  Sept 15-31


I am a French author and filmmaker living in Stockholm. My work is intimate, straightforward and usually fun. I tell stories through different mediums (short films, fiction writing, non fiction writing, songs …) and hybrid genres. The themes that run through my writing are love, feminism, the body, work and existentialism. I create in French and English. I will be working on my first documentary Boss Ladies. It will explore
the case of women in leadership positions who present themselves as feminists but reproduce patriarchal domination in the workplace.
What is the impact of these women and why do they behave this way? Is another model of female leadership possible?

Dates: April 29 to May 13


"I am a Spanish artist who lives and works in Stockholm. My work combines experimental and traditional practices, encompassing drawing, photography, site-specific installations, performance, art interventions, and the creation of walking routes. For the past 9 years, my research has centered on the act of walking as a medium for acquiring knowledge and producing art. To me, walking is a tool for connecting mind, spiritual and body that allows me to remain in the present.
Interested in the idea of normality in everyday contexts, I arrange situations where new interpretations can emerge. Walking transcends its basic function, evolving into an instrument for environmental exploration and for orchestrating participation-driven activities and impactful encounters.
I obtained my Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Europea de Madrid in 1999 and my Degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2013. My academic journey progressed with an MFA from the Royal Institute of Art (KKH) in Stockholm, awarded in 2016. My education in the arts continued through postgraduate courses including Research_LAB at KKH (2017), "Sites and Situations" at Konstfack (2018), "Site and Participant" at Dramatiska Högskolan (2020), and "The Photographic Artist’s Book: Performing Sustainability" at KKH (2022). Additionally, I utilize my walking practice as an educational framework. At KKH, I have coordinated and facilitated two workshops for students and professors: a workshop trip to Madrid in 2019, and a one-day workshop in 2020, inspired by the Swedish 'studiecirkel' methodology.
At Björkö Konstnod, My objective is to reflect on and articulate my artistic practice. Concurrently, I will engage in daily walks, drawing inspiration and letting my thoughts gracefully traverse the exquisite natural surroundings."

Studio: 1

Dates: March 1-31



Ethnologist, Senior lecturer and researcher at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. Research interests: Visual cultural studies, Cultural heritage politics, Gardens

PhD thesis: Visby visuellt. Föreställningar om en plats med utgångspunkt I bilder och kulturarv (2009) / Visual Visby : Imaginations of a place through pictures and cultural heritage

Stay at BKN: Book about women photographers on Gotland from the 1960s to the present, together with Eva Dahlman, Maria Larsson Östergren, Jan Östergren and Tommy Söderlund.

Studio:  3
Date: May 6-12


Photographic historian, Ethnologist, Honory doctor at Stockholm University.
Worked with the photographic collections at the Nordiska museet and the National Library of Sweden

Speciality: Women photographers.

The book: Women behind the Camera 1848-1968, together with Magnus Bremmer and Björn Axel Johansson, will be published in autumn 2024.

Stay at BKN: Book about women photographers on Gotland from the 1960s to the present, together with Carina Johansson, Maria Larsson Östergren, Jan Östergren and Tommy Söderlund.

Studio:  5
Date: May 6-12 

SUMMER SESSIONS - Self directed

During July and August we have some BKN affiliated artists in our studios in addition the artists below.

Lars Fredriksson is a self-taught painter from Malmö whose work has been exhibited in Berlin, Warrington and at various locations throughout Sweden. Over the past three years, he has held art residencies in Galway, Korpo, NYC, Nordingrå, Gamleby and Milan.
At BKN the plan is to work with a project called 'This life & high life & no life' which will contain a number of paintings. A second plan is a series of installation photos called 'Minds'.

ANNA-LENA MOBERG, Stockholm/Luleå

 I am born in Boden, in the north part of Sweden, in 1961. I am active as a visual artist in Stockholm, where I have my studio, and in the north part of Sweden. The inland nature of the north is always with me, with its forests, streams and lakes. And at BKN during my walks I am closer to the sea and the rocks, wild in another way, which together with the old school and the people around become my inspiration.

I usually paint with acrylics. I draw, use oilpastel and create collages and digital photocollages. The result is more or less abstract. My approach is usually intuitive and experimential, but sometimes I work more methodical with series and variation of a theme. I have for some time worked on some kind of reconstruction, cutting and tearing old paintings into pieces and using them in new contexts and constellations. Remaking and remixing my own work, creating something new.

Throughout my career as a teacher in language and art I have always worked with my own art projects on the side, but since 2018 I have been able to focus on my own artwork. Since I studied art therapy I am also interested in what good art can do to us people, looking at art, talking about art and of course also creating art ourselves.

 I have shown my work at museums and art galleries, juried groupexhibions, and I have had some solo shows.

I will participate in Atelejérundan, 19 – 21 July 2024, at BKN and show works from my project about Dresses among other works.

Member of SKF – Svenska konstnärernas förening, BKN - Björkö konstnod, KC - Konstnärscentrum and KiN - Konstnärer i Norrbotten


Vladimir Schmid and Lenka Puzova July TBA

AiR BKN hosts about 30-40 artists per year

We assess studios up on invitations and open calls.  At times it is also possible to come on your own funding.

Depending on the season and other projects we take on between 2-9 residency artists.

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Visiting address:


Simpnäsvägen 739 SE-764 53 Björkö
info @ bjorkokonstnod.se

Host: Björkö Konstnod
The not for profit is run by a board of cultural workers, artists and local community.

Team BKN: The artists are not always present at BKN. They also have studios elsewhere. (Former PROD BKN)