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texts provided by artists in Swedish or English


Sibylle Feucht, Bonn

With a back ground in art and biology from universities in Germany, Switzerland an the US. Feucht approaches nature and philosophical aspects, questioning the images as a depiction, as visual narrative and as a supposed construction of reality. She has held a number of studio grants and her works are to be found in institutions and private collectors She is the founder of  Das Essen Zimmer in Bonn.. In 2022 she was on the Research Residency at Casa Planas, Mallorca made possible in collaboration with Goethe Institute. 

”My fascination for the darkness and for the night goes together with the fascination for what can be seen or perceived and what stays in the shadows, of what we know and of what we can only guess. Day and night, list and darkness are different reference systems that have their own narratives that seem to be ubiquitous and globally the same - The day and light are connected to live, the new, the hope, whereas the night and the dark are connected to death.

Only through the invention of gas and electrical light at home and in public space this changed a bit by expanding the hours of light into the darkness. We are now living in an era where we are so much used to have light and wherever we want that experiencing darkness becomes a rare event. Usually, it is necessary to travel to remote places to go to the mountains for that.

During a residency in Slavuych/Ukraine in 2018 I experienced this darkness within a city. On one side the streets have been much less lit by lamps then we know from our cities in western Europe and on the other side only half of the apartments were occupied, therefore at night half of the windows remain dark.
To this darkness and what it did to me I started to experiment with taking images of and in the darkness. During Corona lockdowns in Germany, that also continued a form of darkness I continued to work with the material generated in Slavutych and realised that I want to dive more into this motive darkness and that its always attached to solitude and isolation.

The residency at BKN during the darker time of the year provides a perfect context to experience the darkness in an intense way and research further into this field to continue my photographic project as well as develop new work.”

Studio: Pending

Dates: winter 2023

Scott Hunter, Scotland

Scott Hunter is a visual artist and researcher operating in the environmental humanities who adopts a phenomenological approach to studying the landscape. Intrigued by ecological resistance and intelligence, his current project focuses on how nature reclaims barren landscapes and the ecologies that emerge in post-industrial sites. Integrating photographic fieldwork with camera-less imagery, he works with site-specific materials to provide deeper insight into the entanglements between humans, materiality, and the environment.

Recent project Am I The Wasteland? formed part of his MFA in Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College of Art, receiving the FEUVA award for outstanding student work and awarded with a solo exhibition at the esteemed Summerhall venue in Edinburgh. Pushing the boundaries of photography, his research explores the aesthetic and scientific importance of visually representing the Anthropocene.

Comprising experimental photography, soil chromatography, and found objects from the landscape, his fieldwork draws from astute observations of the local terrain. Recent projects include recording increased precipitation directly onto photosensitive paper, scientific photographic representations of soils, and utilising organic matter -like mosses and algae- to make analogue photo developers.

Working directly with raw materials, Scott considers the origin of each material and their symbiotic relationships within the construction of images. By embedding the materiality of the landscape into the work, he asks whether a photographic practice can mediate between industrial and ecological activities.

During his time at BKN, Scott will conduct a site-specific investigation of the surrounding area, combining photographic fieldwork with soil chromatography and in-situ cameraless work using materials sourced ethically from the landscape. The study elaborates on his current Darkroom Ecology project that explores nature-based solutions to harmful chemicals used in analogue photography. By utilising the residency's darkroom facilities, he intends to expand this process beyond black and white negatives to include wet prints. In addition, he will replace silver-containing fixers with saltwater to provide a non-toxic alternative to the disposal of heavy metals in water systems.

To complement this research, Scott's Darkroom Pedology project builds a library of soil chromatograms from diverse sites to enable comparison between areas
considered pristine; and those deemed contaminated. In Björkö, he will extend the library to include pioneer species -such as lichens, mosses, and algae- to broaden our awareness of how ecological successions may emerge in such landscapes and develop into climax communities(forests) through time. Fascinated by the relationship between the wilderness of the forest and the agency of the sea, he will use his time at BKN residency to reflect, experiment with new fieldwork techniques, and develop a new body of work.

Studio: 3
Dates: Nov 19-Jan 15



Bilyana Furnandzhieva, Paris/Sofia

"arriving to Björkö Konstnod in a different season is a way to discover Nature and its own cycles at this specific place of the Stockholm's archipelago.
my intention for this residency is to continue working on series of drawings-collages inspired by the natural elements I find in the surroundings - leaves, stones, flowers. the end of the winter is getting closer, the colours in the forest would still be in the grey palette so I would like to use mica for the light reflections, skilla flowers for the deep blue-violet nuances but also water colours to play with depth and perspectives. I incorporate gold leaf in my compositions to enlighten the natural pieces.
as my collages demand long working hours and meditative state of mind, being cut of everyday life is a good opportunity for me to concentrate and spend my energy.
at this time, I also plan working on analog photographies which will be taken on Arholma island in order to create a book about Minneslund - an incredible spiritual place, where love, longing, loss and death are connected with the sea and the forest." bf

Studio: 15


Lisa and Hugo Gordillo, Michigan

Lisa (b. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) and Hugo Gordillo (b. Guatemala City, Guatemala) first met as artists-in-residence at the Vermont Studio Center, where neither spoke the other’s language. Over time they have sounded out, written, and built a working relationship that connects their countries’ common stories; and made a little blue house together in rural upper Michigan. The pair is interested in the capacity of art for storytelling, in what collective memory looks like, in how many sides we see, and how many sides we miss, and why that might be. Their collaboration Brazada, which roughly translates as, as far as outstretched arms may reach, follows the Guatemalan civil war and U.S. complicity in its most violent acts. Their work builds on Hugo’s career as a journalist (1980-2012), and his current work as a writer and poet, and on Lisa’s background as a sculptor and performance artist. Together, Brazada creates works of art and writing that offer entry points into a difficult international narrative whose history remains mostly unacknowledged.  

Lisa (n. Filadelfia, Pensilvania, EUA) y Hugo Gordillo (n. Guatemala) se conocieron como artistas en residencia en el Vermont Studio Center, donde ninguno de los dos hablaba el idioma del otro. Con el tiempo han sondeado, escrito y construido una relación de trabajo que conecta las historias comunes de sus países y un pequeño hogar azul juntos en la zona rural de Michigan. La pareja está interesada en la capacidad del arte para contar historias, en cómo se ve la memoria colectiva, en cuántos lados vemos, cuántos lados extrañamos y por qué podría ser eso. Su colaboración en Brazada, que se traduce más o menos como, en la medida en que pueden extenderse los brazos, sigue la guerra civil guatemalteca y la complicidad de los Estados Unidos en sus actos más violentos. Su trabajo se basa en la carrera de Hugo como periodista (1984-2012), su trabajo actual como escritor y poeta, y en los antecedentes de Lisa como escultora y artista de performance. Brazada crea obras de arte y escritura que ofrecen puntos de entrada en una difícil narrativa internacional, cuya historia permanece mayormente sin reconocimiento.


Directed: Out of Rock

Hugo Gordilo and Lisa Gordillo

Lisa Gordillo

Lisa Gordillo with Hugo Gordilo.

Hugo Gordillo



Ekaterina Shelganova, Sankt Petersburg/Stockholm

konstnär som arbetar med fotografi och video/film.

Vistelsen på Björkö Konstnod har möjliggjorts via samverkan med Konstnärsnämnden och med SWAN. 

Har under vistelsen producerat en ny upplaga av Icemen och arbetar med en fotografi och posesibok, verk som presenterades på Supermarket Art Fair 2022 i Stockholm

Shelganova har sin examen från University of Film and Television, St-Petersburg. Genom sin praktik bedriver hon en lyhörd och subtil samhällskritik tolkad genom det Ryska samhället.

Hon har varit verksam med Chto Delat/School of Engaged Art.Hon har figurerat i några internationella sammanhang så som Nordwind Festival (Hamburg, 2015), Festival IMAGES (Vevey, Switzerland) 2016. Bland verk titlar som är utställda i Ryssland märks separat utställning 2018 vid gallery FFTN i St Petersburg.

Men även i Ryska sammanhang så som; -“Unpenetratable landscape”, 2018, solo, gallery FFTN, St-Petersburg -sound presentation of a photographic performance “Ideal Passport Picture” Ural Industrial biennale for contemporary art, 2017 och “An IDEAL PHOTO FOR AN ID vs A PHOTO FOR AN IDEAL ID”, photographic performance, gallery "Intimnoje Mesto" ("Intimate Space”) ochSt-Petersburg; Hamburg (Nordwind Festival 2015, Kampnagel) "Panopticon", Special Program of the 6th Moscow Biennale, 2015 "NowHere", 2015 art group "Chto Delat' " workshops final exhibition, St-Petersburg .

Stöd från konstnärsnämnden april-juli stöd från SWAN juli-oktober.

Anastasia Zhikhartseva, Saint Petersburg
I'm an artist from Russia. I graduated from Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts and continue my artistic practice mostly as a painter including printing, sculpture and performance.
Last time I used a method which resembles some kind of automatic writing. Recording the stream of emotional reflections allowed me to speak out without an addressee. Words overlaid each other to the point of transformation into a picture or color, where they became illegible. This was a way to create an image and at the same time encrypt the personal message contained in my writing. The texts touched on topics of anxiety, burnout, social insecurity. Now mostly they are about war and the feelings about the situation in which we all have been involved. Lately I started to mix text clouds with parts of paintings.
This practice has given me a sense of liberation, of being truly heard, that my issues resonate with others and that I escaped mental isolation and bonded with society. I am looking forward to seeing how staying in nature close, calmness and safety space at the residence will affect my method, topic and materials.

Studio: 1
Dates: Apr 14 - June 31


In april 2021 AiR BKN RESPONSE had one more Russian dissident in the program whom wish to be anonymous



process based exhibition in Stockholm Archipelago. 10 sites, 10 artists 4 of them are former AiR BKN artists. Project initiated on a cliff at Malais peninsula during a residency at BKN. Haugbak and Hart did use BKN as a base in part of their art project for The Sea That Surrounds Us. Curator: Anna Viola Hallberg and "Vera".


Zoey Hart, based in Brooklyn, NY, USA
I am an interdisciplinary artist, educator and collaborator living with chronic illness, mostly based in Brooklyn, NY. Driven by the frictions between invisible disability and modern medicine, my visual/performative practice re-centers the notion of what constitutes well-being in changing social and environmental contexts. My life and work continue to be co-informed by the process of navigating disability through inaccessible terrain.

The materials, processes, spaces and activations in my work evolve and adapt with the fluidity of shifting access needs, and how I can best access new environments that continue to inspire me. Of late, I have been working on a series critically examining care and accessibility as they function in the natural world. From Myco/Access work with mushrooms in Finland, to Waterfront Access Mapping with Works on Water in NYC, I try to read access, sustainability, resilience and wellbeing in the specific social, cultural and environmental conditions under which I live and work.

At AiR BKN, I will continue to develop a series I'm calling Sensory Diagnostics: Sensory Diagnostics is an ongoing media-data* series defining the act of noticing as an embodied and multisensory experience. To know a site (a body, a place, and everything existing in between) requires participation in an ongoing dialogue, a commitment to long-term, deep listening and observation. Reimagining the terms, tools and procedures of clinical data-collection around the aesthetics of accessibility, we generate a deeper awareness of relationship between our bodies and the spaces we inhabit, and dream solutions for the ongoing care of these intersecting ecologies.  At AiR BKN, I imagine this will begin with aesthetic experiments involving birch, rotting logs and roots, with the potential to expand towards any immediate environmental condition, aesthetic, or relationship that strikes the chord of care and wellbeing of the body in place. *media-data: Text, visual, audio and multisensory residuals are gathered and re-presented to archive site-specific, performative practices and processes within this series.  /ZH

Hart is currently the director of Art and Disability Residency programs at Art Beyond Sight. She received her MA in interdisciplinary studies from NYU Gallatin (2015), and her BA in studio art from Brandeis University (2013) . In 2021 Hart was a resident artist for Culture Push with Works on Water’s Tending The Edge ccohort. She has been granted awards and studio fellowships from The Studios at Mass MoCA- Assets for Artists (2017), NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (2021) Arteles Creative Center Finland (2017, 2021) and Soulangh Cultural Park, Taiwan (2018). Hart has exhibited with The 8th Floor Gallery, The Old Stone House of Brooklyn, and Flux Factory in NYC, and installed a solo exhibition abroad in Taiwan . Her work has been published in Hyperallergic, and her writing contributed to creative and scholarly projects across the Disability Arts community. She has designed and led programs, workshops and residencies with The Museum of Art and Design, Civic Art Lab, More Art and various international arts residencies to create accessible engagement workshops and collaborations on art, accessibility, mindfulness and wellbeing.

Studio: 3
Dates: Dec 2 - Feb 13

Studio: 11 

Date: May-July for work with Singö in HAVET SOM, OMGER OSS

Annelie Wallin, Stockholm

I mötet med Rådmansö kommer konstnären under tre helger med början den 11 juni, bjuda in besökare att knyta nät till- sammans. Det processbaserade verkets växer fram knut för knut, i mötet mellan människor, på platsen. Verket är både en gestaltning och en process.

Annelie Wallin

är utbildad på konsthögskolan i Stockholm 1989-94. Har varit verksam på den konstnärsdrivna konstscenen sen 2004 och arbetat med utställningar och offentlig gestaltning sen dess. Senaste åren har Wallin ställt ut på gallerier i Sverige, Tyskland, Grekland och Kanada, tillsammans med ID:I galleri.

Studio 15

Duration: June 12-19


In July 2022 we decided to take on our first intern. Una Joyce from Ireland stayed with us for 10 days to work with the curatorial program.

We look forward to explore having interns. If you want to apply  send introduction to 

Anna Viola Hallberg artist and curator for BKN          Patricio Salinas, Photographer and darkroom director for BKN

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AiR BKN has developed a concept of Fair Studios. We constantly work on being a resilient place for artists and nature.

Concept developed in collaboration with Region Stockholm.

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