In the northern archipelago of Stockholm one finds the island Björkö, where artists and the local community initiated BKN studio spaces in 2020. Originally set out as a project to create studio space, it soon came to include a residence program, artist presentations, art education, screenings and exhibitions.

The exhibition program at BKN goes by the name HYBRID. It is a transformative, dynamic space for art that engages with life and nature; a space for developing concepts of community and poetic investigations. HYBRID seeks to explore and interpret possibilities beyond the violence of algorithms, egoism, deforestation, narrowmindedness and repression. From its core HYBRID extends to sites indoors and outdoors on or off the island.

We have initiated a collaboration with Skövde Art Museum and Norrtälje Konsthall around an exhibition for one of our resident artists. For 2022 we are also working on the exhibitions ”Out of Rock” and ”The Sea That Surrounds Us” in addition to catering to the local studio walk.

At Supermarket we present works produced during AiR BKN as well as international artists selected for the directed residency ”Nature Nurture”, a full stipend based program with support from IASPIS. We are keen on expanding our network both with artist and institutions.

HYBRID and BKN are concepts by the artist run non profit organization Björkö Konstnod

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