Mark Rautenbach (south africa)
Alevtina Kakhidze (ukraine)

Edka Jarząb (poland) 

 Joana Maria Pereira (portugal) 

Roula Samiotaki (greece/sweden)

 With support from Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Region Stockholm

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Grant: 20 000 sek* in addition to studio, accommodation, weekly food budget towards shared meals, limited production/material budget and funding towards travel costs.

 Björkö, Sweden (Stockholm Region, Municipality of Norrtälje)

Duration: 6 weeks (+2 optional), Aug-Sept 2022

Application Opens:  March 20, 2022
Application Closes: May 15, 2022

Artists on open call: 
Two international artists are selected from an open call.
One  artist  based in Sweden
A select number of artists in category open call will be contacted for video interview in second half of May.

By invitation:

Two international artists are participating upon invitation by BKN. 

Framework: Interventions weaves across different registers of time - site and draws from fieldwork on the island and embodied relations with nature.  Fieldworks and seminars are jointly done to locate and entangle structures, narrative and forces. Towards forming an experience to continue to build individual projects up on.

Key words: asymmetry, entanglement, beyond violence, not-knowing, desire, nature, responsibility, deep listening, close seeing.

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* approx 2000 Euro

Residency language: English

Resources: Through out MAGNITUDE weekly peer group meetings, dinners with invited guests curatorial sessions. Each artists gets to borrow a bike, we do joint grocery shopping with delivery on Thursdays. AiR BKN works closely with local organizations. This gives us access to resources such as stage, small restaurant kitchen, island knowledge, clay workshop with ovens etc.

As a AiR BKN artist one can use darkroom, loom and wood workshop as well. In addition we have large cutting mat and cutter, laminator, b/w printer, color printer, mini digital kit (4-k videocamera, light, audio, tripod), 2 85 w photography lamps, green screen on stand, and digitizing equipment for slides, negatives. One studio is dedicated to presentations and screenings. The aim of MAGNITUDE is to explore production inspired directly of being nurtured by nature. The artists on site  contribute to forming a working group, to find ways of collaborating or towards individual work. The residency practice is situated around a sustainable practice. We have developed the concept of FAIR STUDIOS - as we believe in appreciating both the artists and nature.

Expecations towards artist: To actively participate in forming the peer group and its methodological and theoretical frameworks. Do a series of explorations/interventions according to sites selected by curator proposed by peer group. Work on select individual project. Navigate respectfully in nature and towards each other and islanders.

Artists are responsible for visa and possible other documents due to pandemic insurance, food in addition to shared meals. Applications are accepted only by completing the form in full.
Grant: Stipend of 20000 sek + individual studio and accommodation, limited travel and material budget, select shared meals.

Practices:  AiR BKN is a site for art thinking and production. Critical, spiritual and poetic practices in fields interested in exploring the specific setting and who is in tune with the sharing with the peer group of artists. We think you are based in visual or performative practices.

Host organization: AiR BKN Björkö Konstnod (artist run & non profit)

Name of program: MAGNITUDE

Curator: Anna Viola Hallberg

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”The notion of responsibility is fully understood only if it includes responsibility for the responsibility of the other”

Carl Cederberg on Levinas.

MAGNITUDE is a process based residency, where we dwell into each others knowledges and things we encounter on the island. We believe in a safe and friendly attitude is part of the art scene we share. Interventions weaves across different registers of time - site and draws from fieldwork on the island and embodied relations with nature.  Fieldworks and seminars are jointly done to locate and entangle structures, narrative and forces. Towards forming an experience to continue to build individual projects up on.

For the five artists the starting point is interlocked in 6 quotes (provided by the participating five artists and the curator) and the site(s) specific encounters where the forest meets the sea. The exploration is set to re-synthethise the contested expression "nature nurture”, through artistic discourses. Embarking up on a quest to dissolve nature vs nurture and looking at the two words as a way of forming a sharing and caring environment where the artistic works luminates deep listening and close seeing with a point of departure of the specific area in the Northern Archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden. 

BKN fosters a peer based environment "thinking together, learning together" this takes part during infrormal sessions and public outreach. Its a resource and public forum to explore and experiment. Proposed project should relate to site-sensitve exploration or specific conditions at BKN.

Jointly we form a transformative, dynamic space for art that engages with life and nature towards critical and poetic explorations, influenced by the immediate surrounding, the forest, lakes, sea and people living in the rural area. 

For MAGNITUDE the working group remains the same for the 6 weeks. We have set aside two days for you to arrive on as most of you will have quite a journey to get to us.  On Aug 3rd we start the program. This gives you time to refocus prior to the official start.

Arrival: Aug 1-2

Week 1: presentations, assessment, field explorations and site specific art interventions

Week 2-6: individual work / or potentially collaborations

Last week: September 9th, public dissemination of processes(es)/art work(s), closing party.

Departure: Sept 13 (optional staying on to Sept 30, for individual work)

Selection process: In-house artists and parts of the board does the first round the second round is a video interview with curator in order to manage expectations and address any outstanding questions. 

Arist studios number/size: 7 studios between 10 and 76 sqm
Workshop Studios: 5 (presentation/darkroom/wood/loom/rock)
Visiting address: Björkö Konstnod, Simpnäsvägen 739, 764 53 Björkö, Sweden
Digital address/Plus Code: V26Q+R3 Skeninge >>>.

Public Transportation: Metro redline/Bus 676, Bus 636 - the trip fro central station Stockholm takes about 2 1/2 hours.
End destination: Björkö-Arholma Skola (Björkö-Arholma School) is the name of the bus stop. It is right on the doorstep of BKN