Björkö Darkrooms is hosted by the not for profit artist run organization Björkö Konstnod.  We are situated in the Northern Stockholm Archipelago where the forest meets the sea. We have two darkrooms set up for you to go into deep focus but also to share knowledge and experiences with the other resident artists. The darkrooms can be rented or be part of a program in an artist in residency call. Björkö Darkrooms also facilitates courses from introductory to master level from photography to darkroom techniques. The set up is basic but you can create magic, just think of the work process of photographers like Aaron Siskind or Lisette Mode who's workflow was in a rather simple but well organized environment. Our growing library offers an opportunity to take part of such photographers workflow.

Our facilities and location is perfect if you strive for excelling your practice towards darkroom refinement. Our set up is not for speed and bulk work but rather an atmosphere where you have a good sens of attention towards your practice. You are embedded in an international artist residency setting, with at least one more darkroom practitioner for exchange and learning.

We honor experimental and traditional practices ranging from exploring early photographic techniques to more efficient fine art methods including ecological approaches (soil and plant based, caffenol etc). The upper darkroom is a clean space and the lower is open for plant ans soil based practices (see below)

Björkö darkrooms are part of the Nordic Analogue Network (NAN) 

As you arrive you will  will need to attend a short Induction session with Patricio Salinas, to ensure you understand how all the equipment works and what our standard operating practices are. The well developed echo system for the darkrooms entail that you at all times you are responsible to bring your own paper and chemicals.  Depending on the program your stay might include a public presentation.

Contact Patricio Salinas (



(located on second floor, this is a set up for traditional clean processes)


  • Durst Modular 70, 35 to 6x7, Lenses; Nikkor and Rodenstock , 50,80 och 100 mm, Multigrade filter
  • Durst 184  glass plate and film, up to 8x10 inches
  • Fujimoto G70 35 to 6x7, Lenses, Nikon, Multigrade filter

  • Separating walls between enlargers (optional)

  • Film development tanks and reels
  • Measuring cups, thongs, Thermometer, filmcan openier, focus finder etc
  • Wet bench/zink,  64x185 cm
  • Assortment of paper trays
  • Ventilated space
  • Rolling cart for material
  • Kodak Automatic Darkroom Tray Siphon, Print washer (40x50) (as of January 2023)
  • Frame making contact sheets
  • Masking frame
  • Drying rack for paper (delicate prints) 
  • Archival Print Washers
  • Drying cabinet for film
  • Drying space for film and pegs
  • Red light 
  • Separate space for loading film
  • Standard developers (might be available depending on program).
  • in between sessions you can open the window and fully ventilate the space.

Please provide your own paper, film and chemicals. To make sure you get exactly what you want. If in need of assistance with where to order from in Sweden contact Please note some special programs might include basic chemicals.  

We are environmentally concerned, please pour your used chemicals in waste tanks to be handled in based possible practice.

We have additional enlargers as back up not currently installed in any of the spaces. We also have 8 and 16 mm projectors (in as is condition)


(located on ground floor, this is a set up for traditional or organic processes)


  • Meopta enlarger, Black & White 6x6 cm format. Meopta optics
  • Agfa Varioscop, up to 6x9, autofocus

  • Film development tanks and reels
  • Measuring cups, thongs, Thermometer, filmcan openier, focus finder etc
  • Wet bench/zink
  • Kodak Automatic Darkroom Tray Siphon (jan)
  • Assortment paper trays
  • Ventilated space
  • Drying rack for paper
  • Drying space for film and pegs
  • Red light, wall mounted
  • Separate space for loading film
  • Outdoor work area directly outside the darkroom.

Patricio Salinas in "digital darkroom/lightroom". This space can also be used for photoshoots, presentations etc. Floor is grey and one wall is a neutral grey.


  • Guillotine cutter (large)

  • Self healing cutting mat, (@60x90 cm)

  • 2 Dry mounting press A4, A3

  • PC workstation with; calibrated monitor,   usb podmic, headphones, daylight ledramp

  • Epson v600 scanner

  • Canon 300 (color)

  • Brother Hl 2350DV (bw)

  • Laminator (A3)

  • two 85 w daylight soft boxes

  • Optima 4 k projector

  • Audio Pro 14, studio speakers

  • headphones

  • wifi media player

  • 65 " flatscreen TV

  • Molton fabric & green screen & 1 neutral gray wall.


Host organisation: Björkö Konstnod (artist run, not for profit)
Name of studios: AiR BKN 
Program/Duration: varies (see call)

Arist studios number/size: 7 studios between 10 and 76 sqm
Workshop Studios: 5 (presentation/darkroom/wood/loom/rock)

Visiting address: Björkö Konstnod, Simpnäsvägen 739, 764 53 Björkö, Sweden

Digital address/Plus Code:
V26Q+R3 Skeninge >>>

Public Transportation: 
Metro redline/Bus 676, Bus 636 - the trip fro central station Stockholm takes about 2 1/2 hours.
End destination: Björkö-Arholma Skola (Björkö-Arholma School) is the name of the bus stop. It is right on the doorstep of BKN.

You reach BKN by public transportation (buss) from Stockholm going north via Norrtälje and then a second bus from there. The two former schoolbuildings are right at the bus stop so its really easy. Be vigilent there are many Björkö (Birch Island) in Sweden we are the one in the municipallity of Norrtälje. 

About BKN/Björkö Darkrooms

We can host single artists, duos/trios. The surroundings offer plenty of rich nature to indulge in.  In addition to residency program we host community outreach, presentations, open studios, classes and do exhibitions on and off the island.

BKN is a safe space working towards a sustainable practice. We keep the premises as friendly as possible for people with allergies there for no pets allowed. For other accessibility concerns please contact curator.

We are part of Nordic Analog Network NAN.

General information on AiR BKN >>>

Darkroom coordinator and head technician:

Patricio Salinas, photographer/artist


Anna Viola Hallberg, artist/curator


Lens-based: Thomas Wågström (se), Gerhard Kowald (au), Patricio Salinas (se), Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt (se), Jane Marchant (us), Beili Liu (us) 

Organic, print or experimental processes: Renn Simmons (usa), Scott Hunt (uk) Yev, Kazannik (de/uk/ru) Oona Hyland (ir), Zoey Hart (us), Christoph Mügge (se)

Some of our enlargers

With support for lens-based practices by