Associate artists are artists that we care for a bit extra and they care a bit extra for BKN. If you want to become an associate artist (national or international) contact 

Associate artists are not only return visitors at BKN they can also recommend artists for a residency stay. 

 Provide support by co-curating, hold workshop/class, communication, ambassador, board member, or hands on practical things.


Bilyana Furnadzhieva, based in France, (from Bulgaria)
Aurike Quintelier, based in Belgium
Zoey Hart, based in USA
Monika Tobel, based in UK (from Hungary)

Rebekah Dean, based in UK

Janice Jensen, based in DE

Antonia Aitken, based in AU

Juanma González, based in ES/SE

Ami Skånberg, based in SE

Anna Viola Hallberg, based in SE

Naomi Nowak, based in SE

Patricio Salinas, based in SE

Thomas Wågström, based in SE

Åsa Öhrn, based in SE
Helen Edling, based in SE