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WAP24 (June or September 4 weeks, or last two weeks of May and last two weeks of April >>>

SELF-DIRECTED (October) >>>

ART CAMP (all year, you can pitch your tent) >>>

BKN hosts predominantly visual, performance and sound based artists.
On occasions curators or scholars, rarely musicians, scholars, authors, poets.



You reach BKN by public transportation (buss)  from Stockholm via Norrtälje.  The two former schoolbuildings are right at the bus stop so its really easy. Be vigilent there are many Björkö (Birch Island) in Sweden we are the one in the municipallity of Norrtälje. The space is endorsed by the locals and run by the non profit organization Björkö Konstnod. BKN is in two buildings and total area of 590 sqm.

Host organization is a  not for profit artist run organisation: Björkö Konstnod (est 2020)
Name of studios: BKN
Exhibiting practice: Special programs on an off the island

Address: Björkö Konstnod, Simpnäsvägen 739, 764 53 Björkö, Sweden

Digital address/Plus Code:
V26Q+R3 Skeninge  >>>

Public Transportation:
Metro redline/Bus 676, Bus 636 - the trip fro central station Stockholm takes about 2  1/2 hours.

Bus stop: Björkö-Arholma Skola (Björkö-Arholma School) is the name of the bus stop. It is right on the doorstep of BKN. (, Stockholm-Norrtälje bus 676, Norrtälje-Björkö 636)

BKN is embedded in a rural costal area during the winter months this means no light pollution and almost a silent zone. 300 people live through out Björkö. In the extended month of July (midsummer to mid August its about 5000)

More about BKN and Björkö >>>

Fair Studios is a concept with the artist in focus, towards a responsible social/economic/environmental imprint.  BKN provides an opportunity to within the stay, focus on the aristic practice and experience life in the Northern Archipelago of Stockholm - where the sea meets the forest, fields, and lakes - a peaceful rural milieu.
At BKN you also have access to woodworkshop, darkroom/photolab, loom, yard, rich nature areas and presentation/workshop space and some video equipment  in addition to your studio.

BKN fosters a peer based environment "thinking together, learning together" this takes part during infrormal sessions  and public outreach. Its a resource and public forum to explore and experiment. Proposed project should relate to site-sensitve exploration or specific conditions at BKN.  As part of the concept you are required to have a meeting with curator as part of the assessment process.

2024 BKN Studios Grants:
AiR BKN provides a number of studio grants per year.  BKN covers cost for studio,  accommodation, and shared spaces artist become member 100 sek + pay 500 as a development fee, total 600 (regardless duration) 

In some cases we expand studio grant with a stipend. We are happy to support artists application for funding. AiR BKN usually duration: 1-2 months

In addition we offer AiR BKN stay at a reasonable cost:

Cost for a studio per week: Visiting artists cover rental (studios vary in size the cost for 2023 is between 500 and 2000 per week) and 100 sek membership + 500 sek  as a development fee, total 600 (regardless duration). 

Curatorial meetings/studio visits and darkroom use in addition to costs above. If you want to apply coming in  on your own funding first write to

Concept of Fair Studios: Regardless weather its a directed or self directed residency BKN practice FAIR STUDIO experience with support from fellow artists and dedicated time with the curator. The rural location and embeddedness in nature calls for vigilence towards the environment we kindly ask artists share knowledges, skills and approaches towards each others practices.

 BKN is a safe space working towards a sustainable practice. We keep the premises as friendly as possible for people with allergies there for no pets allowed. For other accessibility  please write to


Since we opened up in July 2020 we have had more than 140 artists that stayed with us for 2 weeks or more. In addition we have had guest artists and curators for shorter sessions.

Some of the artists: Rebekah Dean (uk), Monika Tobel (uk), Antonia Aitken (au), Belinda Morén (se), Mai S Keldsen (dk), Aurike Quintelier (be), Sibylle Feucht (de), Melissa Vandenberg (us), Zoey Hart (us), Inga Manticas (us), Klara Waara (se/nl),Thomas Wågström (se), Gerhard Kowald (au), Bilyana Furnadzhieva (fr/bg), Katarzyna Łukasiewicz (pl),  Ami Skånberg  (se), Renn Simmons (usa), Scott Hunt (uk),  Zoey Hart (us), Christoph Mügge (se), Louise Shaw (uk), Katarzyna Łukasiewicz (pl), Juanma González (se), Mark Rautenbach (sa), Naheli Chavoya (ir/me), Cecilia Hedlund (se), Fernanda Branco (no/ b), Alex Hawthorn (us), Janice Jensen (de)


If you are from a Nordic or Baltic Country   you can apply for funding via NCP Mobility Funding (Application open 20-08.2024 to 20.08.2024). BKN residency Nov 24, Dec, Jan, Feb 2025  >>>
If you are from Europe the program Culture Moves Europe might be for you. Individual Mobility Action due date 31 May 2024. For BKN residency Summer and onwards

Many of the projects created at BKN interlinks with new materialsim -
artists come from a number of fields including, photography, drawing, painting, performance, walking and walking practices and critical, ecology  and socially engaged approaches.

We are looking for artists at every stage of their artistic life willing to be vulnerable and listen as they learn. We are most often not asking you to produce work but to expand your practice. We often do share sessions over joint meals or walks at times we do studiovisits, invite the community to interventions or simply take part of our practice.

BKN - a resource and public forum to explore and experiment.

BKN offers studio grants in return you help keeping BKN at its best by donating about an hour a week during your stay to things that needs to be done. Together we are BKN.

The residency is situated in a silent zone, during the darker half year you can really see the starts as the light solution is very low. 

  • Analogue darkroom
  • Mini 4 k video camera (OSMO)w tripod (Manfrotto)
  • Audio by Rode:  iPhone mic with "dead cat", iPod mic and Wireless Go.
  • Darkroom, Lightroom, Presentation studio>>>
  • loom (@ 90 wide)
  • wood workshop 
  • Bicycles (self maintained by artists)
  • Curatorial dialogue upon agreement
  • Local community is very helpful, let us know what you need and we might be able to locate it for you.
  • More >>>

  • Enable sustainability by providing tools for professional development
  • Respect the regional, cultural and structural diversity of the arts residency field through adherence to our core values
  • Actively engage with and be responsive to needs and changes
  • Ensure transparency through clear communication, the cultural sector and wider public
  • Connect and promote


    • BKN is committed to continuous professional development and enhancement of knowledge and skills. We listen to each other and are responsive to artists’ needs and changes in the field.

  • BKN actively work towards a diverse definition of the arts and welcome artists complying with a safe and inclusive work atmosphere.
  •  BKN is a pet free space (allergies)

  • Transparency

    We believe in the value of clear, accurate and proactive communication 

    We strive to improve the resources available and to map out a ways of limiting or ecological foot print. 

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    Björkö Konstnod, Simpnäsvägen 739, 764 53 Björkö, Sweden