Jesper ovan mock-up framsida av folder. Citaten nedan ska ligga på sid 2 och 3. Sid 4 baksidan har kontaktinfo o karta. Sofie jobbar för fullt med formgivningen. (tex ska url vara korrekt ovan är mao inte granskat)

"BKN was a rare treat, a place to think, develop and experiment in the inspiring forest and seascapes of Bjorko. This is a nurturing space in a supportive community. One of the very best artist residencies I've ever experienced. Thank you BKN." - Oona Hyland Feb-March, 2 months, 2021 >>>

I was very happy to be selected for a residency as part of a duo. The place and its organization is open helpful and generous. Beautiful studios surroundings and a strong involved local community. Now I'm back as an in-house artist at BKN” AiR BKN December 2021 Adam Haugbak (SE)