If on AiR BKN your grant might include use of darkroom(s). 

Would you like to rent darkroom or take a class 

with Patricio Salinas contact him via patriciosalinas@bjorkokonstnod.se

We have a range of enlargers that will satisfy most photographers’ needs. Initially, you will need to attend a short Induction session with one of our experienced technicians, to ensure you understand how all the equipment works and what our standard operating practices are.

At all times you are responsible to bring paper and chemicals

Darkroom X

1 Meopta enlarger, Black & White 6x6 cm format. Meopta optics

1 Development tank   for 35 mm or 120 mm film

3 medium size measuring containers, plastic

1 Thermometer

1 Bottle opener (or film cap remover)

A separate space for loading and developing film

 1 Scissors

Several different bowls in different size

Pegs for hanging the film to dry

Darkroom  XX

1 Opemus II enlarger to 6x7 cm 2 optics meopta

1 Durst Modular 70 enlarge to 6x7 cm 2 optics Nikkor and Rodenstock Rodagon

1 Fujimoto G70 erlarger to 6x7cm 2 optics Nikkor

1 An archive shield upp to 40x50 cm

Frame for air drying paper images

Several different bowls in different sizes

Light box

masking frame

 In this darkroom you can work two side by side.

Studio 28
Pappercutter (large)

Laminating mashine

Epson v600 scanner

Canon 300 (color)

Brother Hl 2350DV (bw)

Head technician: Patricio Salinas

Questions: info@bjorkokonstnod.se