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SUPERMARKET 2022 – Stockholm Independent Art FairAddress:

Supermarket 2022 @ Leklandet
Skärholmsplan 1
SKHLM Skärholmen Centrum, entré 5
127 48 Skärholmen

Opening hours May 26-29:
Thursday–Saturday 12.00–20.00
Sunday 12.00–18.00

Public transportation:  Line 13 (red) to Skärholmen.
The art fair is located very close to the metro station. Travel time from T-Central: 30 min.


Ekaterina Shelganova (russia), photography, video, books in progress

Lisa & Hugo Gordilo (usa/guatemala), sculptures, paintings

Zoey Hart (usa) & Beatrice Alvestad Lopez (sweden/norway), video

Aurike Quintelier (belgium/australia), video

Oona Hyland (ireland) & Anna Viola Hallberg, video

Biilyana Furnadzhieva  (bulgaria/france), drawing

Åsa Öhrn  (sweden), bone dream catcher 

Alevtina Kakhidze (ukraine), drawings


The following artist will participate in the 6 week residency program taking place at AiR BKN in August-September 2022

Edka Jarząb (poland) 

Roula Samiotaki (greece/sweden)  

Joana Maria Fernandes (portugal) 

Mark Rautenbach (south africa), on invitation 
Alevtina Kakhidze (ukraine), on invitation


Barbara van Ittersum  - The book

Title: Redding (Работа красным)
Media: performance, video
Artist: Anastasia Zhikhartseva

Documentation of walk. Leading up to official video by Aurike Quintelier

Artist: Aurike Quintelier
Title: Friendly Parasite (walk)

Presentation of the work by bilyana furnadzhieva


Media: Video
Duration: 6:01 min
Artist: Zoey Hart
Context: Hart addressed the Kvadrennial Manifesto during her residency at BKN

Statement: "The critical importance of art is embedded in its ability to communicate with and beyond words. To emphasize the urgency of ongoing critical dialogue within art and society, THIS IS THE WORK OF ART considers text as image, framing performance as a labor of communication, community, and clarifying ‘the work of the artist’ as a socially-engaged player on a unified global stage." Zoey Hart


HYBRID is the exhibition program at BKN/Björkö Konstnod. It is a transformative, dynamic space for art that engages with life and nature; a space for developing concepts of community and poetic investigations.

HYBRID seeks to explore and interpret possibilities beyond the violence of algorithms, egoism, deforestation, water preservation, life/living in costal setting, narrowmindedness and repression. From its core HYBRID extends to sites indoors and outdoors on or off the island.

Keywords: asymmetry, entanglement, beyond violence, not-knowing, desire, nature, responsibility, deep listening, close seeing.

The initiative is is artist run, with great support from people at Björkö.

Visiting address: 


Simpnäsvägen 739

764 53 Björkö


t: +46 709356608

Healing Powers is part of KVADRENNALEN 2022


 ”Healing Powers” 


At Supermarket HYBRID presents ”Healing Powers” (aka PUNK NATURE), an exhibition drawing from slow resistance and counter publics towards healing powers. The works are results of new collaborations in the curated production clusters during stays at AiR BKN. In the exhibition we also present works by individual artists in media such as: video/performance/installation/sculpture/graphic art/painting.

Works by artists are from Usa, Norway, Ireland, Guatemala, Russia, Belgium Ukraine and Sweden. Post 


Artist: Lisa Gordillo, Title: not mine (sculpture)


Ekaterina Shelganova, Saint Petersburg 

AiR BKN April- ongoing
Is a Russian lens based artist with a degree from University of Film and Television in Saint Petersburg. Through her practice she balances boundaries between the personal and society. Pushing boundaries of the state. 

Shelganova is part of the sphere around Chto Delat/Scool of Engaged Art. She has participated in Northwind Festival (Hamburg 2015), Festival IMAGES (Vevey Switzerland) 2016. in 2018 Shelganova exhibited at FFTN gallery (Saint Petersburg)

At Supermarket she is present with two durational photography projects both set to become released as books. 

Shelganova is at AiR BKN on RESPONSE a call made in collaboration with Swedish Arts Grant Committee.

Beatrice Alvestad Lopez, Norwegian based in Stockholm

AiR BKN Dec 2021

My practice moves between fields of poetic cinematography, embodied writing, installation of crafted objects and in-situ land-based actions. As a context-based practice concerned with geo-bodies, hybridity, hydro feminism and poetic narratives. Emphasizing a connection to place and openness toward the nonhuman, vegetative and planetary bodies. The landscape being an imaginative force in relation to my own body by a performative materiality and choreographed gesture.
I place myself in the field of hydro-feminism, post-human temporalities and ecological care - doing field trips, collaborations and collective exchanges as ways to build situational knowledge and research material.

Zoey Hart, based in Brooklyn, NY, USA

AiR BKN Dec 2021- Feb 2022, May-July 2022 (2x2 months)
Zoey Hart is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and collaborator living with chronic illness, mostly based in Brooklyn, NY. Driven by the frictions between invisible disability and modern medicine, my visual/performative practice re-centers the notion of what constitutes well-being in changing social and environmental contexts. Harts life and work continue to be co-informed by the process of navigating disability through inaccessible terrain. 

The materials, processes, spaces and activations in my work evolve and adapt with the fluidity of shifting access needs, and how I can best access new environments that continue to inspire me. Of late, I have been working on a series critically examining care and accessibility as they function in the natural world. From Myco/Access work with mushrooms in Finland, to Waterfront Access Mapping with Works on Water in NYC, I try to read access, sustainability, resilience and wellbeing in the specific social, cultural and environmental conditions under which I live and work.

Zoey Hart is part of HAVET SOM, OMGER OSS (The Sea That Surrounds us) where she will be based on Björkö and work with Sigö as her site.

Lisa and Hugo Gordillo, Michigan, USA

AiR BKN May 2022

Lisa (b. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) and Hugo Gordillo (b. Guatemala City, Guatemala) first met as artists-in-residence at the Vermont Studio Center, where neither spoke the other’s language. Over time they have sounded out, written, and built a working relationship that connects their countries’ common stories; and made a little blue house together in rural upper Michigan. The pair is interested in the capacity of art for storytelling, in what collective memory looks like, in how many sides we see, and how many sides we miss, and why that might be. Their collaboration Brazada, which roughly translates as, as far as outstretched arms may reach, follows the Guatemalan civil war and U.S. complicity in its most violent acts. Their work builds on Hugo’s career as a journalist (1980-2012), and his current work as a writer and poet, and on Lisa’s background as a sculptor and performance artist. Together, Brazada creates works of art and writing that offer entry points into a difficult international narrative whose history remains mostly unacknowledged.

Biilyana Furnadzhieva, Bulgaria/France

AiR BKN, 1 month in 2020, 2021, 2022
born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1992, she lives and works in Paris.

for bilyana furnadzhieva Nature is the first human reality.
attentive to the sonic and formal variety of the natural forces and phenomena bilyana translates them into a visual and sound narrative.
the lines, colors and shapes in her artworks are intended to pacify the relationship of man to his environment at the time of a significant ecological threat. bilyana creates a unique language in which opposing parts collide - neat elements, made by herself and raw elements, found during her moments of exploration. she gets comfortable with subjects, materials, mediums - from drawing, collage, sculpture to musical composition and editing.

Aurike Quintelier, Belgium/Australia

AiR BKN Jan-Feb 2021

Aurike Quintelier is a visual artist, architect and Phd candidate at Univ Tasmania, Australia. Every project has a strong emphasis on experiment and exploration, trying to find a way to communicate.  The research Quintelier is currently conducting, "Building Out Whispering. Con-structions on the Imagination of Place”, finds itself on the intersection of architecture and art. It explores the possibilities of how spatial interventions/integrations can engage with different aspects of place, space, environment, and make abstract topics such as climate change and its consequences discussable. Quintelier aims to reveal how all aspects of place are entangled (its history, geology, possible futures, eco-systems, etc.) in order to create structures that bring closer nature and culture.

Oona Hyland, Ireland
AiR BKN  Feb- April,  2021, June-July 2022 (2 by 2 months)
Oona Hyland is a visual artist working on a specific series of work utilizing her training in printmaking with large scale sculptural installations of paper and ceramic based works. This work is groundbreaking and innovative, it challenges the boundaries of different disciplines, recent works use the matrix from print technologies, and sculpture. 

She represented Ireland at the Onsaemiro Project, a research and exhibition in the Joint Security Area between North and South Korea in 2019 and the Sao Paulo Biennale event ' Beyond the Horizon' in 2018, the LAF17 Festival France and in 2016 participated in 'Patrons Prizes Paradigms', The Ernie O Malley Art Awards Ireland.

Åsa Öhrn,
I try to connect reality through the materials I encounter in nature, society and in the individual. Has a background as a musician and thinks that art has a rhythm and a melody that requires silence to perceive. That is the silence I try to hear and convey. During my Fme on Björkö I found a lot in nature, including skeletal pieces of wild boar, who in turn have lived there much longer than I have. With the findings comes a reflecFon of my
own process as I am currently in a major phase of change. Transience lives everywhere. Ritually, I start processing the remains of the animals, washing them thoroughly, talking to them, listening to them and painFng them - and finally joining them into something new. Restores their existence. In
the process, I move on and discover my own rebirth - transformation.

Anna Viola Hallberg , Sweden

Anna Viola Hallberg's work - as an artist and curator - interacts with specific communities, while addressing social or political contingencies and by this, taking on a critical stance towards public space/sphere an in the process relating to existential makers for the individuals as well as through society. Hallberg's art practice is informed by the notion of in-betweenness, as personal experience and geopolitical position. Her methodology in the immersive space-narrations of video, sound, photography, and text brings forward a discussion on the documentary of experience, remembrance, and emotions rendering collective memory/affect and the work for social justice

Alevtina Kakhidze
, Ukraine

AiR BKN, August-Sept 2022

During the war AlevFna Kakhidze maintained a daily producFon of drawings from her home in Ukraine. They for a curated and personal view of life during the Russian invasion. The artFairdonates all sales of the artworks to help those who are dealing with the consequences of the war.
Recently aqer sales of 2 drawings the arFst donated 13 thousand pounds towards equipping the Western Ukrainian specialized children's medical center. Sales of AlevFna Kakhidze drawings at
HYBRID/Supermarket Art Fair will go towards donaFon to volunteers handling the corps of the war. >>>

Contact:   +46709356608

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