Spend an afternoon at Björkö Konstnod with artists: Mark Rautenbach (south africa) , Roula Samiotaki (greece/sweden), Joana Maria Pereira (portugal), Alevtina Kakhidze (ukraine), Edka Jarząb (Ppoland) and curator Anna Viola Hallberg (sweden)

MAGNITUDE program invites you to join us for an afternoon at BJÖRKÖ KONSTNOD. We will treat you with lunch and art. Artists from South Africa, Greece/Sweden, Portugal, Ukraine and Poland will treat you with a lunch for body and mind.

Yes it is the day before the election and the program is part of KVADRENNALEN.

Bus (SL) 676 departs from Östra station/Tekniska högskolan 11:05.

In Norrtälje easy transfer to bus 636 it departs 12:20 and will reach the bus stop by our doorstep at 13:20 (Björkö-Arholma skola). Bus back departs 18:16 and is in Stockholm 20:39

If you walk, drive or take your other fav ride the address is:
Simpnäsvägen 739 SE-764 53 Björkö, Sweden

Björkö Konstnod  is an artist rund node for art  in Northern Stockholm Archipelago .

Please respond to info@bjorkokonstnod.se
This helps us out setting up for your comfort!

Coming together MAGNITUDE

"We arrive at different times,
we come from different places,
five, we have different ages, weights, heights, we are different bodies Here at Björkö - in the place where the forest meets the sea - we do not aim to achieve any answer; instead, we propose to develop an artistic practice primarily based on questions (questioning).
Thus, in order to reach out to others from a/this place of curiosity, we embrace a work process shaped by an ethic of listening that is built on the possibility of trust, respect, sharing, and caring for one another. (As foreigners) We equally meet with our differences and discuss art, love, politics. Drawn from the specific (natural/social/cultural) conditions at BKN, our collective practice/body incorporates vocal and movement exercises, walking, listening, writing, and improvisation.
Different manifestations that are then translated into written, video, and audio forms/formats. Our method is, therefore, dynamic and transformative. We follow no pre-established program or fixed rules to expand further on the potentiality of being, thinking and learning together to activate new artist explorations/interventions." /
Magnitude Artists

Hybrid by BKN is part of KVADRENNALEN we did an event for the inauguration and FRIENDS LUNCH is our closing event.

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Interventions weaves across different registers of time/site and draws from fieldwork on the island and embodied relations with nature.  Fieldworks and seminars are jointly done to locate and entangle structures, narrative and forces. Towards forming an experience to continue to build individual projects up on.

Key words: asymmetry, entanglement, beyond violence, not-knowing, desire, nature, responsibility, deep listening, close seeing.  

Artists arrived August 1-2 and program started on Aug 3rd 2022.

For MAGNITUDE the working group remains the same for the 6 weeks, in late summer of 2022.

Public dissemination of processes(es) September 10 th.  

Jointly we form a transformative, dynamic space for art that engages with life and nature towards critical and poetic explorations, influenced by the immediate surrounding, the forest, lakes, sea and people living in the rural area. BKN fosters a peer based environment "thinking together, learning together" this takes part during infrormal sessions and public outreach. Its a resource and public forum to explore and experiment.

 The exploration is set to re-synthethise the contested expression "nature nurture”, through artistic discourses. Embarking up on a quest to dissolve nature vs nurture and looking at the two words as a way of forming a sharing and caring environment where the artistic works illuminates deep listening and close seeing with a point of departure of the specific area in the Northern Archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden. BKN fosters a peer based environment "thinking together, learning together" this takes part during infrormal sessions and public outreach. Its a resource and public forum to explore and experiment.

 About the call >>>.

You come to a safe space. Let us know if you are in need of any assistans or have questions. Depending on where on the premises the performances or studios are located or happen accessibility varies.  Hence we are located on the country side we keep the indoors animal free.

Program MAGNITUDE is made possible with collaboration from Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Region Stockholm.


Norrtelje tidning, August 19, 2022, Ett privilegium att vara här

Norrtelje tidning, August 25, 2022, Med lekfulla målarböcker väcker hon barnets tankar

Tidningen Konstnären, #2 2022  on situation in Ukraine interview with Alevtina Kakhidze

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Simpnäsvägen 739 SE-764 53 Björkö, Sweden