På invigningningen av KVADRENNALEN kom Åsa Öhrn att spontansjunga hela manifestet. Kören som inte hörs i klippet ovan bestod av en rad BKN konstnärer.


Interventions weaves across different registers of time/site and draws from fieldwork on the island and embodied relations with nature.  Fieldworks and seminars are jointly done to locate and entangle structures, narrative and forces. Towards forming an experience to continue to build individual projects up on.

Key words: asymmetry, entanglement, beyond violence, not-knowing, desire, nature, responsibility, deep listening, close seeing.  


Mark Rautenbach (south africa)
Alevtina Kakhidze (ukraine)

Edka Jarząb (poland) 

Joana Maria Pereira (portugal)

Roula Samiotaki (greece/sweden)


September 10 th, 1-6 pm at Björkö Konstnod. 


Roula Samiotaki (greece/sweden) made a video on the election frenzy >>>

MAGNITUDE process, by artists >>>

Coming together MAGNITUDE

"We arrive at different times,

we come from different places,

five, we have different ages, weights, heights, we are different bodies

Here at Björkö - in the place where the forest meets the sea - we do not aim to achieve any answer; instead, we propose to develop an artistic practice primarily based on questions (questioning). Thus, in order to reach out to others from a/this place of curiosity, we embrace a work process shaped by an ethic of listening that is built on the possibility of trust, respect, sharing, and caring for one another.

(As foreigners) We equally meet with our differences and discuss art, love, politics.

Drawn from the specific (natural/social/cultural) conditions at BKN, our collective practice/body incorporates vocal and movement exercises, walking, listening, writing, and improvisation.

Different manifestations that are then translated into written, video, and audio forms/formats.

Our method is, therefore, dynamic and transformative. We follow no pre-established program or fixed rules to expand further on the potentiality of being, thinking and learning together to activate new artist explorations/interventions."

Magnitude Artists


Konstnärer bjuder in till en magisk eftermiddag.

Lördagen den 26:e februari kl 13.00 sker invigningen av INTRA NATURA av Lola Muñoz.

Parallellt sker öppna ateljéer med residenskonstnärerna:
Yi Wen Chen, Taiwan
Annika Schuh, Tyskland
Anna Wallander, Sverige
Lola Muñoz, Spanien

Zoey Heart, USA (närvarar ej men nya verk finns representerade)


Lola Muñoz intresse kretsar kring att se naturen som källa till kraft. I en serie av 13 målningar på almskivor sammanför hon bilder av universum, lokala djur och växter, med referenser till fornnordiska symboler, samiska mönster och björkmåleri.

Verken blir till en slags amuletter med magisk innebörd. Verkens storlek gör också att de minner om små sköldar som kanske snarare skyddar oss från ondska.

Konstnären har under lång period bott i Mexico och har med detta en speciell relation till Maya folkets konst och trossystem. De nya verken producerade på BKN bär på tydliga spår av detta och konstnären blir till en schaman.

Lola Muñoz: "Production of 13 sheets of Elm wood, worked with various techniques, including the use of stencils and hand-drawn collages creating a relief effect on the wood and the last final touch varnished with epoxy resin.

The choice of 13 slices is not accidental, inspired by Mayan mythology, it is an important number for them that represents transformation, change and evolution.

The main idea of ​​the project is to pictorially represent the innate values ​​of the human soul through symbols, totem animals and universes, seeking the representation of the connection between the mind, body and soul in connection with nature, taking as a reference Viking mythology and vision of the Sami people.
My project consists of two parts, on the one hand I do a field study selecting symbols, animals and plants. The first step was to relate a couple of qualities of the human being with a rune, from there I instinctively selected a totem animal and the other elements.
My final idea of ​​the project is in each slice to tell the stories that my own conscience tells through my creativity, that is why I decided to call the project intra natura, (within nature) because we need to navigate our own human nature and feel the connection with mother earth, to be able to remember what are the true virtues of the human being in tune with the nature that surrounds him"

Lola Muñoz


Skapa en fågelholk, tag gärna med plankor, spik och hammare. 

Vi har färg, sågar, ritningar och bra arbetsbänkar. 

Vem vet kanske kan du be en av konstnärerna göra en detalj på fågelholken.



The Whole About the Hole was performed the first time at Björkö Konstnod in August 2022. This time the artists expand on yet a new story in the same essence. The title has an addition or the word "Too", suggesting linking to the "Me Too" movement.  For those who are curious about documentation from the August performance, it is good to look at the inaugural program from KVADRENNALEN below.

The Whole About the Hole uruppfördes på Björkö Konstnod i augusti 2022. Denna gång möts konstnärerna över en ny tematik och med ett tillägg i titeln, men med samma andemening. För den som är nyfiken på dokumentation från augusti framförandet går det bra att titta på invigningsprogrammet från KVADRENNALEN nedan.

Title: The Whole About the Hole - Too
Artists: Action painting Johan Lundin, singing Åsa Öhrn narrator/performance Alexandra Kostrubala

Language: English and Swedish (mix)

Date: Feb 4th

Time: Kl 14.00-14.45

Venue:  Waterfront by Liljevalchs, Stockholm

Arr: Closet Gallery

Dokumentation av del av performance 4 feb 2022 parallellt med Vårsalongens öppnande på Liljevalchs. Teknisk not: stormbyar i mikrofonen.

"Concerning juried models for art and democracy: The first unjuried Armory show in New York, 1913,  was arguably the onset of the most fantastic art movement in modern art history. Art should not be a competition. The individual should not be forgotten. Not to be an anarchist or to forget the facts, but also not to allow certain trends and ideologies to lead us towards even worse outcomes, can we learn from history? How do individuals take up their own consequences, and not look over their shoulders to see what other people are thinking, to do what is right. Being creative is mandatory. Thinking and doing the right thing, individually, is important. Thinking about the environment. Not taking care of plastic and trash in the ocean because  others don’t. Individuals stand proud and have all the ideologies that are good and sound inside them to prevail. All strong, individually together. For equality. For creativity. And, for taking care of our planet. Culture and creativity is the closest thing we will ever come to Heaven on Earth. Let us not forget. Art it’s not a competition. Art releases us from the eternal truth, while we still can, while we still breathe, let’s do the right thing. Creativity brings humanity and this planet forward."/Closet Gallery


Title Screening Program: conscious choice/medvetet val

The program by BKN artists is a response to the mobilization of the

Swedish Art Scene during the national election year.

The original inaugural screening program launched on January 11th might expand during the course of 9 months.

Please view program in full screen mode!

THE HOLE ABOUT THE WHOLE, Special edition for Kvadrennalen, 5 min.

The opening of the 9 month long art program within KVADRENNALEN takes place in a number of venues across the country, among those is HYBRID by BKN/Björkö Konstnod.

Concious Choice/Medvetet val: Screening of the videoprogram above and special installation by Zoey Hart.

Date: Jan 11, 2020 inaugural program of KVADRENNALEN

Time: 2pm-8 pm (Collective reading of manifest at 6 pm)

Venue: Studio 28 at HYBRID Art Sphere BKN
Address: Simpnäsvägen 739, 76453 Björkö, Sweden

2-8 pm Screening of video program + Video installation by Zoey Hart

7-8 pm Live Manifesto reading & Talk (The reading takes place in Swedish)

Is not an organisation, it is not commercial, it is not non-profit, it is not private, it is not public. It is a coming together  of artists, art workers, art spaces, art institutions, to show the society at large  that the artworld is united at every level, across all the disciplines, now and in the future, in their shared belief in art , and show this united with the only shared language of art itself. 

Is an artist-run, nation-wide, 9-month long art programme that runs in parallel to the political agenda of an election year – from January 11th until, election day, September 11th 2022. It's aim is to unite the largest possible group of artists, artist-run organisations (across the disciplines visual, sound, stage, word, ...) in Sweden, before the radical political shift, that is getting ready to take over, becomes reality.

is the united stand of the free arts before the facts, before the threats become outright shackles, gags, cuts, and eradication, by addressing the current weaknesses of the free arts that lie hidden in the general misconceptions that 1) art is not essential in society and 2) that the art world is divided, making it an easy target for political voices that try to undermine the democrativ pillars in the pursuit of power

Is the exhibition program at BKN/Björkö Konstnod. It is a transformative, dynamic space for art that engages with life and nature; a space for developing concepts of community and poetic investigations. HYBRID seeks to explore and interpret possibilities beyond the violence of algorithms, egoism, deforestation, narrowmindedness and repression. From its core HYBRID extends to sites indoors and outdoors on or off the island. 

Media: Video
Duration: 6:01 min
Artist: Zoey Hart
Context: Hart addressed the Kvadrennial Manifesto during her residency at BKN

Statement: "The critical importance of art is embedded in its ability to communicate with and beyond words. To emphasize the urgency of ongoing critical dialogue within art and society, THIS IS THE WORK OF ART considers text as image, framing performance as a labor of communication, community, and clarifying ‘the work of the artist’ as a socially-engaged player on a unified global stage." Zoey Hart

Media: Video (1 ch), color with sound.
Duration: 3 min

Artists: Oona Hyland och Anna Viola Hallberg

Context: TOUCHING TIME is the first collaboration between artists Anna Viola Hallberg (Sweden) and Oona Hyland (Ireland). It was realized at Björkö Konstnod during Hyland's residency (AiR BKN, where the artist Hallberg at the time also was holding the position as curator). TOUCHING TIME is an adaption of Hylands work on paper. The lucid paperworks are traces exploring the inside of tree bark, a surface rarely seen, this put as a metaphor of the exploration of trauma, power and silences. Installation, texts and narrator - Hyland. Video (camera & editing) - Hallberg.

Statement: "The personal as political... who are we on the fringe of the grand history writing, the ones of us who experienced silence and trauma? The video work is an attempt to move towards a general discussion on what forgetting, silence and trauma means and its implications in todays society."


Media: Video (1ch), segment from Rehydration Clinic installation
Duration: 1:18  min
Artist: Zoey Hart

Titel: THE DICTATION, Original title IL DETTATO/
Media: Stop-Motion Animation (Digital Video)
Duration: 4 min
Artists:  Tomas Creus and Lavinia Chianello

Title: LYSSNERSKAN (Norwegian title: Lyssneske)
Media: Performance/Video
Duration: 3:30
Artists: Zoey Hart & Beatrice Alvestad Lopez
Context/Statement: Lyssneske- is a collaboration between New York artist Zoey Hart and Stockholm-based artist Beatrice Alvestad Lopez. They started their collaboration at Björkö residency in December 2021 curated by Anna Viola Hallberg. Their shared passion for nature led to the exploration of moss and lichen rich in the local area through sound, film, and performance. Lyssneske is the Swedish translation for the Norwegian Lyttersken, meaning close listeners. The Lyssneske are listening as they softly tap the drum, the pulse, and breath into being. Moss become and is a living entity, circulating water as breath bringing us well. By exercises of embodying moss, breathing in it, drum taps, and poetry they get closer to the beat of teeming life.


Media: Video/New media text activation of the KVADRENNALEN manifesto
Duration: 1 min
Artists: Zoey Hart with BKN artists (Åsa Öhrn, Alexandra Kostrubala, Tom Creus, Johan Lundin, Anna Viola Hallberg and filmmaker Håkan Berthas.)
Context:  Process video of - THIS IS THE WORK OF ART from work in BKN studios
Statement:"The critical importance of art is embedded in its ability to communicate with and beyond words. To emphasize the urgency of ongoing critical dialogue within art and society, THIS IS THE WORK OF ART considers text as image, framing performance as a labor of communication, community, and clarifying ‘the work of the artist’ as a socially-engaged player on a unified global stage." Zoey Hart

Media: Performance/Video
Duration: 4:56 min
Artist: Alexandra Kostrubala with Åsa Öhrn and Johan Lundin
Context: Performace (in front of audience and camera) , during residency at BKN. The special edition is the second half of the out door performance taking place in August 2020

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Program at HYBRID with support from:

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