Title: What Is This Place
Artist: Roula Samiotaki (camera, editing, choreography, dance)

Soundscape: Edka Jarząb, Beatrix Weapons "unknown territory"  

Duration: 1:39

Media: performance video 4k, color, with sound and 

Framework: A series of interventions took place in late summer of 2022 during the MAGNITUDE program at Björkö Konstnod/BKN. One such work is the exploration of election campaign area in Norrtälje, Sweden. Small cottages (Valstugor) are place on the town square leading up to the election is the setting for "What Is This Place". The artist Roula Samiotaki lives between Crete and Stockholm, and is a first time voter in Sweden. In her work Samiotaki explores the place and perhaps expresses feelings of frustration towards some of the political parties views and comments up on the election videos of promises as she towards the end of the video suggests "Look around as if you are always asking a question" and "Wander as if you always have a question".

The video is embedded in KVADRENNALEN and the public dissemination  of the Magnitude program "FRIENDS LUNCH",  September 10th 2022 at Björkö Konstnod.  

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