working at the intersection of lens and embodied practices

The Swedish artists Ami Skånberg & Anna Viola Hallberg have collaborated since 2022. They have made workshops, interventions, collective performances and turned them into video projects.  They are based in Stockholm/Gothenburg/Björkö, Sweden and move between studio based practice and the outdoors.

2024 they release Current a screen dance film made on location in Indonesia >>>

"Working at the intersection of lens and embodied practices -  we are interested in movement and space within and beyond language, and ask how movement can bring spaces together, and how several spaces can be made into one, through embodiment. As time collapses, space is put at the forefront of our artistic research." BERG


Sept-Nov Walking As Practice, BKN, Björkö, Sweden (curators residency program)>>>

October, Fakk the System, Berlin Punk Film Festival (screening) >>>

August-September, Becoming Landscape + Suriashi For Bonn, DasEssZimmer - Raum für Kunst+ in Bonn, Germany.  (solo exhibition Hallberg including BERG works Consequences and Fakk The Sistem) >>>

June-August, Trickle-Art in the River,  Norrtälje Sweden. (Hallberg curator and Skånberg participated with two performances Suriashi for Norrtälje and Territory both as installations and live performance. )

May, fieldwork & research,  Java, Indonesia

April workshop Walking is Also Spacein Korpoström Finland with One by Walking Network.

Dr. Ami Skånbergs artistic interests are practice-led and concern Japanese dance, screendance, gender codified movement practice, non-hierarchical treatment of global dance techniques, and auto-ethnographic accounts from within the practice. Her debut film won an honorary mention at VidéoDanseGrandPrix in Paris 1995. A collection of her films are released by Njutafilms. For her PhD thesis in Dance at University of Roehampton, she researched suriashi as a socially engaged practice. Ami is the current Head of M.A.D.E – Master Dance Education at the Stockholm University of the Arts, and also works at the University of Gothenburg. She has held keynotes at NoFoD, Latvian Academy of Music and Dance, University of Philippines, Royal College of Art (UK) and University of Bologna.

In 2025 Skånberg curates 

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UNI ARTS Skånberg profile >>>


The works by Anna Viola Hallberg include thorough research and are presented in art installations with fluid and multiple ways of interpretation. Video, photography, sound and text are used for installations or interventions. She is socially and politically engaged. Often the duration of work stretch over several years of commitment. Central is her approach to everyday life and the rendering of collective memory and social justice topics. Hallberg has been working with and/or exhibiting on with these thematics in Russia, the US, Sweden, Belarus, Mexico, Austria, Lebanon, Ukraine and Germany. Hallberg also works as a curator on socially engaged topics. She is the in-house curator for BKN residency program in Northern Stockholm Archipelago.

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MFA, MPhil, PhD

Associate Professor at Stockholm University of the Arts

Head of Master programme M.A.D.E Master Dance Education

Lecturer at Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg

Studio Buji, artistic director, choreographer and writer, 2008- 

  • Studies in classical Japanese dance and Noh Theatre, with Nishikawa Senrei, and among others, Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan, frequent return visits 2000-2019
  • MFA, Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg University 2012-2014
  • MPhil from Royal Holloway, University of London 2014-2015
  • PhD, University of Roehampton 2019-2022
  • ScreenDance Symposium, Stockholm University of the Arts (lectures, panels, screenings & exhibition), 2025
  • ScreenDance Festival, Stockholm , 2023
  • Walking As Practice - 27 international artists in a residency program focusing on walking as practice, Sept Oct 2023
  • Nordic Forum For Dance Research 2021-
  • Keynote International ScreenDance Symposium, University of Wisconsin, 2022
  • Keynote Decolonizing tertiary Dance Education, University of Makerere/Stockholm University of the Arts, 2022
  • Keynote Departure of Architecture University of Bologna, 2023
  • Keynote Gender Forum, Philippine Open University, 2022
  • Keynote Royal College of Art, London, 2022
  • Nordic Summer University co-chair and organizer of seven international artistic research symposiums, 2014-2018
  • Skånberg has made a number of films since 1994 among them also ScreenDance Films.
  • Skånberg is active in writing academic articles in journals on dance (and gender) in addition to the dance blogg Skånberg started in 2010 (still active)

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M.Sc International Museum Studies, University of Gothenburg

BA Cinema and Curatorial Studies, University of Stockholm

Stockholm Film School

  • BOOGIELAND, group exhibition, Supermarket, Stockholm, April 2024
  • TRICKLE - ART IN THE RIVER, (Rännil - Konst i ån) Norrtälje, Sweden,Commissioned by Norrtälje Konsthall, June-Aug 2023
  • WAP 23, (Walking As Practice) - 27 international artists in a residency program focusing on walking as practice, Sept Oct 2023
  • MKPFF, (Malga Kubiak Personal Film Festival), BKN + Folketshus, Björkö+Norrtälje Sweden, Aug 2023
  • MAGNITUDE - 5 international artists during 6 weeks (grant from IASPIS), August-Sept 2022
  • THE SEA THAT SURROUNDS US 10 artists 10 sites in Stockholm Archipelago I curated 4 of them May-Sept 2022
  • ISLE OF BLISS, group exhibition, Björkö, July 2022
  • HEALING POWERS aka Punk Nature, group exhibition, Supermarket, Stockholm, May 2022
  • AiR BKN (Björkö Konstnod), Björkö, Sweden,   (selection of artists, curating programs, curatorial sessions, open studios, exhibitions) 2020-
  • DISTANICIO Socially engaged art projects in public space, Commissioned by Region Jönköpings län (2017-19)
  • AiRS, art residency for socially engaged art Commissioned by Skövde Art Museum, Selecting 1 artist per year and mapping art scenes 2023 Jakarta and Yogyakarta, 2014 St Petersburg, 2015 Havana, 2016 Cape Town, 2017 Lisbon, 2018 Yangon

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