AUGUST 21-27, 2023 

Program curated by Anna Viola Hallberg together with Malga Kubiak. 

Co-produced by Roslagen Pride och ABF Norrtälje

MALGA KUBIAK  is quite a legend. She is a poet, writer, performance artist, musician, independent film-maker.

Björkö Konstnod together with Norrtälje Pride are proud to present a marathon filmfestival with an ambition to show ALL FILMS  by MALGA KUBIAK ever made. Malga Kubiak lives in-between Stockholm and Warsaw.

The session starts out August 21st in the town of Norrtälje and continues in the archipelago on Björkö.

Out on Björkö the screening will be continuous on a number of screens and the main programing will be according to set schedule. There will also be informal talks, walks and other events in addition to joint collective dinners. Bring your tent, food and beverage and join us for CAMP MALGA August 22-27.


AUGUST 21st 

Popcorn and beverages will be available if you want to bring in food please do so you can fully enjoy the intense day.

Venue:  Folkets Hus
 Galles gränd 5, 761 30 Norrtälje

SL bus 676 (Stockholm-Norrtälje departs several times per hour from/to
 Tekniska Högskolan  or Danderyds sjukhus. Short walk from Norrtälje busstation to Folkets Hus.

SCREENING  Annemarie Schwarzenbach Duende
12.00 Introduction by filmmaker and artist Malga Kubiak and Kajsa Robin, Norrtälje Pride
Film starts at 12.45
Title:  Annemarie Schwarzenbach Duende
Duration: 45 min
Following the screening there will be a brief Q and A with the filmmaker.Synopsis

ARTIST TALK & PANEL15.00-16.00
To be announced
With Malga Kubiak, Gabriella Novak, Bill Schiller, Edka Jarząb Moderator: Anna Viola Hallberg

SCREENING PPPasolini Epilog
16.30 short introduction by filmmaker Malga Kubiak

Film starts at 16.46

Title: PPPasolini Epilog 

Duration 100 min

SCREENING  Lucia Joyce & Flappers
Title: Lucia Joyce & FlappersDuration: 122 min

Introduction by filmmaker and artist Malga Kubiak and Kajsa Robin, Roslagen Pride/ABF Norrtälje and Curator Anna Viola Hallberg

August 22-27

Venue: BKN/Björkö Konstnod

Address: Simpnäsvägen 739 SE-764 53 Björkö

 (Northern Stockholm Archipelago)

Bus  SL 636 (Norrtälje-Björkö). Name of bust: Björkö-Arholma Skola 

We have parking available.

Detaild program to be shared in June. Among the films to be screened:

  • 2006: Game Girl (1h30min)
  • 2007: Gay Hell at Dante Café[45][46] (3h)
  • 2009: Mask of Love on Yukio Mishima (3h)
  • 2010: Mask of Life on Yukio Mishima (3h)
  • 2010: Mask of Beauty on Yukio Mishima[47] (3h)
  • 2011: Upadek Anioła (Fallen Angel: Mask of Death on Yukio Mishima)[48][49] (3h)
  • 2012: Annemarie Schwarzenbach Duende[50][51] (43min)
  • 2013: Federico García Lorca Czarna Rozpacz[52] 2h
  • 2015: PPPasolini[53] (2h)
  • 2015: PPPasolini Epilog[31] (h40m)
  • 2016: Andy Warhol To Se Vrati[31] (3 filmy: Edie, SCUM, BOYZ) (over 5h)
  • 2019: Bloody Shadows 2 parts (6h)
  • 2017: Raoul Wallenberg Tragic Hero or Agent 103?[54] 6 parts each part 2h12min
  • 2019: Raoul's Boys of Budapest (2h about)
  • 2019: Epokalipsa (3h)
  • 2020: Secret Sweet: Tribute to Carl Andersen 1958–2012 (23 min short but not fitting to Norrtalje)
  • 2020: At the Back of the Screen (prawidłowy tytuł: Xreens) (3h) Document on myself by myself.
  • 2020: The Private Death of Lizzy Siddal (1h40m)
  • D’Vinci (1h55m)

PPPasolini (main part 2h), 3xparts of Andy Warhol To se Vrati: EDIE, SCUM, BOYZ (together over 5 hours).

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