Marina Pugina  an independent curator, art manager, and researcher of local art communities. She usually works with contemporary art archives, various forms of artistic self-runs, modes of temporal collectivity, and co-participation.

This is her fourth stay in Stockholm area, the first was five years ago when she was involved in participating in the Supermarket Art Fair with one of our artist's self-run, then Pugina returned a year later for the EUNIC residency program for young curators at Tensta Konsthall with Maria Lind and it was quite a dive into the local art scene.
Pugina  has been following the development on the art scene in Sweden for some years, in addition she brings in perspectives from socially engaged and critical art sphere of  Russian art communities. . Prior to arriving to BKN she was working on a research project in Germany.

Marina Pugina arrived to Björkö Konstnod/BKN on January 23rd 2023.

In August 2023 Marian Pugian will curatate an exhibition based  on a series of solo projects of female artists from all over the world with exile experience. From March to August she is assistant curator for the exhibition Trickle in Norrtälje focusing on the work with Ekaterina Sisfontes.

From June-November 2023 , fellowship with BKN and DUO Contradiction.

In October Pugina got a grant  from PEN America.

Since April 2022 (due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia) AiR BKN folded a number of studios for artists from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. RESPONSE residency received  two artists from Russia prior to Shelganova one of them was Anastasiia Zhikhartseva who later relocated to Gothenburg. Zhikhartseva also participated in Supermarket Art Fair 2022 by doing an appearance in a war  protest dress and with video online.

About SWAN >>>

Residency grant Feb-June  based a collaboration between SWAN and BKN

For Project 1719 Pugina invited artists to work along with her at Björkö, Sweden. >>>

Marina Pugina is an independent curator and researcher in exile. She used to work with contemporary art archives, various forms of artistic self-runs, modes of temporal collectivity, and co-participation. Currently based in Stockholm. Curator in Residence at Bjorko Kostnod with the support of Artist at Risk and SWAN.


At Pop-up gallery, Fridhemsplan T

Street view @Drottningholmsvägen/Fridhemsgatan.


Paula Elion: Where do you come from? Opening at 17:00 on Saturday 15.07.2023

A.V.: On the scrapheap of history Opening at 17:00 on Saturday 22.07.2023

Oksana Yushko: FAMILIA
Opening at 17:00 on Saturday 29.07.2023

E.S.: Acceptance
Opening at 17:00 on Saturday 5.08.2023

Common Ground is a metaphor for the solidarity bringing people together from all over the world, regardless of their background. During the ongoing military conflicts, we learn to stay with a trouble and to rebuild our bounds in a new place with new people. This experience is difficult to convey, but we believe that the language of art could point us a direction for better understanding each other.

Searching for a new common one, we invited four artists who had to migrate by force of circumstances. Taken out of their usual context, they create art at the crossroads of different languages and cultures. We asked them to challenge today's agenda through the personal and the political. Four projects by artists with different backstories will be shown in a window, one after the other, over the course of a month.

The series of exhibitions takes place at entrance to Fridhemsplan metro station (Fridhemsgatan). It's on view 24/7 during the exhibitions. The Art Window at Fridhemsplan run by DUO Contradiction Collective is a unique space that exists in a hybrid format between an exhibition and public art. It is a perfect place for personal artistic expression at the intersection of human flows and different contexts.

DUO Contradiction is a Stockholm-based non-profit organization of independent artists and an artist-run gallery that has been active in the Swedish artistry scene since December 2020. It unites established artists and curators with a wide range of backgrounds actively participating in varied fields of contemporary art. Despite its short-term existence, DUO Contradiction has already become one of the most noticeable artist-run collectives due to its active work with social issues. DUO Contradiction is a plain democratic organization where each of the members plays an equally important role in its activity.


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Simpnäsvägen 739 SE-764 53 Björkö, Sweden