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BKN has 5 studios some of them it is possible to share with a collegue.
The setting is the northern archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden on an island called Björkö.
To be considered/invited there must be some contextualisaion of the specific site/community/history etc.

AiR BKN - Artist in Residence at Björkö Konstnod: Open call is out for March-May, Studio 35.

BKN PRO - Production Studio at Björkö Konstnod (rental)

In addition we have the possibilly to accept some artist on short term AiR BKN, ie 4-14 days in Studio 28.

Don´t hesite contact us and we can see what we can do!





Aurike Quintelier, Ghent and Brussels based

Aurike Quintelier is a visual artist and architect based in Ghent and Brussels, Belgium. Her practice has many layers, often working cross-disciplinary, and looks for the places where art and architecture meet. Driven by idealism and research while operating on a variety of scales, the projects vary between actual buildings/structures, and more conceptual projects. In the latter she uses art or architecture to express herself or to react to a topic she find intriguing (or enfuriating). Every project has a strong emphasis on experiment and exploration, trying to find a way to communicate. In function of the message, the medium changes; medium follows message.

The research Aurike is currently conducting, "Building Out Whispering. Con-structions on the Imagination of Place”,  finds itself on the intersection of architecture and art. It explores the possibilities of how spatial interventions/integrations can engage with different aspects of place, space, environment, and make abstract topics such as climate change and its consequences discussable. Could these temporary interventions in a landscape help imagine the future identity of a place? Does our identity as humans shift? The project focuses on the symbiosis of human and nonhuman, where the human is considered part of nature, in opposition to the dualism inherent in western systems of thought. Aurike aims to reveal how all aspects of place are entangled (its history, geology, possible futures, eco-systems, etc.) in order to create structures that bring closer nature and culture.

During her time at BKN Aurike wishes to further develop her research, in an environment that has a strong link with nature. She will work with the development group of the area called Björkö Kyrkby. Through collaboration and interaction with the island of Björkö, all aspects of the community and eco-systems, from sea to forest, she gives a first concrete starting point to the further development of the research.

Studio 1
Dates: Jan 11 - March 14th, 2021

Link to work at BKN  >>>


Aurike Quinteier



Oona Hyland, Dublin based

Oona Hyland is mid career artist. She has over 25 years experience working as a professional artist and managed a fine art printworkshop, Clo Ceardlann na gCnoc, in the Donegal Gaeltacht in the North West of Ireland until 2014.  She represented Ireland at the Onsaemiro Project, a research and exhibition in the Joint Security Area between North and South Korea in 2019 and the Sao Paulo Biennale event ' Beyond the Horizon' in 2018, the LAF17 Festival France and in 2016 participated in

'Patrons Prizes Paradigms', The Ernie O Malley Art Awards Ireland.
Hyland studied Cinematography at BCFE Dublin  Her film 'Balance' made about and during the Covid lockdown in Ireland will be shown at Grad exhibition Sarajevo in November 2020.  In 2021 she is invited to participate in several international opportunities and will represent Ireland at these events including a residency in Northern Iceland in April 2021, Edition Basel in Switzerland in July 2021 with an exhibition in Atelier Mondial.

Hyland is working on a specific series of work utilizing her training in printmaking with large scale sculptural installations of paper and ceramic based works. This work is groundbreaking and innovative, it challenges the boundaries of different disciplines, recent works use the matrix from print technologies, and sculpture. ( see ‘Samkura’ Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki). Print, particularly etching, has always been an inspiration as a form and her current interest in washi is a natural progression from this. As a post grad student at the Slade, Hyland used paper in large scale formats and as kinetic sculptures and environments. Her work is a response to scale and the body, to sensory perception, language and the environment, seeking to make works that involve the viewer in an interactive way.  he sculptures are made of paper, wood, porcelain and metal and utilize 19th century photographic techniques/film projections, a vintage Bolex reflex camera and the experimental 16mm monoflex technique. 

My work focuses on the extinction or the nearing extinct. Among the associated consequences, extinction places species literally and metaphorically out of sight. The experience of barriers and boundaries, physical, visual and emblematic, and the asymmetries of experience reflected in my work, are part of the fascination with that which is out of sight, but which remains potent in the memory and the imagination. For my time at BKN I will observe and collect evidence, samples, detritus from the ocean , scatterings in the forest , historical footprints of the land and traces from the sea, a sifting and settling. The accumulated parts will form a new work called Minescus: an invisible, intangible border between air and water, curved, magnified, a lense to give a new perspective on Bjorko. Working primarily with ink, drawing and photography, I will research these phenomena to create an alternative reading of the sea that surrounds us and the forest in our memory and imagination , under the surface, under the skin, the space between things.


Studio: 3
Dates: Feb 21- April 17/18


Onna Hyland

Above: Oona Hyland,  Photograms (shot without a camera)

Video: Artist Onna Hyland talks about BTS making Bury my heart at Bon Secures



Naomi Nowak, Roslagen based

Naomi Nowak (född 1984) är konstnär och designer som ställt ut i Portland (Hellion Gallery), Los Angeles (Hive Gallery), Berlin (Strychnin) och Stockholm (Seriegalleriet, soloutställning 2012). Hon har gett ut tre grafiska romaner på välkända NBM publishing (USA) och illustrerat böcker bl.a för Vertigo förlag.

Sedan snart tio år tillbaka har konstnärsskapet förlängts i kroppsnära ting - smycken i silver (handskulpterade och gjutna i silver eller brons) och kläder i 100% återvunnen textil. Demokratiska och ekologiska sätt att bära med sig en skärva konst som funnit hem hos människor världen över.

Via traditionella, taktila metoder -- akvarell, blyerts, bläck men också lera, vax och mineral -- utforskas den närvarande myten, drömtiden som bara knappt döljs under vardagen.

På BKN skulle jag vilja jobba större än mig själv, som en del av ett ständigt identifierande och kringgående av materiella och psykologiska begränsningar. Pandemins klosterliv där dagar flyter in i varandra -- utan resor, äventyr och skvaller -- är trots smärtan och krisen vackert och kanske kommer vi till och med att sakna det när världen dundrar igång. Tills dess vill jag expandera, hitta negativa rymder i målandet som i sinom tid kan översättas till både hantverk och text. Skärgårdens bleka vårljus får gärna spela med.

Verk skapade på BKN har möjlighet att ställas ut i Roslagen då jag flyttade till området för ett par år sedan och långsamt börjat skapa ett lokalt nätverk.


Studio: 35

Datum: 20 mars - 10 april


Naiomi Nowak


Patrik Qvist, Stockholm based

Patrik Qvist is a Stockholm-based artist with a background in architecture and Land art. He works in a variety of media and has primarily been engaged with topics that relate to climate change and the environment over the past 10 years. Qvist ́s work is often text based and operates in the space between public and private space.

During his residency at BKN, Qvist will work on two separate projects. The first is a text sculpture that will be installed in at Katarina kyrka in central Stockholm in late March 2021. The sculpture consists of nine loading pallets that are carved into individual letters to spell out “Vänta inte” / Don ́t wait. The piece can be read as an imperative to the living and the dead alike, and will be installed in the churchyard ́s south part.

The second project deals with a tug-of-war that is in constant effect along the coast outside of Björkö- the post glacial rebound of the land mass at odds with the rising sea levels. It has been estimated that the land rises approximately 6 mm each year in this area due to rebound. A conservative estimate of the rising sea level can be set at 10 mm annually. How, if at all, can the artist negotiate this scenario? Is there per chance a choreographic set of postures and actions that would hold the ocean back while encouraging the rising land? Could the notion of geo- engineering be brought down to the scale of an individual, or is the stage on which these relentless forces duke it out simply on too grand a scale in terms of scope and time for us to understand? The artist seeks to employ these forces in a series of performative actions with the aim of coming to an emotional understanding by way of physical interaction with the elements.

- - -

Patrik Qvist är konstnär med en bakgrund i arkitektur och land-art. Han arbetar i en rad olika media och har de senaste åren främst arbetat med textbaserade verk som på olika sätt knyter an till miljö- och klimatfrågor.
För sitt residency på BKN i mars 2021 kommer Qvist arbeta med två skilda verk. Det ena är en textskulptur som ska installeras på Katarina kyrkas kyrkogård i april 2021. texten kommer att lyda ”Vänta inte” och skapas av lastpallar som snidas ut till bokstäver- en lastpall per bokstav. Verket kommer att installeras på södra delen av kyrkogården och kan läsas som en uppmaning till både levande och döda.

Det andra projektet befinner sig i en undersökande inledningsfas: Hur gestaltar man den långsamma dragkampen mellan Östersjökustens landhöjning och den stigande havsnivån? Hur kan konstnären hjälpa till? Finns det kanske en koreografi med magiska rörelser- ett sorts utegym för individuell geo- engineering- som kan iscensättas? I kustområdet vid Björkö beräknas landhöjningen vara cirka 6 mm om året. Ett konservativt värde för den stigande havsnivån kan läggas vid 10 mm. Det är en långsam men obeveklig kamp mellan urkrafter som utspelar sig i havsbandet. Vilken roll har människan i det scenariot? Landhöjningen och den stigande havsnivån på en specifik geografisk plats blir en metafor för en global klimatförändring. De förändringar vi talar om idag har ofta en negativ inverkan och sker under längre tidsperioder som kan vara svåra att uppfatta på ett känslomässigt plan. Projektet på Björkö syftar till att skildra vår samtida situation och undersöka hur en fysisk upplevelse kan vara en ingång till ökad förståelse och engagemang.


Studio: 35
Date: March 15-19, postponed.

Patrik Qvist
Photograph: Karin Arnberg  (July 2020)



bilyana furnadzhieva & Viktor Benev, Paris based

bilyana furnadzhieva and Viktor Benev have been working on Crystal sound project since 2016, a project that unites forms and music using porcelain sculptures as musical instruments in order to redefine the sound field today. 
The instruments have specific capacities of resonance, which is obtained by adding various metal oxides in the clay. Numerous unique instruments have been created each wearing its own name: the chênecelaine and the stringbone -string instruments and the singing drums - percussions. A variety of sounds is produced by inducing the resonance of the sculptures in various ways - playing with mallets or with hands, singing or talking inside, rubbing their surface or the strings with guitar picks. The sounds are sampled into a digital database and partially constitutes the sonic palette that they would use during their joint residency, given the logistical impossibility of bringing the sculptures in Björkö.

Being fascinated by the musicality of the languages they plan to work with the local singer and artist Åsa Öhrn. The Swedish language has a specific sound that is further colored by the voice and the timber. They would like to confront this richness with the recorded sounds of their musical sculptures and also the languages, already used as compositional material (Bulgarian, English, French, Finish, and Persian) in Crystal sound project's earlier sound works.

Both bilyana and Viktor draw inspiration from Nature for their personal artistic works. During their residency they plan collecting various objects from the environment - stones, leaves, branches, minerals, but also the sound that those objects might create by interaction. This process would further underline the artists' will to communicate with the space around Björkö Konstnod. They plan on experimenting with different acoustic possibilities and record the resulting sounds, in order to eventually release the music later on on their label enovae.

bilyana would further on continue her series of visual artworks, started during her first stay in Björkö Konstnod in the fall of 2020. They incorporate the collected materials and create a cartography of her residency.


Studio: 3

Dates (bilyana): April 17-May  26
Dates (Viktor): April 17 - May 4


bilyana furnadzhieva & Viktor Benev

bilyana furnadzhieva

Video: bilyana furnadzhieva´s first AiR BKN resulted in an exhibition in Paris March 2021. In the spring of 2021 she returns together with Viktor Benev. They will additionally work together with BKN PRO artist Åsa Öhrn

Crystal sound is the debut album of the project and materializes the collaboration of bilyana and Viktor with the Finnish singer Selma Savolainen and the French double bassist and improviser Jean Paul Celea. It features spoken text, traditional Finnish songs, electroacoustic treatment of the sound, improvisation and written parts played live on the unique instruments specifically created for the project.

CSP has since been in a one-year residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris where numerous collaborations have taken place with artists from Switzerland, Iran, Finland, Taiwan. The resulting recordings are to be published as a second album



Jody Wood, New York based

Hunger (working title) is a new project by NYC-based artist Jody Wood that explores hunger as a chronic social and physical condition of a post-pandemic society. The interlinkage between physical and social malnourishment is inscribed in our neural pathways. Neuroscientists have found that longings for social interaction are neurologically similar to the food cravings people experience when hungry. Our need for social connection is often unspoken and even repressed as a less important, minor priority; however, the effect of social isolation on our bodies is tangible and physical.
As an artist working in the field of social practice, Wood aims to create artistic interventions that have a concrete impact on social problems. Using strategies of community reciprocity, the artist will respond to a growing, collective social hunger by launching a mobile clinic for social health in partnership with Elijah's Promise, a social service agency alleviating food insecurity in New Brunswick, New Jersey. By combining nutritional services with prolonged artistic interventions on social health, the notion of hunger will be addressed metaphysically, physically, and socially. Using the visual language of pop-up health centers in public space, Wood proposes social health as an urgent need, equally important as physical ailments. Wood will also partner with BKN AiR to launch the clinic for social health at Björkö Island, Sweden. The year-long cross-national project will culminate in two solo shows with Skövde Konstmuseum and Norrtälje Konsthall consisting of audiovisual installations and public engagements facilitated through the art institutions.

Studio 35
Dates: May - June, 2021

April 22-Sept 11th, 2022 Skovde Art Museum, Skovde, Sweden
October 8 - November 27th, 2022 Norrtälje Konsthall, Sweden


Jody Wood

Video: Artist Jody Wood discusses her work for AxisWeb Social Works: Live 2019 at Manchester School of Art on April 26, 2019.

July 2020 - May 2021
Additional artists on site/BKN PRO (production):
Jesper Nyrén (has his own studio close to BKN)
Anna Viola Hallberg (Studio 22)
Alexandra Kostrubala (Studio 3/35/1)
Johan Lundell (Studio 3/35/1)
Åsa Öhrn  (Studio/1/3/x)

Artists 2020 >>>


Postponed/Canceled due to Covid

Leon Clowes, London based

Leon Clowes is an interdisciplinary Disabled LGBT+ creator and curator. Leon’s research-led creative practice combines sound, words, space, co-collaboration, auto-ethnography and
Verfremsdungeffekt. His art is informed by research excavation of my lived trauma experiences, and exchange with other artists who also deal with trauma. As an artist-in-residence at Reel Rebels Radio, I curate ‘The Avant Garden’. Through this, I initiate artistic exchange, and the second edition (currently being planned for early next year) will be The Disability Issue.

Marking Leon’s return to creative expression, broadcast in April this year was Days of Future Past , a 90-minute montage/collage of Leon’s 1980s DIY electro pop/cabaret music and new sound/word pieces mixed with radio recordings prompted by living in London in lockdown, exploring traumatic experiences. Voice pieces from this have been selected for the online Queer Contemporaries and Transmissions exhibitions. Separately, a new musique concrète piece by Leon was included on a recent Institute of  Alien Research collection.
After spending this year mostly confined in an often uncomfortable urban environment, Leon is excited by this residency opportunity. He will use the time to explore, reflect on, and investigate open spaces, the feel of wind and air, the sound of water and sight of green. Over three weeks, Leon will explore Björkö’s environs and hopes to find out more about some the people who live
and stay on the island. He will make field recordings and prepare sound collages and audio pieces from the materials he finds. The overall themes Leon will explore over the three weeks are ‘The Hidden, The Imagined and The Shadows’.

Studio: TBA
Date: TBA  (Fall 2020/March-April 2021 canceled due to Covid)

Leon Clowes
Porträttbild:  Ilme Vysniauskaite

. . .


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