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Below texts in Swedish or English depening on what the artist submited.


AIR BKN  2021 

Duration artist residencies: 1 or 2 months,
Beatrice Alvestad Lopez, Norwegian based in Stockholm

My practice moves between fields of poetic cinematography, embodied writing, installation of crafted objects and in-situ land-based actions. As a context-based practice concerned with geo-bodies, hybridity, hydro feminism and poetic narratives. Emphasizing a connection to place and openness toward the nonhuman,
vegetative and planetary bodies. The landscape being an imaginative force in relation to my own body by a performative materiality and choreographed gesture.
I place myself in the field of hydro-feminism, post-human temporalities and ecological care - doing fieldtrips,collaborations and collective exchanges as ways to build situational knowledge and research material.
Throughout the last years I have participated in several residencies as platforms of sharing knowledge and experiences such as PRAKSIS, Oslo 2019 we imagined artistic gatherings through various historical trajectories and expanded on it through collective presentations with Rachel Withers, sailboat residency
trip to St.Kilda organised by An Lanntair using scientific equipment such as hydrophone, sonar scan and underwater camera. A microscopic research period looking at phytoplankton at Bio Art laboratories in Eindhoven and exhibiting the result during Dutch Design Week 2019.

For my time at Björkö I will work with my master project Metaplasm – doing performative rituals outdoors close to water sites. I will write about these rituals and keep a diary recording thoughts and experiments.
In Metaplasm I look at relational bodies and hybrid notions of human, animal and the vegetative. In using my own body as performative element, I become the gallery in having costume, totems and adornments as supplementary yet powerful tools to bridge and enhance a plural voice that belongs to multiple bodies. I place myself within various watery/forest/coastal environments in Scandinavia doing
actions of swampy and earthly gesture as well as oral reciting. I work with found objects along crafted material such as textile, clay, wood and metal. I am currently working on including gold in the installations which resemble an elevated state and sacrifice to place in my projects.

Studio: 3, 9  dec - 21 december

Zoey Hart, based in Brooklyn, NY, USA

I am an interdisciplinary artist, educator and collaborator living with chronic illness, mostly based in Brooklyn, NY. Driven by the frictions between invisible disability and modern medicine, my visual/performative practice re-centers the notion of what constitutes well-being in changing social and environmental contexts. My life and work continue to be co-informed by the process of navigating disability through inaccessible terrain.

The materials, processes, spaces and activations in my work evolve and adapt with the fluidity of shifting access needs, and how I can best access new environments that continue to inspire me. Of late, I have been working on a series critically examining care and accessibility as they function in the natural world. From Myco/Access work with mushrooms in Finland, to Waterfront Access Mapping with Works on Water in NYC, I try to read access, sustainability, resilience and wellbeing in the specific social, cultural and environmental conditions under which I live and work.

At AiR BKN, I will continue to develop a series I'm calling Sensory Diagnostics: Sensory Diagnostics is an ongoing media-data* series defining the act of noticing as an embodied and multisensory experience. To know a site (a body, a place, and everything existing in between) requires participation in an ongoing dialogue, a commitment to long-term, deep listening and observation. Reimagining the terms, tools and procedures of clinical data-collection around the aesthetics of accessibility, we generate a deeper awareness of relationship between our bodies and the spaces we inhabit, and dream solutions for the ongoing care of these intersecting ecologies. At AiR BKN, I imagine this will begin with aesthetic experiments involving birch, rotting logs and roots, with the potential to expand towards any immediate environmental condition, aesthetic, or relationship that strikes the chord of care and wellbeing of the body in place. *media-data: Text, visual, audio and multisensory residuals are gathered and re-presented to archive site-specific, performative practices and processes within this series. /ZH

Hart is currently the director of Art and Disability Residency programs at Art Beyond Sight. She received her MA in interdisciplinary studies from NYU Gallatin (2015), and her BA in studio art from Brandeis University (2013) . In 2021 Hart was a resident artist for Culture Push with Works on Water’s Tending The Edge ccohort. She has been granted awards and studio fellowships from The Studios at Mass MoCA- Assets for Artists (2017), NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (2021) Arteles Creative Center Finland (2017, 2021) and Soulangh Cultural Park, Taiwan (2018). Hart has exhibited with The 8th Floor Gallery, The Old Stone House of Brooklyn, and Flux Factory in NYC, and installed a solo exhibition abroad in Taiwan . Her work has been published in Hyperallergic, and her writing contributed to creative and scholarly projects across the Disability Arts community. She has designed and led programs, workshops and residencies with The Museum of Art and Design, Civic Art Lab, More Art and various international arts residencies to create accessible engagement workshops and collaborations on art, accessibility, mindfulness and wellbeing.

Studio: 3
Dates: Dec 2 - Feb 13

Sofia  Olsson, baserad i Köpenhamn och Malmö

Sofia Olsson (född 1987, Kaxholmen, Småland) arbetar med text och måleri. Målningarna består av tunna, transparenta färglager och kretsar kring förhållandet mellan det synliga och det osynliga. De har som mål att visualisera det som vi normalt inte har tillgång till med vår syn. Texterna kretsar kring fenomenologiska och filosofiska frågor om vad våra begränsade mänskliga kroppar kan förstå och uppleva.

Till examen från Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi hösten 2020 visade hon verket Third nature, som är en serie målningar på stål. Tillsammans med en diktsamling utgör de ett verk baserat på trädgårdsarkitekturens historia och dess relation till privat ägande av naturen och och konstruktionen av djup. Det är inte möjligt att avgöra om målningarna visar något oändligt stort eller något oändligt litet. Den odefinierade skalan innebär att vår förmåga att förstå vad vi ser upphör.

På Björkö konstnod kommer hon använda sig av närheten till naturen för att samla in material, så som stenar och kvistar. Med ett intresse för samlandet i sig och människans behov att omge sig med vackra saker, vill hon bygga en samling där nya situationer tillåts uppstå. Samlingen blir utgångspunkt för en ny serie målningar.

1) Sofia Olsson,  2/3) Third nature 29 (2020) Bläck, pigment och akrylemulsion på stål, 130 x 90 cm Foto Tine Bek   4) Installationsvy, Afgang, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, kurator Helga Just Christoffersen, 2020. 5) Installationsvy, Afgang, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, kurator Helga Just Christoffersen, 2020 Third nature 23 (2020), bläck, pigment och akrylemulsion på stål, 130 x 90 cm. Foto: David Stjernholm

Studio: 3,  1-30 november

Colby Theriault Smith, Connecticut

Colby Theriault Smith is an experimental fiction and documentary filmmaker from Old Lyme, Connecticut. His primary artistic themes are local culture, human connection, and surrealism. In the pursuit of film, Colby graduated with a bachelor's degree in film production from San Diego State University. His thesis project, Tend to the Garden, was an experimental surreal short that explores the relationships between identity, the natural world, and trusting the unknown. He has traveled to various countries such as Cambodia, Israel, and Turkey to partake in documentary creation. While in Jerusalem, Colby was the editor for the short film, Alex & Saleh. Most recently, in November of 2020, he spent one month living in Bayramic, Turkey, with a local couple. There he helped with their olive harvest while simultaneously filming the daily life of the couple and their workers. This experiment turned into the short film Elinize Sağlık (Health to your Hands). He plans to get his MFA in Documentary Cinema at Tel Aviv University in 2022.

During my stay at BKN I plan to create an experimental documentary that highlights the mythical/historical roots of Björkö through the beauty of rocks. I plan on spending much of my time outdoors, scouting for scenery and specific rocks I would like to make the subjects. The rocks and landscape of Björkö have stood firm for thousands of years and have seen countless life come and go. Through filming the geological structures of the island, I can capture the nuance and charisma that is in these magnificent rocks.


Studio: 1

Dates: October 9th - Nov 7th

Aurike Quintelier, Ghent and Brussels based

Aurike Quintelier is a visual artist and architect based in Ghent and Brussels, Belgium. Her practice has many layers, often working cross-disciplinary, and looks for the places where art and architecture meet. Driven by idealism and research while operating on a variety of scales, the projects vary between actual buildings/structures, and more conceptual projects. In the latter she uses art or architecture to express herself or to react to a topic she find intriguing (or enfuriating). Every project has a strong emphasis on experiment and exploration, trying to find a way to communicate. In function of the message, the medium changes; medium follows message.

The research Aurike is currently conducting, "Building Out Whispering. Con-structions on the Imagination of Place”,  finds itself on the intersection of architecture and art. It explores the possibilities of how spatial interventions/integrations can engage with different aspects of place, space, environment, and make abstract topics such as climate change and its consequences discussable. Could these temporary interventions in a landscape help imagine the future identity of a place? Does our identity as humans shift? The project focuses on the symbiosis of human and nonhuman, where the human is considered part of nature, in opposition to the dualism inherent in western systems of thought. Aurike aims to reveal how all aspects of place are entangled (its history, geology, possible futures, eco-systems, etc.) in order to create structures that bring closer nature and culture.

During her time at BKN Aurike wishes to further develop her research, in an environment that has a strong link with nature. She will work with the development group of the area called Björkö Kyrkby. Through collaboration and interaction with the island of Björkö, all aspects of the community and eco-systems, from sea to forest, she gives a first concrete starting point to the further development of the research.

Link to work at BKN  >>>

Ateljérundan på Björkö, 30 juni - 2 augusti

Friendly Parasite är Aurike Quintelierär en adeption av skulpturerserien placerade i BKNs parkområde som QR koder.  >>>

1) Aurike Quintelier 2) Friendly Parasite 3) Friendly Parasite  4-6  )Earlier works

Studio 1
Dates: Jan 11 - March 14th, 2021

Studio 5

Dates: 14-18 July, 2021


Studio 35, 26 sept - 31 okt

Oona Hyland, Dublin based

Oona Hyland is mid career artist. She has over 25 years experience working as a professional artist and managed a fine art printworkshop, Clo Ceardlann na gCnoc, in the Donegal Gaeltacht in the North West of Ireland until 2014.  She represented Ireland at the Onsaemiro Project, a research and exhibition in the Joint Security Area between North and South Korea in 2019 and the Sao Paulo Biennale event ' Beyond the Horizon' in 2018, the LAF17 Festival France and in 2016 participated in

'Patrons Prizes Paradigms', The Ernie O Malley Art Awards Ireland.
Hyland studied Cinematography at BCFE Dublin  Her film 'Balance' made about and during the Covid lockdown in Ireland will be shown at Grad exhibition Sarajevo in November 2020.  In 2021 she is invited to participate in several international opportunities and will represent Ireland at these events including a residency in Northern Iceland in April 2021, Edition Basel in Switzerland in July 2021 with an exhibition in Atelier Mondial.

Hyland is working on a specific series of work utilizing her training in printmaking with large scale sculptural installations of paper and ceramic based works. This work is groundbreaking and innovative, it challenges the boundaries of different disciplines, recent works use the matrix from print technologies, and sculpture. ( see ‘Samkura’ Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki). Print, particularly etching, has always been an inspiration as a form and her current interest in washi is a natural progression from this. As a post grad student at the Slade, Hyland used paper in large scale formats and as kinetic sculptures and environments. Her work is a response to scale and the body, to sensory perception, language and the environment, seeking to make works that involve the viewer in an interactive way.  he sculptures are made of paper, wood, porcelain and metal and utilize 19th century photographic techniques/film projections, a vintage Bolex reflex camera and the experimental 16mm monoflex technique. 

My work focuses on the extinction or the nearing extinct. Among the associated consequences, extinction places species literally and metaphorically out of sight. The experience of barriers and boundaries, physical, visual and emblematic, and the asymmetries of experience reflected in my work, are part of the fascination with that which is out of sight, but which remains potent in the memory and the imagination. For my time at BKN I will observe and collect evidence, samples, detritus from the ocean , scatterings in the forest , historical footprints of the land and traces from the sea, a sifting and settling. The accumulated parts will form a new work called Minescus: an invisible, intangible border between air and water, curved, magnified, a lense to give a new perspective on Bjorko. Working primarily with ink, drawing and photography, I will research these phenomena to create an alternative reading of the sea that surrounds us and the forest in our memory and imagination , under the surface, under the skin, the space between things.

1) Onna Hyland 2) installation 3-6 Earlier works

Video: Artist Onna Hyland talks about BTS making Bury my heart at Bon Secures


Studio: 3
Dates: Feb 21- April 17/18

bilyana furnadzhieva & Viktor Benev, Paris based

bilyana furnadzhieva and Viktor Benev have been working on Crystal sound project since 2016, a project that unites forms and music using porcelain sculptures as musical instruments in order to redefine the sound field today. 
The instruments have specific capacities of resonance, which is obtained by adding various metal oxides in the clay. Numerous unique instruments have been created each wearing its own name: the chênecelaine and the stringbone -string instruments and the singing drums - percussions. A variety of sounds is produced by inducing the resonance of the sculptures in various ways - playing with mallets or with hands, singing or talking inside, rubbing their surface or the strings with guitar picks. The sounds are sampled into a digital database and partially constitutes the sonic palette that they would use during their joint residency, given the logistical impossibility of bringing the sculptures in Björkö.

Being fascinated by the musicality of the languages they plan to work with the local singer and artist Åsa Öhrn. The Swedish language has a specific sound that is further colored by the voice and the timber. They would like to confront this richness with the recorded sounds of their musical sculptures and also the languages, already used as compositional material (Bulgarian, English, French, Finish, and Persian) in Crystal sound project's earlier sound works.

Both bilyana and Viktor draw inspiration from Nature for their personal artistic works. During their residency they plan collecting various objects from the environment - stones, leaves, branches, minerals, but also the sound that those objects might create by interaction. This process would further underline the artists' will to communicate with the space around Björkö Konstnod. They plan on experimenting with different acoustic possibilities and record the resulting sounds, in order to eventually release the music later on on their label enovae.

bilyana would further on continue her series of visual artworks, started during her first stay in Björkö Konstnod in the fall of 2020. They incorporate the collected materials and create a cartography of her residency.

Crystal Sounds feat Åsa Öhrn presents theire music videos during and bilyana furnadzieva visual works at Björkö Ateljérunda, 30 juni - 2 augusti >>>

Additional screenings of the two music videeos on Aug 31

Crystal Sound Project, bilyana furnadzhieva & Viktor Benev

Crystal sound project is the debut album of the project and materializes the collaboration of bilyana and Viktor with the Finnish singer Selma Savolainen and the French double bassist and improviser Jean Paul Celea. During the return visits at BKN they are working on the second album.

Studio 3 28 augusti - 19 september

Studio 3

Dates (bilyana): April 17-May 26
Dates (Viktor): April 17 - May 4

Jody Wood, New York based

Hunger (working title) is a new project by NYC-based artist Jody Wood that explores hunger as a chronic social and physical condition of a post-pandemic society. The interlinkage between physical and social malnourishment is inscribed in our neural pathways. Neuroscientists have found that longings for social interaction are neurologically similar to the food cravings people experience when hungry. Our need for social connection is often unspoken and even repressed as a less important, minor priority; however, the effect of social isolation on our bodies is tangible and physical.
As an artist working in the field of social practice, Wood aims to create artistic interventions that have a concrete impact on social problems. Using strategies of community reciprocity, the artist will respond to a growing, collective social hunger by launching a mobile clinic for social health in partnership with Elijah's Promise, a social service agency alleviating food insecurity in New Brunswick, New Jersey. By combining nutritional services with prolonged artistic interventions on social health, the notion of hunger will be addressed metaphysically, physically, and socially. Using the visual language of pop-up health centers in public space, Wood proposes social health as an urgent need, equally important as physical ailments. Wood will also partner with BKN AiR to launch the clinic for social health at Björkö Island, Sweden. The year-long cross-national project will culminate in two solo shows with Skövde Konstmuseum and Norrtälje Konsthall consisting of audiovisual installations and public engagements facilitated through the art institutions.

April 22-Sept 11th, 2022 Skovde Art Museum, Skovde, Sweden
October 8 - November 27th, 2022 Norrtälje Konsthall, Sweden

Jody Wood at her work developed at AiR BKN, Social Pharmacy/Folkets APOTEK in Simpnäs, Björkö, Sweden

Jody Wood
Video: Artist Jody Wood discusses her work for AxisWeb Social Works: Live 2019 at Manchester School of Art on April 26, 2019.

Studio 35
Dates: May - June, 2021

Ying Yan Lau, based in Paris

Since 15 years Im based in France, with 10 years in Paris. I have worked in photography and also as workshop leader in art, cultural and social contexts. My nature related art project started in 2015,  they continue to develop and transform in processes and techniques. The art residency at BKN, it will be a new opportunity to focus on the natural material I started in 2017 and 2021: Rocks

It will be a precious research period to be immersed in the organic materials in the local area. During the stay, some research, experimental and/or interactive works trough expositions of:

Rocks and plants
Rock and water
Rock and painting
Rock and space
Rock and weight
Rock et(and) est(is) Musique – (et) is pronounced the same as (est) Rock in languages

Rock and human activity
Rock in architecture/public space Rock and displacements                                          

Principal Materials @ BKN: Rocks/ Stones
Principal Art Practices: Painting, Photography
Related Art History Periods/ Movements: Hyper Realism in Painting, Invention ofPhotography

Im very much looking forward to the research period at BKN and work towards a potential larger project in the spring.

1) Ying Yan Lau. 2-3) Sample works embedded in Peindre pour la Nature Morte morte, Paint for the Still Live alive  
2) Rock of Finland”  Rock on Canvas, 2017  3) The mine of slag heap from Northern France on painted rock on canvas, 2021

4) 2nd serie of “Peindre pour la Nature Morte morte, Paint for the Still Live alive”, 2018  (Frosterus AIR, Finland)

Sample works embedded in Rock Your Pomme/ Rock Your Pomme 2015-2020, Create Or Not to Create 2021-Present

5)  Royal Gala My Lord # 4174  (fr 2020). Metallic pins on Red Apple

6) Golden My Lord # 4020 (fr 2020). Metallic pins on Green Apple

Studio 1, 1-24 September (OUT OF ROCK)

Yev Kazannik, Berlin

My name is Eveniy Kazannik. I am a visual artist currently based in Berlin and working predominately with photography, sound and technology, and more recently, 3d & mixed media. Having grown up in Kaliningrad, Russia, and receiving a degree in Law at Immanuel Kant Baltic University I then moved to England in 2002 following a fascination with the music and arts scene in the UK. After graduating from LCC in photography in 2006 I have been working as a freelance photographer, with work published in The Guardian, Wire, Wax Poetics, NME, The Calvert Journal, XLR8R, Electronic Beats and other publications. I’ve been at the same time developing my personal creative progects since late 90s and participated in several group and solo exhibitions internationally. Recently, my work was shortlisted in final of the AOP Lonodn Awards 2020 in the portrait category. This year I had my images exhibited at Studio d’Arte Claudia Coròthroughout in Venice and Gallery46 in London. My work is featured in a collection of National Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow and the Union of Photographers collection, Kaliningrad as well as private collections.
Scandinavia and Baltics has been for a period of time a region I am particularly drawn to and eco systems of which I find both inspiring and vulnerable in the current times. Participating in art residency program at BKN will allow me to have extended period of uninterrupted creative time and experimentations conducive     to my practice conditions. During the time I will be working on gathering visual (and other) materials for an upcoming book and audio-visual performance which in combination with text and audio that will look into relationship of my self identity and it’s relationship to the region of Baltic sea and its current ecological situation. This work will be then edited and shared long-term with various cross-disciplinary audiences, gallery goers and communities.

I also will be exploring possibilities of collaborating with other artists and delivering a workshop focussed on some of the methodologies and aspects of my current practice.  

Studio 35, August 8 - Sept 25



Boris Godot, South Sweden

Visual artist working in a variety of media- performance, photography and text-based installations. Currently residing in the south of Sweden. Most durational pieces are performed outdoors where the task at hand and the setting determines the length of each performance. Formally trained as a roofer with a degree in landscape architecture.

Practice statement: Honor the line and follow it through

It's always hard to predict what will come of a residency. Working in a new environment tends to distort assumptions and preconceived notions of what will be achieved- and this, I think is ” just what makes a residency so different, so appealing”- to paraphrase Richard Hamilton´s iconic collage from 1956.

One has ideas. And when there is time and space, these ideas can be brought into life. Right now, my thinking goes like this: I will focus on the relationship between body (mine) and environment (the vicinity at Björkö) to explore certain words and how they can translate into a relationship between my physical presence and features in the landscape. Yes, that is pretty vague. More direct then: How would a choreography / performance about rising sea levels translate into bodily action? Can a resting body be staged to resist the ceaseless pull of the marketplace? A child's game of hangman translated into a live action piece? I look forward to November. That does not happen every year.

35  1- 30 nov

insta: godotboris

Annelie Wallin, baserad i Stockholm
Wallin rör sig i ett fält som omfattar, video, fotografi, teckning, skulptur och offentlig konst. Hon är utbildad på Konsthögskolan i Stockholm åren 1987-1994 och är verksam med att  driva ID:I galleri sedan 2004.

"Mina senaste arbeten har rört sig om kartor och hur mikro-organismers rörelsemönster kan likna vårt mänskliga transportsystem, i form av foton över slemsvampen Physarum Polychephalum ́s tillväxt och jakt på mat." AW

"Annelie Wallin har länge intresserat sig för samspelet mellan biologi, teknik och människa och omsatt detta i en konstnärlig process. I tidigare projekt, som kretsat kring odling, undersökte Wallin mykorrhizan – samspelet mellan underjordiska svamptrådar och växternas rötter – och vad vi kan utvinna ur detta samspel. På samma sätt som biologins processer utgör en bas i Wallins arbeten, så finns även relationen till en digital dito närvarande. Konstnären undersöker hur information tolkas och misstolkas, och hur även en digitalt raffinerad framställningsmetod begår till synes organiska misstag i sin tolkning. Det slutgiltiga konstverket blir självgenererande och ett resultat av olika intelligensers översättningar." text Pia Kristoffersson

(texten i sin helhet se


Hello World. Time-laps fotografering, film 4 min

Studio 35, 1-13 maj

Studo 3, 1-30 juni

Conjecturism, Gothenburg based
Carl Larsson and Speakerbreather (Adam Ward + Louise Hornberg)

In the begining of August we are doing artjääm in Gothenburg, art, music, good vibes, we mix things up, a lot of different genres. We will bring this spirit to Björkö, we work outdoors, in the old garage, in the wood workshop - JOIN US!


An opinion or judgment that is not based on proof; a guess. From Latin word conjectare which means to throw together.


– A suffix that indicates the word represents a specific practice, system, or philosophy.

Conjectuism is the name of our art collective.

The three of us met for the first time at Röda Sten in Gothenburg, painting murals on the open graffiti walls. We quickly realized that we all shared the ambition to create art, arrange cultural events and to inspire others. Shortly thereafter we became friends and started working together.

In Gothenburg we bring culture to the hard working harbor, now we will bring hard working culture and Gothenburg´s harbor to Stockholm's archipelago. Most of the harbor workers have dispersed, leaving behind then desolated areas in central Gothenburg. These areas have now become the epicenter of Gothenburg´s underground art scene. We use what we have and do what is needed to create art that preserves the hard working people that once were there.

Many people try to escape their harsh and industrial reality of everyday life in the city by traveling to the archipelago. Nevertheless it is the same water and the same seagulls that fly overhead. Reality is what you make it, there is no escape.

Carl Larsson

My name is Carl Larsson I´m 24 years old and am a multi medium artist working mostly through painting and music. With my roots in street art/graffiti, I do like to paint murals but mostly I do paintings and objects. I take what I have and I do what I can and that's why I call my art "husmanskonst". My art is full of color, contrast and rhythm, taking lots of inspiration from music and where I currently am in life. I work with mostly reused materials always keeping the climate in mind! My music is a visualization of my art preformed mostly live on synthesizers, samplers and drum machines. Some years ago I ran an art/music collective in Folkets Hus in Lidköping. Right now I work a lot with creative workshops where I teach mostly mixed media art with lots of techniques from street art/graffiti blended with traditional painting.

I have the belief that all people should have the right and means to create no matter what history you have or where you might be in life. I also believe that everyone is almost always able to create something out of what they have or reuse things to create a sustainable, low cost, piece of art from it.


We call our style deconstructed social surrealism. By that we mean we break down everyday life and represent it in an abstract surrealist manner. We want the observer to recognize themselves, their life, and make their own interpretations in the abstract and chaotic forms that we present.

Our duo is made up of Adam Ward and Louise Hornberg. We have both produced art and participated in the local art and music scene our entire lives. We have had a handful of exhibitions both together and separate, and done various custom ordered works. We have also arranged art exhibitions and music events together. Louise is a trained art teacher and decorator. Adam is a mechanical engineer, electrician, and 3D artist. We connect our different experiences from education and working life in the common art we create. Our culturally different upbringings, Adam from California and Louise from Northern Sweden, are an aspect of the contrast filled dynamics of what we produce.

A large portion of our works are done with technical drawing tools, ink and acrylics. Most of what we produce is created in stressful or uncomfortable environments to harness seldom used energy in our works. We experiment with random objects we find in our surrounding as improvised / homemade stamps and brushes, to incorporate not only the mood in the work but also the objects that set the stage. The chaotic forms that are created during the process are then framed in and lifted out by using obsessive precision and advanced aligned symmetrical geometry.

We also create sculptures where the raw material that we find becomes the focus. Professionally engineered forms, mechanics, lighting, and electronics meet chaos and abstraction. Music is also a big part of our lives and we produce noisy harsh rhythms that we have used to add life to our exhibitions and events.

Studio 1, 9 - 22 augusti (Speakerbreather)
Studio 15, 9-22 augusti (Carl Larsson)

Art >>>

Music >>>

Art and music >>>

Speakerbreather >>>

Anna-Lena Moberg, baserad i Stockholm o Norrbotten

"Jag målar i akryl på duk och papper, tecknar med oljepastellkrita, blandar de båda, gör ibland collage och fotocollage. Ofta experimenterar jag med blandteknik med akryl som bas. Jag målar mer eller mindre abstrakt.

Efter att ha jobbat med måleriet parallellt med mitt läraryrke i många år, arbetar jag nu heltid med min egen konst sen tre år tillbaka. Det är fantastiskt att få fokusera helt på det konstnärliga skapandet. Det har varit explosionsartat och jag har arbetat intensivt och kostat på mig att experimentera med olika material och tekniker. Konststudier i Eldorado Community college, Kansas USA 1979 - 1980. Konstkurser på Folkuniversitetet i Stockholm 1990 - 1998. Bildterapiutbildning 2004 - 2006. Studier i Gerlesborg för bland annat Claudia Theel under perioden 2009 - 2015.

Efter många års föreställande måleri, realistiskt och ibland mer surrealistiskt, målar och tecknar jag nu mest abstrakta bilder. Det kan handla om rymd och rum, rutor och riktningar, linjer och loopar eller trianglar och tecken. Ibland arbetar jag mycket spontant och experimentellt, men tycker också om att arbeta med upprepningar och variationer av ett motiv.. Min tanke är att på BKN arbeta med området klippor och hav (Av berg), antagligen abstrakt måleri, krita och collage."  ALM

Medlem i:
Föreningen Svenska Konstnärinnor
Svenska Konstnärsförbundet
Konstnärscentrum öst                              
Konstnärer i Norrbotten

Anna-Lena Moberg och 4 av verken producerade under AiR BKN under det övergripande temat "AV BERG"

Studio 3
1-31 oktober

Ulla-Stina K Landberg, Stockholm

Ulla-Stina Landberg är född 1957 i Ekenäs Finland.
Nyårsnatten 1961 flyttade hon med min familj till Sverige.

Landberg har gått från illustratörens och serietecknarens tekniker in i måleriet. Det är inte intresset för att avbilda det ögat ser utan utforska det ögat kanske uppfattar men inte registrerar medvetet som konstnären utforskar. I denna process tar Landberg kameran till hjälp och upptäcker bildvärldar i den fotografiska bilden som sedan är inspiration snarare än förlaga för den måleriska processen.

"Björkö är för mig ny en plats. Här som där har människor levt långt innan jag fanns och under min uppväxt och mitt liv parallellt. Det är inte nytt för mig är att vistas på klippor, hällar, berg, skog och hav. Jag vet inte varför jag tycker att naturen är oåtkomlig och hemlig trots att jag är mitt i den. Min barndoms stränder, ligger på andra sidan Östersjön. En gång var de tu ett land. Havet är allt jämt gemensamt. Allt hänger samman. Pandemin har drabbat oss gemensamt men också delat oss åt. På BKN har jag möjlighet att breda ut mig se arbeten växa fram sida vid sida och låta lager i mitt liv mötas via omgivningarna."

Jane Brontee, baserad i Östergötaland

"Jag är utbildad som bildpedagog på LMU universitet i München. Sedan dess har jag bosatt mig i Sverige och går en utbildning vid Liljeholmens Konstlinje in Östergötland. Arbetet är riktat mot att via konsten sprida glädje och nyfikenhet.
Soliga toner och gul i måleri och skulptur. Verken innehåller inte sällan små detaljer som bryter läsningen och nya läsningar uppstår.  De inspireras av landskap och det vardagliga livet som omger mig. Att värna om naturen är en viktig del i skapandet. Så ofta det går använder jag mig av naturliga pigment och material. På Björkö vill jag utveckla nya verk i samspel med det ön bjuder" JB

Informell öppning av Vyer - Den magiska björken 1, Ons den  23e juni kl 16 på Björkö Konstnod.

Ateljérundan på Björkö, 30 juni - 2 augusti

Vyer - Den magiska björken 1, av Jane Brontee är en av skulpturerna placerade i BKNs parkområde

1) Vyer - Den magiska björken 1, 2) Det svenska livet - Schweden leben 60 x 40 cm, 3) Östergötland Natur II 10 x 15 cm, 4) Hyllning till Rothko - Hommage an Rothko 30 x 40 cm

Studio 1
Dates June 14-24



3, 63 sqm

1, 20 sqm

11, 25 sqm

35, 76 sqm

15, 12 sqm

5, 12 sqm



Showers + bathrooms


Wood workshop

Gallery Vestibul (wall space only)/lounch piano, soffa, table 4 chairs



Studio 28, screenings, printers, meetings
Stuio 22, 50 20 sqm

Up to 9 artists present at the same time.

PROD BKN 2 months or longer alt 4-14 days .

Patricio Salinas, Björkö

Patricio Salinas A är fotograf, kulturjournalist och curator. Salinas är verksam inom det fotografiska fältet i Stockholm, Barcelona och Santiago de Chile. Han är bosatt på Björkö i Roslagen och ingår i PROD BKN. Under 90-talet var han ansvarig för Galleri F48 i Stockholm och har även varit en av initiativtagarna till nuvarande Centrum för Fotografi. Han har publicerat artiklar på kultursidorna i DN, Aftonbladet och dåvarande Stockholms-Tidningen, Folket i Bild Kulturfront, tidskriften ETC, samt tidskriften Arbetaren. Internationella publiceringar: på kultursidorna i La Vanguardia, Barcelona; i Clarin, Buenos Aires och i Brecha, Montevideo. Salinas har i bokform publicerat “Barcelona, berättelser från Barcelona” (Bokförlaget Arena 2011); “Walter Benjamin’s last days” (Saposcat 2018); “Atacama, Captivity Geometry” (Saposcat 2020); “Rod to the Limit” (Litoral Sur Editores 2011). Salinas fotografiska verk är representerade på National Center for Contemporary Art i Santiago, Chile; på The Directorate of Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign affairs (DIRAC) i Chile, samt på Moderna Museets samling i Stockholm. Salinas tog Master of Arts in Photojournalism på Mittuniversitetet i Sundsvall 2013-2016


Studio 15, Nov 2020 - Feb 2022. (deltid)

Ulrica Lundberg, Stockholm

"Jag är i grunden en bildkonstnär som arbetar med måleri och teckning som mina medium. Det föreställande gestaltandet var mitt språk i många år.
Men så för sju år sedan ändrades mitt uttryck och jag började arbeta med symmetri och geometri i mitt målande.
Jag är utbildad på Konsthögskolan i Stockholm och under mitt yrkesliv har också undervisandet varit en stor del. Framförallt har kunskapen om avbildandet av verkligheten varit mitt huvudtema i undervisningen. Jag har även använt yoga och meditation som inslag i min undervisning. Det är framförallt på Konsthögskolan i Stockholm som jag varit verksam men även på Akademien i Salzburg.
Under sommaren 2020 fick Björkö en plats i mitt liv senare under året hade jag AiR BKN. Från hösten 2021 har jag en produktionsplats vid BKN. Den unika miljön gör att jag hämtar kraft och inspiration till min verksamhet.


Studio 15,  Sept 2020 - Feb 2022. (deltid)

Åsa Öhrn, Stockholm
Öhrn ägnade sig tidigt åt teman som familjestruktur och att vara innanför eller utanför olika grupper. Målar i akryl och olja sedan 25 år tillbaka men har senaste året ägnat sig åt collage där hon klipper sönder andra konstnärers verk (från konstböcker) och gör nytt.

Åsa arbetar även som pedagog och leder sedan 2020 konstkurser BKN, sedan flera även på Birkagården i Stockholm.

Artikel från Aug 2021 om Åsa Öhrn  >>>


Studio 11

Galleri Mats Bergman >>>

Eva Larsson, Björkö/Stockholm

My work consists mainly of sculptural work in different materials. Materials like bronze, to stone and ceramics is often used. The raku-fired clay with it´s challenges fascinates me. The surface of the sculptures changes and varies with every new work and the firing gives nature a part in the process. Bronze and stone is more suitable for public assignments when it comes to durability. The experiments with patina on bronze are a new dimension with a lot of possibilities.
In my work I construct different scenes with images and sculptures. This is a way for me to examine nuances of human interaction and phenomena in our turmoil and fast changing society. Most of my work revolves around themes of conformity, standards and social hierarchies versus liberation and courage. Through the process new questions arise that develop my work into new fields of thoughts. The ambition with my work is to create ambiguous scenes and a room for reflection, in which the viewer's thoughts and memories are activated.
I show my work in exhibitions and in public space both national and international.

In Sweden and in the rest of the world there are many different rocks and stone varieties. They all have their specific appearance and character. From the hard granite on Björkö to the soft alabaster in southern Europe. I plan to collect samples of different stones and process them both at depth and in surface to detect differences and qualities.
My aim is to use the most suitable stones and bring them together in a work consisting of many small parts that together form a whole. At BKN I would like to start this process and also investigate the conditions for building a stone workshop.

AiR BKN/Out of Rock

Studio 5, 8-22 Sept
Studio Rock, Sept - Oktober

Adam Haugbak, Stockholm/Göteborg

Adam Haugbak tog examen från Akademin Valand i Göteborg 2020. I det konstnärliga arbetet eftersträvar han en dialog mellan monumentala konsthistoriska uttryck och samtida idéer om flexibilitet.

Haugbak använder ofta material som marmor, alfresco‐måleri och andra bilduttryck som härleds till en monumental bildvärld. Specifika former och traditioner inom konst och arkitektur approprieras och placeras jämte rörliga och digitala element.

Adam är initiativtagare till Skytteföreningen Sierra tillsammans med Andreas Sandberg. Föreningen startade sin verksamhet i samband med ett residens på BKN 2020.


Studio 1 September
Studio 5 1-6 nov


Derek Oliver, Stockholm

I am predominantly a landscape painter, using acrylic on hardboard and hardback book covers. I am drawn to the woodlands, copses, plantations and other tree configurations of my surrounding area: Björkhagen, Nackareservatet, Ältafältet but also further afield: Värmland, Skåne, Gotland and my native Scotland also feature in my work. I am interested in our relationship with the woodland and how it has developed: as a source of fuel, a hunting ground, the many symbols, the mystery and memory, and how it continues to affect our collective subconscious. We are consistently trying to understand what the forest is. I aim to interpret the impression, the experience of landscape without trying to impose a pre-conceived order upon it.I see myself in the modern landscape tradition of Beckmann, Nolde and Kirchner and in Sweden by Åke Pallarp and Hans Viksten. My aim at the Björkö Konstnod residency is to continue to experiment with landscape painting, to develop ideas of simplification of form and palette, to seek out the beauty and mystery in the familiar yet universal landscape.


Studio: 5
Dates:  Nov 8 -

landskap ... "derekmurray2020"
passengers ... "dkmurrayo"
general insta account ... "whithaugh" (includes landscapes, drawings, writings etc

Matilda Edwall, Stockholm

Konstnär skapad utav livet.

Skapar och skulpterar ut mina inre processer, fantasifulla skulpturer från en dock så sann plats inom mig själv. Leran har blivit mitt huvudmaterial. Vill att uttrycket ska vara sant och kraftfullt. Jag samlar mycket naturmaterial som jag under min tid på BKN kommer arbeta in som förstärkande budskap på olika sätt. Jag vill väva in naturens energi som har ett så vackert och rått uttryck i sig själv som jag önskar ta vara på och belysa.


Studio 5,  8 Nov -

Naomi Nowak, Baserad i Roslagen

Naomi Nowak (född 1984) är konstnär och designer som ställt ut i Portland (Hellion Gallery), Los Angeles (Hive Gallery), Berlin (Strychnin) och Stockholm (Seriegalleriet, soloutställning 2012). Hon har gett ut tre grafiska romaner på välkända NBM publishing (USA) och illustrerat böcker bl.a för Vertigo förlag.

Sedan snart tio år tillbaka har konstnärsskapet förlängts i kroppsnära ting - smycken i silver (handskulpterade och gjutna i silver eller brons) och kläder i 100% återvunnen textil. Demokratiska och ekologiska sätt att bära med sig en skärva konst som funnit hem hos människor världen över.

Via traditionella, taktila metoder -- akvarell, blyerts, bläck men också lera, vax och mineral -- utforskas den närvarande myten, drömtiden som bara knappt döljs under vardagen.

På BKN skulle jag vilja jobba större än mig själv, som en del av ett ständigt identifierande och kringgående av materiella och psykologiska begränsningar. Pandemins klosterliv där dagar flyter in i varandra -- utan resor, äventyr och skvaller -- är trots smärtan och krisen vackert och kanske kommer vi till och med att sakna det när världen dundrar igång. Tills dess vill jag expandera, hitta negativa rymder i målandet som i sinom tid kan översättas till både hantverk och text. Skärgårdens bleka vårljus får gärna spela med.

Verk skapade på BKN har möjlighet att ställas ut i Roslagen då jag flyttade till området för ett par år sedan och långsamt börjat skapa ett lokalt nätverk.

Nowak medverkar i sommarutställning på BKN >>>

1) Naomi Nowak 2 Naomi Nowak 3-6) Tidigare arbeten


Studio 35, 20 mars - 10 april

Studio 3 maj

Studio 5 19 juli - 3 augusti

Studio 1 7 nov -  16 nov


Patrik Qvist, Stockholm

Patrik Qvist är konstnär med en bakgrund i arkitektur och land-art. Han arbetar i en rad olika media och har de senaste åren främst arbetat med textbaserade verk som på olika sätt knyter an till miljö- och klimatfrågor.

Under sin vistelse på BKN byggde och donerade Patrik Qvist ett fotolabb till BKN. Donationen omfattade även en rad verktyg, konstböcker, skärmaskin och - matta samt en rad handverktyg.

- - -

Patrik Qvist is a Stockholm-based artist with a background in architecture and Land art. He works in a variety of media and has primarily been engaged with topics that relate to climate change and the environment over the past 10 years. Qvist ́s work is often text based and operates in the space between public and private space.

During his stay at BKN he built and donated a photograpy lab in addition to handtools, artbooks, etc.

Patrik Qvist

Studio: 1:  19-22 juli

Olle Halvars, Stockholm/Björkö

Olle Halvars (b 1985) is a visual artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He utilizes different printmaking techniques, painting, murals, drawing and three dimensional objects. His work embodies a patchwork of abstract and figurative elements merged (and forced) together.

Olle uses a magnifier to examine his surroundings, how nature is constructed on a micro level; The structure of an ant colony, the exchange of information between plants and decompose organic matter. It often depicts the absurdities of the everyday life of the artist as well as the fears created by our times.

The style of expression is a mix of cut outs, broad brush strokes and carved wood. A slow, analogue method is used to enable an intuitive driven practice which embraces and incorporates mistakes in the making process.

Olle works part time as an art teacher for children where he draws a lot of inspiration from playfulness and their uninhibited way of creating. He has managed different art projects for kids and teenagers for several years with the aim to create a setting were art and play can unify. (fr the artists website)


Studio 3, 1 Juli- 30 augusti

Instagram: @ollehalvars

Emma Malm, Stockholm/Björkö

Lyssna till Emma Malm där hon beskriver process och konstnärsskap >>>

Emma Malm is a contemporary artist known for her colorful modern portraits amd animals inspired by the human beauty, love, colors and fantasies. She is an up and coming artist that have been recognized by a number of art galleries in Stockholm. She is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but has also lived and painted in London during some years. Art has been a great part of Emma’s life as long as she can remember. She has tried many different styles and methods., currently working  with acrylics, large canvases, with colorful themes and a lot of metallic leafs.

Emma Malm


Studio 35, 5 Juli - 8 augusti

Johan Lundin & Alexandra Kostrubala, Stockholm

Alexandra Kostrubala

"I am a curator, artist and gallerist MFA from Konstfack University of Arts Crafts and design.

I grew up in Chicago but have been mostly living in Sweden other than a half year on Iceland, Norway, Denmark and New York.

I started as a painter to leave the canvas to the body. The last 30 years I have been doing performance and installations only using place specific ideas, found objects, historical references and myself as material.

I work now returning to the object via my experience as a performance artist. I would like my paintings objects to have the patina of an act and the feeling I have had in the now, now cemented into an inanimate object. Most mediums will be included with performance always being a part of the process.

When I painted last (30 years ago) my childhood home burnt down. On the remaining wall my mothers collections of angels had burnt but were burnt away but the silhouette of their existence was there. This fascinates me to this day. The idea of something that was once there but now gone and how to illustrate this.I find this very challenging but I will try my best to achieve this when at Björkö with working with found and collected objects making small worlds,painting drawing and all having its heart in the existence,act, and performance.

Selection; Gallery 11, Reykjavik Island. Gallery Wohnmachine aka Fredrik Loock Gallerie Berlin. Obervelt, Stuttgart. World cup games Korea, Japan. Memphis Social Apec New York. Printed matter New York. Cultural House, Stockholm. Residency program, Hollufgård Denmark. Berlin Soup,Lliljevalchs spring show. Fall show Oslo Norway. Receiver of Swedish travel and artist grants."


Studio 3/1: Jan-April 2021
Studio 1: 17-30 nov

IMG_3822jpgAlexandra Kostrubala, Malaisude 2021

Johan Lundin

"Jag är målare. Måleriet har kallat mig i många år, ett språk som kan inkludera dom känslor som är begränsade annars i tal, fotografi, film och skulptural form. En målning är ett fönster till det som finns men inte kan bli sett, tankar, drömmar, förhoppningar och förtvivlan. Jag är målare, det är det jag vill göra, inget annat. Som en målariprofessor sa en gång “skulptur är en sak man snubblar på när man tittar på en målning. Jag föredrar oljefärg den har den konsistensen som matchar det flyt jag vill ha för att skapa det ärligaste uttrycket. Det som flyttas från min arm ut till duken, som blod, en tanke, en känsla eller en form av kroppsvätska.  Jag började måla bara för ett halvt år sedan. Min passion är stor för måleriet likt Sean Scully, Kandinsky, de Kooning, o.s.v och tack vare Covidtiden har jag fått den tid och rum för att bara måla.Skolan var aldrig något för mig. Jag var nog en aning för rastlös. Som 17 åring, så det fick bli att jobba istället vilket jag aldrig har ångrat. Jag har jobbat som kock på b.l.a Operakällaren, Sturehof, Berns, AG för att nämna några av alla dessa restauranger i Sverige. Men har också jobbat i Paris, NY och London. Tallriken blev en sorts duk att måla på,det var där som jag hade möjligheten att uttrycka dom abstrakta upplevelser. Jag ser färg som en rörelse liksom ett undermedvetna som kan uttrycka mina minnen och känslor av det förflutna och det som kan komma. Många bilder består även av det hemska i tider där liv och döden är sammansvetsade till ett. Jag försöker genom mitt måleri att vara så ärlig som möjligt och att försöka förmedla en cirkel av hela förloppet det som vi kallar liv.I tider av Covid osv, så känns det viktig att också förmedla glädje och hopp, och visa människans starkaste sida att vara kreativ."


Johan Lundin, Åsa Öhrn, Alexandra Kostrubala

Additional artist/curator and co-founder BKN:

Anna Viola Hallberg  Studio 22, PROD BKN

Artists 2020  >>>

BKN Board  >>>



Wood workshop (basic handtools)
Digital equipment (mini 4 k kit, camera, light, audio, projector, scanner, printers)
Space for meetings/presentations

Weaving loom
4 bikecykcle
Darkroom (up to 6x7)

Sourunded by: Old forest, fields, lakes, ocean,  with quaint sand beaches and granit rocks The setting is the northern archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden on an island with the name Björkö.
In area: see link  >>>

Greater Stockholm public transportation buss
Norrtälje 1 hour
Stockholm slightly over 2 hours
Grocery store (small) 7 km, in Backa
Grocery store, pharmacy (40 min by bus), in Älmsta

NB: Membership and development fees are non refundable.
Björkö Konstnod can not assist in paying airfair  or other costs if flights are canceled.
BKN/Björkö Konstnod including artists and all visitors respects all national, regional or municipal Covid regulations.

BKN can currently not host artists who wants to bring pets or children.

. . .


Simpnäsvägen 739 SE-764 53 Björkö
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