The Nordic Analog Network (NAN) is an artist-in-residence program between analog photography darkrooms in the Nordic countries with funding by Nordic Culture Point.

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Maria Heines

Maria Heines, Danmark

My interests are in people and the environment. Maybe this stems from starting as a photojournalist in an urban environment forced to heed people and their pollution. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to see an environment without people. Or maybe it’s because these two things continue to surprise me in the best and worst ways.

In my analog photography practice, this broad interest has become suddenly personal. Me and my environment. A reflective moment to take stock of my self. That 26-year-old self living in Copenhagen, DK.

At BKN, I will continue looking inward with Far Away—a deeply personal project on my own psychological and artistic processes. In which attempts at emotional growth are bound to my development as a photographer and writer. More specifically, the documentation of my dissociative tendencies will come face to face with learning traditional darkroom techniques and the refinement of my prose. Creating a mixture of thoughts, feelings, stories, coping mechanisms, cameras, film, light, chemical baths and paper working to close the distance I place between myself and the world.

Studio/accommodation,  darkroom access and other facilities
Date: April 3-30, 2023

Grant Nordic Culture Point via: Nordic Analog Network 

Open Call for the year 2024 will open in the Fall of 2023. It will be open for all photographers and artists working with analog photography methods living in the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. >>> 

BJÖRKÖ KONSTNOD Simpnäsvägen 739 SE-764 53 Björkö, Sweden

Curator Residency Program at BKN: Anna Viola Hallberg

Tech head darkrooms at BKN: Patricio Salinas

Björkö Darkroom on NAN site >>>

Björkö Darkroom on BKN site >>>

Mai KS Keldsen


Mai S Keldsen, Danmark

My work during the residency at Björkö, will be directly inspired by the surroundings near the darkroom that I will be working at. I will be making photographs of the surrounding area and when printing I will use materials that I have collected while photographing. I have therefore prioritized darkrooms that are situated in places where the landscape seems to have a strong influence on the people who live there and vice versa. I have also wished for darkrooms where I will get to be in contact with a local community of both photographers and non-photographers (through artist talks, presentations, introductions or the like), since getting to know and understand the places where I am working is an important part of the project.

My practice reflects on historical and spiritual aspects of landscapes through a playful and conceptual photographic method and deals critically with questions of position, storytelling and sustainability.

In 2018 I received the Caspar David Friedrich Prize, and since 2022 I have been a teacher at Fatamorgana, the Danish school of art photography.

MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2020) and studied at Maumaus Escola des Artes Visuais in 2016. My work unfolds in photography, artist-books and installations.

Studio/accommodation,  darkroom access and other facilitiesDate: May 18-June 8, 2023

Grant Nordic Culture Point via: Nordic Analog Network 

Björkö Darkrooms is hosted by the not for profit artist run organization Björkö Konstnod.  We are situated in the Northern Stockholm Archipelago where the forest meets the sea. We have two darkrooms set up for you to go into deep focus but also to share knowledge and experiences with the other resident artists. The darkrooms can be rented or be part of a program in an artist in residency call. Björkö Darkrooms also facilitates courses from introductory to master level from photography to darkroom techniques. The set up is basic but you can create magic, just think of the work process of photographers like Aaron Siskind or Lisette Mode who's workflow was in a rather simple but well organized environment. Our growing library offers an opportunity to take part of such photographers workflow.

Our facilities and location is perfect if you strive for excelling your practice towards darkroom refinement. Our set up is not for speed and bulk work but rather an atmosphere where you have a good sens of attention towards your practice. You are embedded in an international artist residency setting, with at least one more darkroom practitioner for exchange and learning.

We honor experimental and traditional practices ranging from exploring early photographic techniques to more efficient fine art methods including ecological approaches (soil and plant based, caffenol etc). The upper darkroom is a clean space and the lower is open for plant ans soil based practices (see below)