In the northern archipelago of Stockholm one finds the island Björkö, where artists and the local community initiated BKN studio spaces in 2020. Originally set out as a project to convert the former school into studios, it soon came to include a residence program, artist presentations, art education, screenings and exhibitions.

I see the first two years of Björkö Konstnod/BKN as a work of art (public and socially engaged) invested inorder to establish a site for artists to develop their practice. It has entailed studio visit, programing of residency studios, making a number of events with the local communities, exhibitions, strategic development and curatorial lead. Built relation with arts organizations nationally and internationally.
Björkö Konstnod was established in 2022 in two former school buildings at Björkö in the Northern Stockholm Archipelago. During the first two years it has been a home away from home for more than 60 artists. 


Interventions weaves across different registers of time/site and draws from fieldwork on the island and embodied relations with nature.  Fieldworks and seminars are jointly done to locate and entangle structures, narrative and forces. Towards forming an experience to continue to build individual projects up on.

Key words: asymmetry, entanglement, beyond violence, not-knowing, desire, nature, responsibility, deep listening, close seeing.  


The archipelago as a site for contemporary art with focus on ocean literacy.


Juliette Veckens och Lucas Brouwer. (fotografi+installation), NL/FR

Colby Smith (video), US
Anna-Lena Moberg (måleri), SE
Oona Hyland (grafik, IR
Yiwen Chen (installation), TW
Ying Yan Lau(fotografi) FR/HK


A transformative dynamic space for art engaging with aspects of life and nature through asymmetry entanglement beyond violence not-knowing desire nature responsibility deep listening and close seeing.
From its core on Björkö HYBRID extends sites indoors and outdoors on or off the island. A continuation of "Healing Powers" takes place late summer as a process based exploration ”Magnitude” with five artists on a grant made possible with collaboration from Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Region Stockholm.

At Supermarket HYBRID presents ”Healing Powers” (aka PUNK NATURE) drawing from slow resistance and counter publics towards healing powers. The works are by artists from Ireland Guatemala Usa Norway Russia The Netherlands Belgium and Sweden and are represented with: video/performance/photography/installation/sculpture/graphic art/painting.