Hallberg is the in-house curator and founder of the art center BKN in the Northern Stockholm Archipelago (se). Her curatorial practice in Sweden includes; ”The Sea That Surrounds Us” , Bygdegårdarna Stockholm (2022), ”Distancio”, Region Jönköping (2017-21), ”CityArtLab” (2010-11) and ”Mural 2012” (2011-2012), Mariestad, CityArtLab - Minsk”, Belarus (2011). In addition she co-formed the micro institution AVIEW to tour the installation ”State of Mind” for 10 years (Sweden, Russia, Belarus, Austria and US). Agency and public assess are focuses as well as art in rural areas and small towns.
The video based installations have been shown as solo or duo exhibitions in post Soviet States, US, Mexico, Austria and Sweden in addition to screenings and group shows. Her installation works have been funded by several municipal and regional arts grants in Sweden as well as by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Swedish Institute, Barbro Osher Foundation etc.  Artist residencies include Nifca/ProArte (Saint Petersburg, 2005), Region Jönköping/Vandalorum center for Art and Design (Värnamo, 2014) and SWAP/SPACES (Cleveland 2015).
She has held numerous presentations among them at School of Photography in Moscow (RU), Södertörn, Gothenburg, and Karlstad University, University of California at Berkley and at academic art conferences in Lisbon, Los Angeles, Berkley, Warsaw, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Hallberg is a graduate from Stockholm Film School and holds a B.A in Curatorial and Cinema Studies from Stockholm Uni (2003) and a Msc in International Museum Studies, Gothenburg Uni, (2006)


My works are time and site sensitive, they insert disruptions in dominant narratives. The method is often research oriented, situating a select group or topic to intervene in a process to dismantle social or geopolitical contingencies. It does not explore objectivity as a philosophical reason, but is based in responsiveness to personal and collective testimonies and set in context to other pre-negotiated narratives to create new discursive contexts. In this essence I see art as a site for elasticity, for critical dialogues, for doubt, for attempts for re-establishing a sense of direction or rhythm to disengage with conformity.

I see my practice as a critical tool to reveal covert layers in society and explore the dimension of art as a reflective ground for consciousnesses of shared space and resources, from a vantage point committed to society a public entity. The works include thorough research and are presented in art installations with fluid and multiple ways of interpretation. Photography, video, sound and text are used for installations or interventions.

My curatorial practice is based on interpersonal skills and critical thinking on society where the art is a laboratory for trying new perspectives and through this, perhaps, move boundaries and barriers. Central is the approach of everyday life and the rendering of collective memory and social justice topics. My work as artist/curator are socially and politically engaged. Often the duration of works stretch over several years commitment.