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In the northern archipelago of Stockholm one finds the island Björkö, where artists and the local community initiated BKN studio spaces in 2020. Originally set out as a project to convert the former school into studios, it soon came to include a residence program, artist presentations, art education, screenings and exhibitions.  It is a space dedicated to the experimentation, research, and dissemination of artistic practices in which Swedish  and international artists come together.

You reach BKN by public transportation (buss) from Stockholm via Norrtälje. The two former school buildings are right at the bus stop so its really easy. The space is endorsed by the locals and run by the non profit organization Björkö Konstnod. BKN is in two buildings and total area of 600 sqm. The setting is in a rural environment.

We opened up for AiR BKN RESPONSE in February 2022. Since then we have had artists staying with us. As of 2023 we fold 1-2 of our studios as a response to artists in need from through out the world. We work closely with Artists at Risk and SWAN.

We alter between artists from the three countries, studios are appointed via AR/SWAN.

We have had performers/painters/photographers with us. For lens based artist we have two darkrooms. All artists are welcome to borrow other digital equipment we have after assessing project with curator. We expect Response artist to take part in events organized by BKN and other visiting artists. We do open studios, portfolio reviews,  talks/presentations etc. On weekly basis we do joint dinners sometimes with invited guests. We do joint visits to institutions and artist run spaces in Norrtälje and Stockholm.

Each artists is expected to help maintain the venue and premises in good condition. We provide ed linnen and towels. We have a washing machine in the main building. Each artist is responsible for their own food and material.

AiR BKN artists 2020-2022: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Ireland, France, UK, USA, Taiwan, Belgium, Russia and Ukraine..

BKN is located in two former school buildings in the Northern Stockholm Archipelago Where the Forest meets the Sea.

We are really happy as individuals and companies already started to reach out! If you are willing to donate to BKN for Call 1 or 2 mentioned on this page mark your contribution with "response" (add email & name so we can properly thank you) towards tickets, per diem etc please use button at bottom of page (add your name and mark your contribution

Proposals with other forms of support/donation please email curator @

With your support BKN can do more!


AiR BKN is on the Swedish East Coast 2 h north of Stockholm by bus. Airports/Train station: Stockholm, Sweden.

Host organisation: Björkö Konstnod (not for profit, artist run)

Digital address/Plus Code: V26Q+R3 Skeninge

Visiting address: Simpnäsvägen 739 SE-764 53 Björkö, Sweden
Name of studios: AiR BKN
Exhibiting practice: HYBRID >>>

Arist studios number/size: 7 between 12 and 76 sqm
Workshop Studios: 3 (presentation/digital/darkroom/wood)

Darkroom >>>

Cost of living (index not up to date for 2022, add 20 %)  >>>

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Membership in Björkö Konstnod helps us maintain the organization.