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at SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair 2024
Pro preview April 24, Open to Public April 25-28



Artist: Inga Manticas (us)

Title: Home Town (video)
Duration: 15:56
Home Town
(2022) tells the stories of four lands: Atlantis, Fairyland, Italo Calvino’s invisible cities, and Sacramento, CA. The video is composed of footage sourced from Youtube, along with text written and spoken by the artist.

Artist: Fernanda Branco (br/no)
Title: becoming dragonfly (video)
Duration:  5.23 min

Reference: The insane biology of dragonfly

Artist: Åsa Öhrn (se)
Title: 36 dagar i paradiset  (video)
Duration: 2:08 min
Editing and camera: Åsa Öhrn and Tim Claxton
Concept: Åsa Öhrn

This video is the first piece in progress towards a coming exhibition. It is a continuation of my exhibition "Inside" in November 2022. I got the idea to let some of the works from ”Inside” have continued life. I received an inspiration that led step by step to an project with an underlying theme of invisibility and visibility, of art that is permanent and perceived as valuable and art that does not have permanence. The project is ongoing and has taken on a secret life of its own.

The abstract sculptures I made in clay wanted to sneak out into the world, I placed them in a public place, where they would meet another work of art. The sculptures "My funny Valentines" were made of a perishable material and the intention was not that they would last forever — on the contrary, I knew that sooner or later they would crumble or in some other way return to nature. But first they would have to spend 36 days - in Paradise.

Artist: Rebekah Dean (uk)

Title: Game Care (video)
Duration:  3:34
Title: Madonna (slides)
Duration: variable

Title Game care (performance)
Performance (live): 1 on 1 interaction with the artist.

The Madonna series (2024) presents the Swedish landscape in the full throws of winter, and a solitary white woman cradling both an object of power and its absence.

Game Care (2024) performs an act of empathy, through the deconstruction of a tailored, man’s suit. Have you ever tried wearing one of the things? It feels like stepping into a cage fight with the self.

Game Care live performance (2024) a socially engaged, one-to-one, live performance with the audience. Audience members are invited to take a seat at the table with the artist Rebekah Dean, and together, through the deconstruction of a tailored man’s suit, challenge the question of patriarchal authority. Together we dream on! 

Artist: Monica Tobel (uk/hu)

Title: The Vibration Collector
Duration: 4:33

The film was inspired by a personal experience in the forests of Björko. Standing within, surrounded by a large variety of lifeforms. I wondered what messages are sent and received?

Everything vibrates. My heart beats, pumping blood through my body. Breathing disrupts the air, changing its speed and chemical composition. Do the mycelium read these changes, do the trees feel my presence? To touch is to being touched. To listen is to be listen to. All is intermingled through the constant intra-action of sensory output. A symphony of vibration. The sound is comprised of field recordings taken during Radical Softness Residency at BKN.

Artist: Berg Duo (se)

Title:  Current (video)
Duration: 8 min
Current creates layers of time through dance improvisation - in between reality and fiction - performed as a ritual for resistance in a place where rice fields, fish ponds and gardens currently are replaced by fancy buildings and crowded highways. Current is a visual journey of ancestral life and biopolitics.

Current is a screendance piece made in the village Ciganitri, West Java. April 23-28 it is also selected for ScreenDance Festival in Stockholm.

Artist: Jolene Mok (hk) 

Title: An Inimitable Place Called Home
Duration: 5'33"

This work was created to reflect a constant wanderer’s overdue homecoming before yet another departure.

The numerous possibilities of navigating Hong Kong are truly extraordinary. The film’s basic premise is to show Hong Kong’s unique cityscape visualised through land, sea, and air. For example, various mass transit vehicles traverse the city recurrently and are juxtaposed with free-flying sparrows living in their very own humble neighbourhoods.

I am drawn to the poetry found in mundane, everyday scenes in Hong Kong. I wanted to magnify this uniqueness and beauty by using the analogue medium of black and white 16mm film. I hand-processed the film stock myself. The flaws that appeared during the film-handling process, such as the dust traces and scratch marks, are important assets that work with a beautiful poem by Hong Fu to present an orchestrated work to audiences.

shot on Eastman Double-X – negative film 5222 / 7222
hand processed in Rodinal 1:50

commissioned by M+, Hong Kong 2023

Artist: Philip Krikunov (Kamchatka)

Title: Walrus Love Song
Duration:  1:21 min

In 2022, in March, I found myself on Bering Island in the Pacific Ocean. I went there in search of an animal that became extinct 300 years ago, Steller's sea cow. A small settlement of 400 people on the edge of the earth greeted me with a convoy of cars in support of the war in Ukraine, which led me into an even deeper depression. Representatives of the reserve refused to work with me and every day there was a strong storm. At some point, I realized that in order to find this magnificent animal, I had to turn not to people, but to animals, to spirits. From the bones found on the ocean shore, I made myself tusks like a walrus and sang a song of love. This song is my attempt to connect myself and Steller's sea cow through time


Artist: Hanna Grandert (se)

Title: Two Times Stuggle

Duration: 3 min 

The videos can be shown side by side or after another. Second part is shortened.

Artist: Rebekah Dean (uk)
Title: Madonna (slides)
Duration: 3:28
The Madonna series (2024) presents the Swedish landscape in the full throws of winter, and a solitary white woman cradling both an object of power and its absence.

Artist: Jolene Mok (Hongkong)

  7 Days Video Documentation
Duration: Original 30 min loop. 


Artist: Hanna Grandert (se)
Title: Pig Trophy Head, with sound
Title: Home Sweet Home
Title: Stratifying 
Title: Monkey Head

Series of mixed media works throughout the space.

Artist: Naomi Nowak (se)

Title: Rainy Oracles
Oracle deck and original paintings from the series >>>

Artist: Derek Oliver (se/uk)
Title: Night Series Most of them are paintings on book covers and other canvases.
No 1: 24x33cm. hus ovanför staden. 5000kr.
No 2: 11.5 x 11.5cm. ”Walk was my answer.”
Robert Walser’s last walk.
No 3: 25x25cm. Radiomast.
No 4: 15x18cm. Nytorps gärde.
No 5: 11.5x13cm. ”23.00”.
No 6: 16.5x13.5cm. The edge of Vienna.
No 7: 13.5 x 11cm ”nodblöss”.
No 8: 50x40cm. “only ghost-crows see ghost-foxes.” Akrylmålning på duk

Some Walser information for painting  No2:
“Swiss writer Walser undertook long walks alone. On 25 December 1956 he was found, dead of a heart attack in a field of snow near the asylum. the dead Walser in the snow are reminiscent of a similar image of a dead man in the snow in his first novel, Geschwister Tanner.”
1929–1956. In the beginning of 1929, Walser, who had had anxieties and hallucinations for quite some time, went to the Bernese mental home Waldau, after a mental breakdown, at his sister Fani's urging. In his medical records it says: "The patient confessed hearing voices." Therefore, this can hardly be called a voluntary commitment. He was eventually diagnosed with catatonic schizophrenia. While he was in the mental home, his state of mind quickly returned to normal, and he went on writing and publishing. More and more, he used the way of writing he called the "pencil method": he wrote poems and prose in a diminutive Sütterlin hand, the letters of which measured about a millimeter of height by the end of that very productive phase. Werner Morlang and Bernhard Echte were the first ones who attempted to decipher these writings. In the 1990s, they published a six-volume edition, Aus dem Bleistiftgebiet ('From the Pencil Zone'). Only when Walser was, against his will, moved to the sanatorium of
Herisau in his home canton of
Appenzell Ausserrhoden
did he quit writing, later telling Carl Seelig, "I am not here to write, but to be mad."

Artist: Anna Wallander (se)
Title: Skri/Scream ink on silk paper

Title: Trisse/Lost Gurineapig
Stoneware, obwaraglazye
Title: Pelle/Hidden Treasure at the KitKat Club
Stoneware, porcelain glaze

Artist: Sara Drapeau (MOSSS)
Title: A Collective Structure to Cultivate hope Organization as a Love Gestrure
Linoprint fr workshop RAD24 (intc)

Artist: First Last name (MOSSS)
Linoprint fr workshop RAD24 (intc)

Artist: Sue Carlsson (us)



Gouache, pencil, ink on paper, 35.5 x 28 cm. The Rök runestone (9th century AD) in Östergötland contains 11 lines of complex text in runes and ciphers. This picture represents line 9 which reads: "I narrate this divine myth for Odin, who (=Sun) because of a wolf (=Fenrir) was sacrificed through a woman's (Sun's) self-sacrifice." Williams, H. (2021). Rökstenen och världens undergång. Stockholm: Kaunitz-Olsson (translation taken from forthcoming English edition




Gouache, pencil, ink on paper, 35.5 x 28 cm. The Rök runestone (9th century AD) in Östergötland contains 11 lines of complex text in runes and ciphers. This picture represents line 10 which reads: "I narrate this divine myth to Odin, to which warrior (=Odin) has been born a descendent (=Vidar) - Do you want that? – (who) could kill a monster (=Fenrir) – Do you want that? Battle (=Ragnarök)!" Williams, H. (2021) Rökstenen och världens undergång. Stockholm: Kaunitz-Olsson (translation taken from forthcoming English edition)



Gouache, pencil, ink on paper, 35.5 x 28 cm. The Rök runestone (9th century AD) in Östergötland contains 11 lines of complex text in runes and ciphers. This picture represents line 11 which reads: "Fenrir will not kill the Sun's Daughter in the abode of the gods (=the former home of Sun and Moon)". Williams, H. (2021). Rökstenen och världens undergång. Stockholm: Kaunitz-Olsson (translation taken from forthcoming English edition)

Artist: Guido Nosari (it)

Title: Vertical Calends
Water color on paper mounted on wood, diptyk

SOUND (and design of related items)

Artists: Crystal Sound Project (fr/bu)Bilyana Furnadzhieva and Viktor Benev
Title:  Confronting Silence (vinyl+artwork for album) >>>



1. confronting silence – part I

2. confronting silence – part II

3. the moon song


aida nosrat – vocal, violin

artem naumenko – flute

bilyana furnadzhieva – singing bowls, electronics

lea lu – vocal, chênecelaine

viktor benev – singing drums, piano, electronics

artistic direction, visual conception by bilyana furnadzhieva

produced, recorded and mixed by viktor benev

mastered by nicolas baillard at fraiseraie électrique

The programs opened up for artists to focus on the two specific topics. Together pondering on what the practices means in todays art world.
RAD24 - Radical Softness >>>
Artists: Zoey Hart, Monika Tobel, Rebekah Dean, MOSSS, Hanna Grandert, Berg Duo.

WAP23 - Walking As Practice >>>
Artists: Antonia Aitken, Nahelli Chavoya, Hayley Whelan, Rebekah Dean, Karin Brygger, Anne-Laure Vernet, Janice Jansen, Cecilia Lagerström, Gerhard Kowald, Jordan Rowe, Aurike Quintellier, Anna Mikuskova, James Cunningham, Juanma Gonzalez, Diane Reid, Fernanda Branco, Benedicte Dahm, Alex Hawthorn, Bernardita Bennett, Cecilia Hedlund, Heather Kapplow, Inga Manticas, Marina Pugina, Berg Duo


WAP is both a program and a walking network. If you want to join our network  visit https://bjorkokonstnod.se/wap


RAD24 - Radical Softness >>>
Artists: Zoey Hart, Monika Tobel, Rebekah Dean, MOSSS, Hanna Grandert, Berg Duo.

WAP23 - Walking As Practice >>>

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If you would like a private screening of any of the below works please let us know!

16:9  Trt: @ 40 min (all with sound)
becoming dragonfly by Fernanda Branco

Current by BERG DUO

Vibration Collector by Monika Tobel

Home Town, by Inga Manticas

 An Inimitable Place Called Home, by Jolene Mok

36 dagar I paradiset, by Åsa Öhrn

Game Care, by Rebekah Dean
Walrus Love Song, by Philip Krikunov

9:16  Trt: @ 14 min (all silent)

Two Times Struggle by Hanna Grandert

Madonna, by  Rebekah Dean
7 Days Video Documentation,
by Jolene Mok

Berg Duo - exploring ritual for resistance in trilogy Buoyancy.

Zoey Hart - working at the intersection of chronic illness and the natural world.

Exposition of RAD24 - Exploring Radical Softness

Exposition of WAP23 - exploring attentive walking


Inga Manticas (us)


Inga Manticas is a visual artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Currently centered in drawing, their practice plays with the interactions between fantasy, mythology, and the natural landscape. Magical storytelling and fantastical imagery re-enchant natural places, thus blurring distinctions between material and spiritual conceptions of space. Engaging both animist and materialist philosophies, Inga's work reflects on economic-ecological conflicts in their immediate environment, while seeking an ethical and tightly-connected relation between human creation and the more-than-human world. They are interested in love, longing, mystery, loss, and imagination.
Exposition at Research Catalogue/WAP23   >>>

Fernanda Branco
Title: becoming dragonfly (video)
Duration: 5min 20sec
Fernanda Branco is a Brazilian performer, gardener and poet based in Norway. Working in the performance field, crossing boundaries between theatre, dance, film, and installation, facts, fiction and poetry. Currently a research fellow at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, exploring embodied experiences of movement and voice in dialog with environments. Exposition at Exposition Research Catalogue/WAP23  >>>

Rebekah Dean

My creative practice revolves around the activity of walking, which may or may not produce an artwork. It is the live and virtual spaces of the studio; gallery; theatre; classroom, that become the locations where artists and audiences connect to celebrate the live experience of creative practice, as they touch through eyes; hands; breath; cheeks, and ears.

In one of my favourite essays, an interview with philosopher psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva, by critic and translator Charles Penwarden, written for the Tate exhibition catalogue ‘rites of passage: Art for the end of the Century’ (1995) Kristeva refutes a historical quote by the philosopher, Heideggar, that only religion can save us, with her own understanding: that “only an experience can save us”.

I have been working with the hand process of unpicking a man’s suit, as a way of thinking about questions on gender, capitalism, and climate change. I feel completely powerless...I am burdened by a desire to save the world, to protect everyone! In the name of social prescribing, I prescribe art...remembering the violence that is dragging us all to extinction...what can we do...play?

Exposition at Research Catalogue/RAD24 >>>

Exposition at Research Catalogue/WAP23 >>>

Hanna Grandert (se)

Hanna Grandert moves between different media telling the most absurd stories from a generous vantage point. Central is often the very essence vulnerability but also care. She dedicates substantial time towards being an art educator for children in schools and art art institutions, formerly also drama teacher. In her artistic practice she  moves between sculpture, found objects and drawing and in her photographic essayistic work she has covered stories in Sweden but also portraits and sites in Roslagen, Chernobyl and Gambia. She is a graduate visual arts teacher (2007) from University of Arts and Crafts, Stockholm, Sweden.
Exposition at Research Catalogue/RAD24 >>>

Monika Tobel

Monika Tobel is a London based Hungarian artist interested in interspecies communication and nature-culture dichotomy. Her work consists of performance, video, and sound alongside installations. The main focus of her practice is to investigate the possibilities of non-lingual communication between different entities, and the potentials of information exchange via scents, sounds, touch, and movement alongside deep listening practices. She is currently studying for a doctorate at the University of East London.

Exposition at Research Catalogue/RAD24  >>>

Jolene Mok

Jolene Mok was born and raised in Hong Kong. An experimental artist, she takes video, film and photography as her major creative platforms. Mok earned her M.F.A. in Experimental & Documentary Arts at Duke University in 2013. She has been exposed to an interdisciplinary learning and working environment since her undergraduate education in the School of Creative Media through her major in the Critical Inter-Media Laboratory (2003-2007). Mok takes both practical and theoretical components as interconnected aspects throughout her creative process. She is open and always ready to play with and incorporate emerging situations or technologies in her artistic pursuits for the generation of unexpected, meaningful outcomes.

Since 2006, Mok’s works have been shown worldwide. Her other digital creations have traveled to academic conferences in Finland, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Brazil, & U.S. In 2012, she was invited to join a major scientific research expedition aboard as a guest resident artist to explore deep-sea seeps off Barbados. In 2013, she sailed the waters of the intl. territory of Svalbard, an Arctic archipelago just 10 degrees latitude from the north pole. Mok was rewarded the Asian Cultural Council-Jackie Chan Fellow in 2015. In 2022, she holds her first homecoming solo exhibition supported by 1a Space in Hong Kong.

Mok has been on itinerant since 2011 taking part in artist-in-residency programs, she is happy to go to wherever the world welcomes her to go.

Guido Nosari 

Guido Nosari De Danieli is a pictorial and textile artist based in Milan. MA in Brera Art Academy. Winner of several awards, he participated in international artist residencies; among his most significant exhibitions by him: the installation at the Museum of Jewish Culture in Berlin, the ten-year prize of the Modena Photography Foundation, the solo exhibition at the Shang Yuan Modern Art Museum in Beijing.
In his pictorial research he portrays accumulated clothes, hanging in the wardrobe, forgotten or a source of memories. What does the sight of an empty dress trigger in us? With textile installations, however, he portrays the human body as a mechanism of symbols, colors, materials and memories. This inhuman appearance is more identifying than the common plausible portrait. Are we more similar to our gaze or to how others see us? Through this double research, the dress becomes the body and the body becomes the dress, in a continuous mutual pursuit.

Philip Krikunov

Born in Novosibirsk in 1995 in the family of ecologists.  Currently based in Kamchatka where he runs MOMA Kamchatka. Active as curator and is doing art projects also as an artist. Participated in curatorial exchange 2023 and visited a number of countries in Europe. In 2014 established the Novosibirsk Space of Modern Art project. Nowadays the project functions only as an Internet platform COMA. Since then additionally created two exhibition spaces.
Curator of the Moss gallery in Omsk. Curator of the Center for culture and recreation «Pobeda» in Novosibirsk. Curator in «ArtEl’» in Novosibirsk.

In 2015 year during the stipend program was invited to Berlin to discover the work of selected museums and galleries of the city. In the year 2016 received a scholarship to attend the Institute of design arts and architecture "Bauhaus" in Weimar.

Sue Carlson

I earned a BA in music from Cleveland Institute of Music/ CWRU and an MFA in visual art from CAL-ARTS. My musical training is the foundation for my painting practice. I explore using musical structures to create a poetry of light and space. I am inspired by the tremendous emotional specificity that was achieved in western music 1750-1950, from Bach to Schoenberg. I believe abstract painting is on a similar developmental trajectory, that it is just beginning to embody its potential.

Zoey Hart

RAD24 (remote participation)

Zoey Hart is a NY-based interdisciplinary artist and educator, working at the intersection of chronic illness and the natural world. In Hart's practice, understanding begins with the body. To know a site (a body, a place, and everything existing in between) requires participation in an ongoing dialogue between body and landscape. In the language of disability justice, we arrive as we are- it's our surroundings that disable or enable us to exist with ease. As we move our bodies through the world, we are drawn to spaces that permit us to be soft, let our defenses down, and flourish.

Exposition at Research Catalogue/RAD24 >>>

MOSSS (nomadic)
Moving Observations on Surviving Soft Skills - MOSSS - is a nomad cross disciplinar research project aiming at creating space of encounters and co-learning with humxns and more-than-humxns. We serve the purpose of facilitating performative workshops that act as plateforms for generating new tools and scores for survival and the survival of endangered species or ecosystems. Transdisciplinarity is a language we thrive through, we consider its approach as a practice to understanding the milieu in its complex web of interconnections and variety of languages and a pathway to convey and foster new possible narratives by creating spaces of dialogue.
Exposition at Research Catalogue/RAD24  >>>


Åsa Öhrn
Åsa Öhrn is a visual artist from Stockholm, Sweden During the 1980s and 1990s she was active as a singer. Music is still a part of her work and always in her heart. Öhrn works in many different techniques: painting, sculpture, film, collage and conceptual art. She often take the starting point in a phenomenon or experience of the outside world. It could be walking side by side with one friend affected by cancer (2020: Under influence), it can be the relationship between two art historical giants such as Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein (”2017:The Collector), and it may be how the social the media's image production intervenes in our lives (2016: ”Algorithm blues”) or – as in the exhibition ”The Seemingly Unaffected” (2021) the Bible.

Naomi Nowak

Naomi Nowak (born 1984) is an artist and designer who has exhibited in Portland (Hellion Gallery), Los Angeles (Hive Gallery), Berlin (Strychnin) and Stockholm (Seriegalleriet, solo exhibition 2012). She has published three graphic novels with the well-known NBM publishing (USA) and illustrated books for Vertigo and others.

For almost ten years now, her artistic work has been extended to objects close to the body - silver jewelry (hand-sculpted and cast in silver or bronze) and clothing made from 100% recycled textiles. Democratic and ecological ways to carry a piece of art that has found a home with people around the world.

Through traditional, tactile methods -- watercolor, pencil, ink, but also clay, wax and minerals -- they explore the myth of the present, the dreamtime that is just barely concealed under everyday life.

Berg Duo 

Ami Skånberg and Anna Viola Hallberg have followed each other's practices since 2005. In 2022 they started to work together as Berg Duo. They move between studio based practice and the outdoor. The work intersects lens and embodied practices, towards reconfigurations of subjectivity by visualizing possible futures. Concepts of in-between and the state of becoming are central in their artistic research (embodied, spoken, text, visuals, audio). Walking as practice is an integral part of their work. They are based in Stockholm/Gothenburg/Björkö, Sweden.

 In 2024 they are working on the video based trilogy Buoyancy. Current (the first part of Buoyancy) is selected for ScreenDance Festival, Sweden and VideoDanza, Puerto Rico - both running parallell to Supermarket 2024.

Berg Duo are the instigators of WAP, a program focusing on walking as an artistic methodology.  The text Conditional Walking is included in the anthology Empathetic Trails by OnebyWalking.

Exposition at Research Catalogue/WAP23 >>>

Current >>>

Derek Oliver

Im a Scottish born painter and writer currently living and working in Stockholm.  I create paintings from things I have seen fleetingly, arbitrarily; from a memory, or very clearly in a dream; scenes I have passed in a car, bus or train; images that passed so quickly that I couldn’t make sense of immediately but had to reconstruct and re-imagine the often irrational image. I am repeatedly drawn to the edges of a town and the edges of a forest; interested in how our absurd species interacts with this ‘boundary’.
I work mostly with acrylic paint on reclaimed hardback book covers but occasionally and joyfully on canvases that people have no use for any more.

Anna Wallander
Wallander moves through different artistic expressions in  between theater and art and explores who we are after a crisis. A work that requires rigor, courage and reflection. It balances between the personal and the societal and perhaps the search for meaning and belonging. Wallander exhibits as an artist and works with theater, film and music.

Crystal Sound Project (QR code)

 bilyana furnadzhieva and viktor benev in 2017, crystal sound project is a nomad. paris based and originally from bulgaria  it combines sculptures in porcelain, electroacoustic music, multiple languages, cultures and genres. since its debuts, bilyana furnadzhieva and viktor benev formed the core of the pluridisciplinary project with collaborative thinking in mind. the blend of furnadzhieva’s porcelain sculptures and eclectic vision, benev’s multi-instrumental practice and electroacoustic music references.