Stockholm Independent Art Fair 25-28 April 2024




Preliminary outline:


The exhibition program at BKN is a transformative, dynamic space for art engaging with aspects of life and nature, towards an experience beyond violences such as algorithms, egoism, deforestation, narrow-mindedness, repression. From its core it extends to using segments of the larger studio spaces, the yard and at times other specific sites indoors and outdoors on or off the island.  

The exhibition at Supermarket Art Fair 2024 is curated by Anna Viola Hallberg and is built on works by a number of artists who have been with BKN since last time we participated in Supermarket Art Fair 2022. The curatorial theme draws form Radical Softness. The title is derived from an Earth Wind and Fire song Boogie Wonder Land in combination with the concept of Boogieman - BOOGIELAND.

Visually the exhibition is a disco in pink, animal heads, and boogieman references by Swedish and international artists. It is anchored in the nightmare the politicians brought us to. It alerts us to wake up and stop the freakshow we are all participants in.

The theoretical framework leans on Levians ” Totality and infinity” (1979), ”Violence does not consist so much in injuring and annihilating persons as in interrupting their continuity, making them play roles in which they no longer recognize themselves, making them betray not only commitments but their own substance, making them carry out actions that will destroy every possibility for action”  

In connection with BOOGIELAND, an open call for Radical Softness >>>

We are keen on expanding our network both with artist and institution

Dates: 25–28 April 2024 

Venue: tbd,  Stockholm.

Supermarket 2024 theme: Dream On

The Sandman is coming, it’s time to sleep; lest he plucks out your eyes – eats up your dreams.

Sandman is not your favourite night companion. He sneaks up on you when you cannot sleep and throws sand in your eyes as a punishment to make them bleed and fall out, and collects them to feed his hungry beak-nosed children who sit perched on the crescent moon. Or so goes the tale of the Sandman based on an old German saying and popularised by E. T. A. Hoffmann in the short story Der Sandmann. There are more bedtime-friendly versions of Sandman’s character, where he sprinkles good dreams into the children’s eyes, but dream on – we all know what he really is after.

For centuries it has been thought that dreams are channelled through us by gods to show us their will and design. Alternatively, dreams could just be caused by indigestion, as Aristotle pointed out. Wherever they come from, wherever they go, what would we be left with if we couldn't dream up better worlds – ones we cannot reach, but that reach inside of us immensely?

The capacity to dream is one of the most beautiful gifts we have. Dreams predict the future and shape the past. Dreaming is limitless and ultimate; it disregards the circumstantial and summons inspiration, love, terror and beauty in the split of a second, but for eternity. We can laugh at the unrealistic dreamer: the artist, the poet, the longing lover, but with a pinch of envy for a vision which escapes us, for a universe we cannot inhabit.

With Supermarket 2024’s theme Dream On we evoke both your inner dreamer and inner sceptic. Let them converse and fight. Time is too short to not dream as much as we can, however brazen our dreams may be. Protect your dreams at all cost; listen and challenge them, but do not let anyone steal them. Dream up your castle, and let it collapse gracefully.

Artists in Boogieland/BKN stall:  

Inga Manticas (us)

Hanna Grandert (se)

full list to be published in 2024.