at SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair 2024

united kingdom

Rebekah Dean
 Monica Tobel (uk/hu)


Inga Manticas
Sue Carlson


Crystal Sound Project


Fernanda Branco

Guido Nosari


(Moving Observations on Surviving Soft Skills)


Philipp Krkunov

Jolene Mok


Hanna Grandert
Naomi Nowak
Derek Oliver

Åsa Öhrn
Anna Wallander
Berg Duo


additional artists - tablets

wap23 and rad24 program dissemination in form of 
research catalogue expositions - they hold more than 
25 international and Swedish artists 
 RAD24 special presentation: MOSSS & Zoey Hart  May 25th @ 3 pm
WAP special presentation: May 26 @ 3 pm
walk through of RAD & WAP up on request book appointment with curator.

  Supermarket 2024 | 25–28 April 2024 | SKHLM Skärholmen Centrum, Stockholm.   
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 BKN artists presents a total installation of mixed-media (video, painting, drawing, sculpture and photography). It is anchored in the nightmare the politicians brought us to. It alerts us to wake up and stop the freakshow we are all participants in. The inner sceptic is a waken while we maintain our dreams.

BKN artists:  A selection of artists who has been with us in 2024,  2023 or are associate artists to the artist run not for profit.

The curatorial theme draws from Radical Softness. 

PERFORMANCE: Game CareRebekah Dean (UK)

Unpicking the garment’s individual pattern parts, one stitch at a time, facilitates a similar kind of experience to that of walking the land. In the same way that the repetitive action of walking step by step can offer a process for reading memory and thinking, unpicking the sum of parts of a man’s suit as my guide, explores and retraces the steps of another human being’s imaginings and thinking.

The unpicking of the suit is both an “activity” and a “statement” and it is also a backdrop for a conversation on the question ‘what is a man?’. Audience and artist together, through the deconstruction of a tailored suit, will challenge the question of patriarchal authority. Together we dream on!

Duration: 1–2 h.  Dates: Fri 26 and Sat 28 Location: Talks & Performance Forum, Supermarket

BKN is a transformative, dynamic space for art engaging with aspects of life and nature, towards an experience beyond violences such as algorithms, egoism, deforestation, narrow-mindedness, repression. From its core it extends to using segments of the larger studio spaces, the yard and at times other specific sites indoors and outdoors on or off the island.  

We are keen on expanding our network both with artist and institutions.
BKN participated in Supermarket Artfair 2022  with ”Nature Nurture - Aka Punk Power”.

Curator 2023 & 2024: Anna Viola Hallberg

Hanna Grandert, “Pig Trophy Head” installation papier mache, glass and sound, 40x50x30 photo/ A V Hallberg

Sound Josef Tuulse, OUTATIME- originalmusik av Mattias Eriksson, Mats Gisselsson, och Henrik Åkerman. The muppet show- Sam Ulaner, Cello -Hanna Grandert 

Rebekah Dean, from Series "The Madonna"