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The main objective of the not for profit organisation Björkö Konstnod (BKN) is to provide an opportunity to, within the stay, focus on, the aristic practice and experience life in the Northern Archipelago of Stockholm - where the sea meets the forest, fields, and lakes. What is important to remember is the light conditions in the wintertime it gets dark @ 3.30 pm and during the summer the sun does not really set.
The two former school buildings are made out of wood covered with the traditional red paint. All together there are 7 studios at BKN in addition to digital studio/presentation space and one wood workshop. Studio 3, is in the main building at BKN.

The basics of the studio listed below:

  • The studio is on the ground floor of main building
  • Cieling height: 2,75/2.85 cm (white, walls and cieling)
  • Area:  67 kvm (vinyl floor)
  • 1 wardroab
  • 3 tables (high, narrow)
  • 2 desks w chairs
  • I workbench
  • Rolling media rack
  • Counter with water (hot and cold)
  • Radiators for heat
  • 1 Soffa (l-shaped)
  • Storage shelfs
  • Floresent light
  • 1 emergecy exit
  • Several windows can be opened
  • Sound absorbing plates in the cieling
  • 90x200 daybed
  • 1 big movable notice board
  • 1 medium size blackboard (vintage)

 Out of studio

  • Individual toilet (due to covid), located just out side studio
  • Shower, washing mashine, upper floor
  • Kitchen (shared) lower floor
  • Emergency light (including powerbank)
  • Fire equipment

Studio 3 (formerly known as Stora Ateljén), 67 sqm. Both buildings about 590 sqm.

Travel to BKN

  • Airport: Stockholm (Arlanda)
  • Train Station, Stockholm Central station (in the heart of the city)
  • Airport buss to Central Stockholm, option of bus (45 min) Flygbussarna.se or rapid train (20 min) Arlanda Express
  • Public transportation (2.5 h), ie bus from Central Station Stockholm to bus stop "Björkö-Arholma Skola" Buss stops at the door of BKN.
    You need to transfere buss in Norrtälje same station, from 676 to 636). Use sl.se or Moovit app for schedule. Make sure to write bus stops as above when you search for your trip.
  • Adress: Björkö Konstnod, Simpnäsvägen 739, SE-764 53, Björkö, SWEDEN 
  • Contact: curator @ bjorkokonstnod.se

Älmsta (40 min buss/car), Norrtälje (1 hour)
  • Grocery store: ICA Barrometern 7 km or order by delivery from ICA Supermarket Väddö in Älmsta
  • Pharmacy: Älmsta
  • Wine & liquor: Norrtälje Systembolag or service point ICA Barrometern
  • Art supplies in Stockholm (some in Norrtälje).
  • Postal service: Älmsta
  • More about AiR BKN >>>

    Img 1-3: Exterior 2020 September 3 pm, November 8 am,  November 11 am
    Img 4-6: Close by BKN, 2 pm August 11 am, November 11 am (last two)

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     Adress: Björkö Konstnod, Simpnäsvägen 739, SE-764 53, Björkö, SWEDEN
    curator @ bjorkokonstnod.se