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En film om Bilyana Furnadzhieva konstnärsskap

Bilyana Furnadzhieva

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1992, she lives and works in Paris.
For bilyana furnadzhieva Nature is the first human reality. Attentive to the sonic and formal variety of the natural forces and phenomena bilyana translates them into a visual and sound narrative. 
The lines, colors and shapes in her artworks are intended to pacify the relationship of man to his environment at the time of a significant ecological threat. bilyana creates a unique language in which opposing parts collide - neat elements, made by herself and raw elements, found during her moments of exploration. She gets comfortable with subjects, materials, mediums - from drawing, collage, sculpture to musical composition and editing.

"Nature is our primary reality. I have always been moved by the variety of its colors, its multiple shapes and its fascinating sounds. I delve into myths to find traces of the ancient witches. in my opinion, the role of the witch today is to get inspired as much as possible from forces and phenomena and to translate them into a visual and sound narrative." bf