Consequences is a site specific interaction between three artists. The work developed in a speechless state initiated by gestures to locate the two specific sites. It is an exploration of working with movement and video without a set choreography, props or music to depend up on. They developed an ad hoc methodology based beyond sets of traditions or referens systems to lean towards investigating land liberation and contested sites through movement. The sites were not changed nor any prop brought to create the charged spaces.

A series of consequences creating an indecisive dialoge between two sites, two movement artists and the lens based artist. The project unfolded during a walk through the Sunda village Lengkong south of Bandung Indonesia in the spring of 2023.   

With the work Hallberg draws attention to a disappearing milieu in rural Indonesia. The performers are clinging on to the last remains of sites build in Sunda tradition but soon to give space for efficiency and gentrification. By this its a work that addresses the sense of home, belonging as well as bringing forward seemingness redundant interaction with the local by slow movement processes. The work is questioning what societies we want to form.

Media: 2 channel video installation, 1 ch sound

Duration: 2 min (loop)

Year: 2023 
Performers: Ami Skånberg and Alfiyanto Wajiwa

Music: Mats Skånberg

Artist: Anna Viola Hallberg
Genre:  video essay, non verbal, documentary, screen dance, visual anthropology

The installation premiered at DasEssenZimmer,  Bonn, Germany in August 2023 during the soloshow Becoming Landscape by Anna Viola Hallberg.

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