Studios may be appointed prior to deadline if applicaiton is filled.

Research studio for September, asigned
September  1-15, Ying Yan, Paris
September 15-30,  Eva Larsson, Stockholm/Björkö

Research studio for October, pending
1-15 October

15-31 October


Sten och arbete

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Norrtälje industralisering (stenhuggerier)  >>>


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This call is for research for potential projects to be carried out in the spring of 2022. The Island of Björkö in The Northern archipelago of Stockholm the forest lingers to the ocean rim. Sometimes a small bay or a narrow beach cuts the forest line. One can see what can be perceived as brutal interventions a raw landscape of open corries. Once upon a time significant workplaces for the people in the area in addition to shipping companies.

During 2021-22 BKN focuses on OF ROCK. If you have an artistic process that explores the material or different cultural, historical, biological layers around rock/stone or myths, you are welcome to apply for a two-week research residency at Björkö Konstnod working towards a potential stay in the spring of 2022 of 1-2 months.

Those who are appointed a studio space for the research have priority for the 1-2 month stay in winter-spring in a studio of about 70 sqm.

2-3 projects will be selected for implementation in spring/summer 2022. T
he application will be sent to: Include in the following order: Name + website Biography 1/2 page Project description 1/2 page (how time is spent on BKN and what the project is going through)

No application fee, nor a stipend for the fall short term stay.

Deadline August 20th, 2021

Selection by curator and board

Konst= art
Nod = point
Björkö = is the small island with 300 inhabitants in the archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden

”Orkanen kom som en blixt från en klar himmel. Seglen flög med en gång i trasor ut över fjärden.” (Karl Lindqvist)