Keywords: video essay, screen dance, eco-politics, ecoperformance, 

AFLOAT is the second segment of the three channel/episode work BUOYANCY.
The focus is existential sustainabillity, animism, body, space, movement with interest for agency and community forming. It interweaves walking practice, screen dance faith ceremonies and individual voices in contemporary society in Japan.
The work will explore pilgrimage walks, “grave friends”/Hakatomo - A phenomena where people develop new friends to be buried with). Across Japan sociologist Harare Inoue stared 'The Ending Center' where social activities addresses issues of loneliness, expensive burials, lack of burial land etc. July presents us with opportunities to also experience season bound collective and public ceremonies.

It unfolds the passage from this world to another (humans and more than humans) ie Kami and more so about the ancestor aspect . It interweaves stories of past, present, and future centered around situational and physical contexts and relations by visualizing possible futures of coexistence via the artwork drawing from screen dance and documentary installations.

The trilogy can be seen as installation (3 channels) or as a film with 3 episodes. As installation they might be addressed in duration and by that be adaptions of three single channel work.

Time line Trilogy:

Segment 2 : Tokyo 1-6, Tateyama 7-10/7 (Nunobashi Kanjoe) Kansai 11-24/7 , Kumano Kodo, Nakasendo (on site July 2024)

Segment 3 : Istanbul Oct (on site October 2024

Segment 1: Bandung Indonesia (on site May 2023)

CURRENT has been selected for a number of screen dance festivals internationally from Festival VideoDanza in Puerto Rico to Underground Screening Series in Kazakstan. It will premiere in Sweden during Supermarket Art Fair in April 2024.

Screening/installation ready Spring 2025.

The duo: BERG (Hallberg & Skånberg) 

Works at the intersection of lens and embodied practices, towards reconfigurations of subjectivity by visualizing a possible futures. They work with the concepts of in-between, the state of becoming, they incorporates dialogues (embodied, spoken, text, visuals, audio) into a fabric towards entangling systems.

BERGS interest for the intersection of lens and embodied practices is something that takes place both in the artistic development but also as the work is made public. The screening format vs installation format and what stories are leaking from the work depending on how its is shown and in what context. The impact of the setting, the space, the embodied relation to the screens, the curatorial format or context etc. Part of the artistic research process is addressing aspects derived from the way it is presented: 1) As a single work where each film is a stand a lone pice, ie one channel. 2) The three episodes shown only by one, ie one channel. 3) installation format, ie 3 channel work.

The project taps in to one half of BERG - Ami Skånberg who has belonged to a traditional Japanese dance studio in Kyoto for more than 20years and developed her Phd in artistic research on the single step Suriashi sliding foot. Skånberg is invited to do a lecture at a Tokyo University and has received funding to do so in an program linked to Gothenburg University. To realize AFLOAT they are in need of additional funding. Hallberg has a background in documentary based video installations often on existential topics. In a series of works Hallberg and Skånberg draws from their individual practices and combines screen dance and documentary based video installations.

The duo with Swedish artists Ami Skånberg & Anna Viola Hallberg (BERG) started to collaborate in the fall of 2022 doing a series of works during a residency. They have made workshops, interventions, residencies, exhibitions and collective performances. The first workshop they held was in Finland for the network Onebywalking. It held the title “Walking is also space”. They have series of collective interventions over bridges each called Suriashi for and the name of the location: Norrtälje, Bonn, Björkö and the series will continue to grow as a parallell project to the Trilogy in focus for this application.



Berg has a fellowship studio at BKN.