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Collective performance: SURIASHI FOR BJÖRKÖ

Together with local community and BKN artists. A winter walk as the first segment of ART WALK BKN. A qr-code based trail connecting various parts of Björkö.

December 3rd , 2023 at 1 pm

Documentation to be added from Dec 3rd session

Collective performance: 


Two fold Suriashi led by Ami Skånberg both right by BKN residency. Sept 5th, 2023

Participants: artists from WAP23
Video from part 1, Wooden Pathway
Img above is from part 2. Road side.

Video by Anna Viola Hallberg

Residency Program:


Semi directed Residency curated by Anna Viola Hallberg and Ami Skånberg for AiR BKN. More than 25 walkers during September and October 2023 at BKN, Björkö, Sweden. 

WAP23, ATTENTATIVE WALKING - sharing strategies on proximity through artistic expressions

WAP - exploring and sharing strategies on proximity through artistic expressions in the field of  walking practices,  through the configuration of a transformative, dynamic space for art, engaging with life and nature. Critical and poetic explorations, influenced by the immediate surroundings where the forest meets the sea - wayfinding in The Northern Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden. Each artist made their individual exposition. WAP exposition can be seen as inspiration for walkers and walkers to be. 

Studio grant by Region Stockholm. >>>

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Collective performance:


This work by Ami Skånberg/Stockholm is based on a traditional Japanese walking technique, Suriashi.  It was made as part of "Becoming Landscape" and exhibition with Anna Viola Hallberg at DasEssZimmer, Bonn Germany
Suriashi means: a walk with one’s own ancestors, which can be interpreted freely as: Whoever walks in Suriashi never does so alone August 11th 2023.
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Video by Anna Viola Hallberg

Collective performance:  



Ami Skånberg made two walking based projects as part of the exhibition "Trickle" (Konst I ån) Norrtälje, Sweden, June 30, 2023

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Video by Anna Viola Hallberg
Curator Trickle - Art in the River Anna Viola Hallberg



We invite to a workshop with walkers and observers. The workshop accentuates relational strategies of creating and sharing space. Methodologies in artistic practices are unfolded in order to raise awareness on disregarded or unfamiliar spaces. The workshop emerges from choreographer Molissa Fenley’s postmodern ideas about space, and about movement memories that are buried in our bodies. It is an elaboration of space reflecting the mix of geographical environments that constitutes spatial memory. We also lean towards sociologist Doreen Massey’s important claim that spaces are never static; they transform as we move with and through them. Thus, walking is also space.

Notation o workshop in Korpoström, Finland April 2023
Video to be published.

Led by: Ami Skånberg and Anna Viola Hallberg   for One by Walking Network

Map of Korpoström fileld/Choreography notation of workshop.

One by Walking received funding from Swedish Riksbanken’s Jubileumsfond and NOS-HS (Nord Forsk) in 2021 to arrange four workshops. The workshops aim to contribution to current academic understandings and literature of the fundamental role of physical mobility in many communities and societies in the Nordic countries. Besides this, it will provide insights into the role which walking has had on global society more broadly. Lastly, sharing academic knowledge with the wider public through innovative engagement activities between universities and societal institutions. >>>



Vålådalen, Sweden, 2022

Led by: Ami Skånberg  for One by Walking Network

Edited by Anna Viola Hallberg


Morning Suriashi Walk

Vålådalen, 2022 
Led by: Ami Skånberg  for One by Walking Network

Edited by Anna Viola Hallberg