Ekaterina Shelganova participated in realization of several independent film productions as a director, scriptwriter, actor. Shelganova is from  Saint Petersburg, Russia and since May 2022 located in Sweden.

During the spring of 2022 Björkö Konstnod/BKN folded several studios for artists from Belarus/Russia/Ukraine. One of the artists attending was Ekaterina Shelganova. Originally her stay at AiR BKN was endorsed by Swedish Arts Grants Committee and directly after that via SWAN - Swedish Artist Residency Network an organization working Artists at Risk. Shelganova has been developing new works, continued on two books. She participated in the Performance Biennial in Västerås in a talk on the situation in Russia arranged by Scensverige.


”Healing Powers” (aka PUNK NATURE), BKN HYBRID,  Supermarket 2022. Shelganova participated with 3 new prints from the series Icemen in addition to a mock up of coming book, and 7 images and one poem from coming book NUDES framed as one work.

She was  interviewed by Fotografisk tidskrift, maj 2022in conjunction with Supermarket.

SVT Kulturnyheterna (Swedish cultural news feat Shelganova), 

27 maj 2022 >>>

Guilty, guilty, guilty! Towards a Feminist Criminology,
Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, Germany, 12 nov 2022-19 Feb 2023. (arr not with SWAN>>>

HYBRID by BKN exhibition at Supermarket >>>
Ekaterina Shelganova participated with 3 photographs from the series ICEMEN and 7 images and a poem from the coming book NUDES.

Ekaterina Shelganova with Theresia Lekberg, SWAN at Supermarket


VIDEO: SVT Kulturnyheterna (Swedish cultural news feat Shelganova),

27 maj 2022 >>>

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Since April 2022 (due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia) AiR BKN folded a number of studios for artists from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. RESPONSE residency received  two artists from Russia prior to Shelganova one of them was Anastasiia Zhikhartseva who later relocated to Gothenburg. Zhikhartseva also participated in Supermarket Art Fair 2022 by doing an appearance in a war  protest dress and with video online.

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