View of windows from studio 3. Foto: Monica Baptista

Counter with hot and cold water.  Desk and office chair. Additional desk and share also in studio. as well as a bookshelf dividing the studio and private space.

One corner is free from windows Juanma González, Botkyrka (2023) Foto: Patricio Salinas

Short segment has wood panel. Yi Wen Chen Taiwan. (2022)  Foto: AV

BKN is in two school buildings the above from 1929 and the other about 10 years older.  Studio 3 has 4 windows with shades on outside that you can pull down. One more window on left side of building. The trea is no longer there. Upper two windows studio 35.

Studio 3 is a private studio

  • Height : 3,20
  • Floor: 67 kvm
  • Wifi 
  • counter/bench with zink (hot and cold water) 
  • closet
  • Snedlöpande vajer (går att hänga mindre tunga saker)
  • L-shaped sofa
  • Shelf dividing studio and private area
  • round high table (two half moons) center part (by window) available occasionally.
  • Carpenter bench (low/smal)
  • 2 daylight ramps
  • Shade/blind for all 5 window outside
  • 1-2 beds
  • Sound absorbing boards ceiling 

  • Kitchen: entrance floor, plenty of storage for food marked with your studio nr (dry, fridge, freezer)
  • Laundry, entrance floor, in left toilet space
  • Toilets: entrance floor 
  • Shower: 2nd floor Kamchatka Lounge for Artists and Other Stranded Creatures: by kitchen (oval table for 8-10 people, 2 seater sofa, smal bar, monitor for presentations, speaker.)
  • Björkö: This is a studio space sometimes used by individual artists sometimes share space for presentations, movie nights etc.
  • Main: Upper darkroom (photochemical) clean processes
  • Secondary: Lower darkroom (organic + photochemical) messy processes. Additional bench right out side for processes needing daylight.

Basketball field
"Soccer field"Forest
Grill area
bikes, self maintained by artists

Björkö Darkrooms >>>
AiR BKN >>>

Adress: Björkö Konstnod, Simpnäsvägen 739, SE-764 53, Björkö

Bus: 636 from Norrtälje, stops very close to BKN name of stop "Björkö-Arholma skola" 
From Stockholm 676 to Norrtälje.

See sl.se

Additional accommodation:  

- Villa Violet i Backa >>>
- Skogvaktarstugan Stridsby gård  >>>
- Björkögården >>>
Private: stugneti, airbandb etc

For more info see Welcome Kit.

View towards Åland Sea from the quarry.

BKN winter view