Artists: Anna Viola Hallberg (SE)  and Oona Hyland (IR)

Duration: 3 min

Media: Single channel, color, sound with narrator., 4k.

Year: 2021

Film by Anna Viola Hallberg (recoded in BKN Studio 28, April 2021)  based on an installation (Traced inside of bark) and working notes from Oona Hyland. Voice Oona Hyland. Camera, editing and video concept Anna Viola Hallberg.

Touching Time has been in exhibitions in:

  • Suwon International Art Project ONSAEMIRO, South Korea, 2022
  • International Art Biennale Artisterium 15 in the Georgian National Gallery, Tbilisi 2022
  • Lab Gallery Dublin, Ireland, 2021
  • Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, 2021
  • Björkö Konstnod, Björkö 2021

Framework: During her residency stay at Björkö Konstnod/BKN, 2021 Oona Hyland worked on two projects; a film scrip on the orphans in Northern Irland and a frottage from the inside of tree bark, for a public installation. Hallberg selected from Hylands notebook and with a fluid camera she moved about in the installation and a third work was perceived. Hallberg took parts of Hylands notes and with an associative editing she combined the two works in to a third Touching Time.. The work transgress in to a minimalistic video about human encounters, trauma, legacy and memory.

The curatorial framework at BKN propose  a re-engagement an opportunity to re/un/de formulate one's own everyday life and practice. By providing a space for reflection, togetherness and an emerging sense of direction (Audry Lorde), towards a radical stance on core existential values of  shared spheres (nature as well as society).